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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Okay it's Sunday which is generally everyone's rotting day. I've harvested my crops on Farmville, burst my blisters from yesterday's pageant and procrastinated doing my Geography research. A fulfilling day I say.

I love reading, and (I'm just pathetic that way). These made me laugh:


HAHAHAHA told you Twilight is so bloody gay!
This reminds me of another post I saw. Okay just to clarify, everyone knows that "coming out of the closet" means admitting you're gay right?

So anyway, this girl posted on someone's Facebook: "dude you're so far in the closet you're having adventures in Narnia."

Haha sorry I thought that was funny.


In case some didn't get it, salmonella is a type of bacteria associated with food poisoning.

Actually I think the days I like the best are Fridays, not Saturdays. (This does not apply to present situation because I have dance both Friday and Saturday and means I generally hate my whole week).

On Fridays there's the whole ANTICIPATION of the weekend, plus Saturdays I can get up any time. On Saturday I'd be like, Crap tomorrow's Sunday which mean it's Monday the day after. And I have church so no sleeping late ):

P.S. I find it hilarious when some people wanna get all arty-farty and "deep" and start writing poems (especially on "emo" pictures). The poems themselves generally are already... plus the SPELLING ERRORS. Hahahaahaahaaaaaa...
P.P.S. I mean don't they proof-read their stuff?? Or I guess they were too caught up in the mOmEnt.

Dinosaur ROAR

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
No not on my Blackberry, but on my laptop which strangely enough (or not), is on my lap. Obviously I have no Internet on the bus (the government needs to address this pressing issue immediately) but I can still type.

GPS update: stuck in a jam on Farrer Road >:(

I could play Diner Dash 2! Been stuck at one level for ages.

Anyway, met Valentina a while back to finally visit 313 (I'm sorry I live under a rock) (It's comfortable here) (Unlike the mad human jam that town is) (But wurveee you 4eva town) (Sorry short attention span today).

Was totally exciting to visit the 4-storey Forever21! (As one tagger highlighted previously, what do I and "my Forever21 clothes" know about fashion?) (Vindictive). It seemed that every single girl walking through 313 was carrying the Forever21 shopping bag.

But the store kind of proved to be a yawn ): I only got one top (which they only had left in size M) and some accessories. THE WORST IS, I visited the Wisma Forever21 outlet a few days later, the stock there was so much newer AND they had my top in size S!

I tie up my hair to eat. By the way, the Food Republic at 313 is pretty expensive. And the China girl at the drink stall is bloody rude!

Fat fingers.

Fat fingers v.2

Weird discolorations done by Valentina Chua. By the way, I am STILL stuck in a jam on Farrer Road! And obviously by the time this post is up, it would mean I've finally reached school where thankfully there is wireless.

Freezing on the bus. Sherry & Camille used to purposely sit at the library and freeze because metabolic rate increases when you're cold so as to generate more body heat. So they thought it would make them lose weight -_-

Lecturer: "Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong and Goh Chok Tong= The Father, Son and Holy Goh".

FINALLY REACHING HOLLAND. Gonna cab from here ugh.


Sunday, January 24, 2010
Hiiii finally got round to uploading photos from a fashion show I did recently. It was an event organised by Tangs, called Harajuku Street Style Showcase.

So basically we wore clothes from Japanese labels and had our hair done by this Japanese salon located at Ion called Jeric's if I'm not wrong.

They brought in Rei Shito, who is a celebrity street fashion photographer from Tokyo. This is her blog: Style From Tokyo.

It was quite fun cause for once I was surprised to see so many familiar faces. Usually I end up meeting all these seasoned foreign models and it's very hard to find any common topic to talk about ):

I was so confident that I wouldn't know anyone that I turned up at the 8am rehearsals in a black spag, shorts and worst of all, SPECTACLES. And my fringe up with a laopok wear-at-home hairband hahaha.

There was Shahirah Price, Shatricia Nair and Julie Tan from New Face (albeit not from my year) and a few others I'd seen around before, even one who is this other blogger's ex-boyfriend haha. If you happen to read her blog you'd recognise him. I read her blog sometimes so when I first saw him I was totally like Why does he look so familiar??
Even if I didn't know them, just them being LOCAL make sit a lot easier to have stuff to talk abouttttttt.


Some are blurry cause they're off Facebook and they were taken by the stylists/hairdressers with their camera phones -_-
I always laugh when people use their camera handphones cause it seems so pointless to me! Like so low-tech hahaha. Pictures always turn out blurry and dull and pixelated.

