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Monday, December 21, 2009
Saturday night was Joshua Mok's birthday, celebrated with a buffet at Pan Pacific Hotel where I stuffed myself with oysters, beef, ice-cream and chocolate fondue (especially after he revealed he wasn't treating us).

I spent 5 minutes at the fondue machine looking for a tap or a ladle to cover my cut fruits and sweets with chocolate, till I finally grasped the whole "fondue" concept- spearing your desired prey (gummy bear) and drowning it in chocolate.

I accidentally spoilt his birthday surprise- "Eh who's that girl outside?" "That's my girlfriend". Ah oops, she had lied and said she was busy and was supposed to arrive in surprise-splendour with cake and candles but oh well... hahahaha.

Soooo machooooooooo...

You can't see it clearly in the photos, but the belt I am wearing consists of two lions heads! Well I think it's cute!!!

So sleepy. I'm hoping to decorate the Christmas tree sometime actually BEFORE Christmas, but productivity was never my forte.

Mailed 12 packages today, I don't understand why SingPost doesn't have those stupid machines that weigh your package and print the corresponding electronic stamp. I mean really, it's not that hard to implement right?

P.S. Getting bored of Farmville (Level 35 already!) but that's months of work gone...
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