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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Last Christmas of this decade! Christmas this year seemed kind of mild. It's like we've become bored of it; as if the increasingly bright and extravagant lights and wildly consumerist shopping frenzies are no longer enough.

Christmas Eve:
Sparkly Tights!

Yesterday (Boxing Day):

Potluck dinner again with Rudy's friends, down headed down to Zouk to meet Chloe they all cause she just came back from Europe!
(Impromptu so that meant I was wearing slippers. Sad face.)

I'm starting to collect pictures and polaroids for Chloe's going-away scrapbook; she's leaving for Australia next year in February ):

Yawn these holidays haven't been all that relaxing. I really want those roll-out-of-bed-meet-friends-to-rot days!

Ugh dance practice on Tuesday again, 6.30pm to 10.30pm or something? Hope my mom isn't using the car so I can drive to school woohoo.

By the way I'm thinking of getting a new camera. Do people wait till theirs totally dies before getting a new one? Mine is kind of spoilt but still works fine most of the time. Anyway I've had it for almost 3 years so that's considered quite long right? (Cost me $550)
So does anyone have a camera to recommend!!!!
Like what is a good camera brand?
Mine now is a Sony, which takes clear pictures and all, but sometimes I think we're paying more for the brand and design as compared to real quality. Like a camera from another brand might be just as good but probably costs less. That's what they say about Sony Vaios anyway haha.
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