Haha for all those who spend so long trying to master the Lady Gaga hair bow... This was made by the hairdressers.

That's what they always use at shows to keep track of who's wearing what, who's coming out when, who has to change extra fast etc...
Try to spot me! So unglam hohohoho (btw that's not my own hairstyle, they were just trying out).

Changing area.

P.S. Doc Martens are damn uncomfortable! The leather totally cut into my skin, I got blisters just from a few minutes of walking?

By the way, if I look super tired/washed out in photos, it's cause ironically they pile on so much make-up that aims to make us look like we're NOT wearing make-up haha.
That meant NO EYELINER :o I think eyeliner+concealer are the 2 most important things in make-up! (Concealer especially for me cause of dark eye circles heheh..)

The hairstylists were so cute! Japanese people are so funny when they talk, there's so much "kawaii!" and "hai! hai!" (sorta like ok! ok!). And they're like so happy with whatever they create, they stare at my hair/their creation and go "perfect!". Generally they're just really chirpy!

They played someone's Ipod in the make-up room, and it was the same Michael Jackson songs over and over and over... I calculated, we must have heard Thriller about 6 times. But I am awesome like that cause I managed to wrestle over Ipod control.

Found some other photos using Google:

School tomorrow, bye bye!

P.P.S. Bought my new camera already! So happy with it!

Eleventh Commandment?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
I was 15 when I found out that "Thou shalt not waste food" was not one of the Ten Commandments. It had been a lie perpetuated by my mother for years in a cheap ploy to make me eat more. The revelation may warrant some form of legal action, labour strike (I will stop bringing the newspaper in) or sufficient monetary compensation.

How I found out was by using the aforementioned "Commandment" on Christina at McDonald's when she still had quite a few lonely fries left (in retrospect, it would have been easier to just eat them).
Now, Christina is the daughter of a pastor and therefore whatever she says must be credible and hence her beginning to laugh hysterically (then again she laughs like that for everything, about 5 minutes AFTER it has happened) was a very bad sign.

In other news:

Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack! Around $44. The first expansion pack for Sims 3!

Diner Dash & Diner Dash 2 set! In a cute metal box (stupid details like these make girls happier) and only at $19.90!

P.S. I know "Thou shalt not waste food" does not seem like a very plausible Commandment, but I was a kid (15 years old) and kids don't question things mothers tell them!
Mothers are meant to be wealths of wisdom (until they stop being able to solve your math questions, which in Singapore and the increasingly competitive education system may be at say, 9 years old).
Kids don't expect mothers to ruthlessly build up a certain theory that they know will cause their children to be ridiculed for many years later. It's like saying The Moon Is Made Of Cheese. Who even came up with such a stupid idea anyway?

x meow NUS Pageant meow x

Saturday, January 16, 2010
I am so insanely tired right now. Yesterday I did a hair show that saw me at Tangs at 8am for rehearsals (more on that another time) with the show itself ending close to 10pm, and was up at 7+am again today for 5 hours of dance, followed by 4 hours of rehearsals/fitting for the NUS pageant.

It's Saturday and only 9pm, but I'm struggling to stay awake. I haven't blogged in a bit though and just saw the pageant photos on Facebook. So yeah anyway, I'm representing my faculty (Arts & Social Sciences) in the NUS pageant against the other faculties (Medicine, Law, Science blah blah). Finals are on 30th Jan at the F1 Pit Building.

By the way, I did NOT compete in my faculty's pageant so I'm not actually the Arts Queen. That title belongs to Rina Raj (:

Yawn I took the few photos off Facebook that didn't make me look as tired/retarded. Why didn't they just Photoshop off the eyebagssssss haha.
I like the hair flying though, so kewlzxz.

Rest of the photos and my 200-word self description (-_- I know) are up here on Facebook. You guys can join the group if you like, but it doesn't count for anything other than making me feel better!

There is a voting thingamajig on but as usual it requires some troublesome signing up for an account just to vote (I would know cause I signed up for one to vote for Brandon in his NUS Business pageantttttt). So I won't ask people to vote, except if you happen to already have an account; then it'd be nice if you did (:

P.S. Gonna buy a new camera soon! After some intensive unscrewing and rescrewing by Rudy, my current Sony works most of the time, although it still requires pressing down hard on the cover just to get to Shooting mode hahaha. And it's still doing the weird vibrating thing so the autofocus or whatever is totally haywire.