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Friday, January 08, 2010
Okay no personal pictures again because 1) My camera is spoilt (repairable I think, but lazy); 2) Lazy to upload some other nonsense like developed photos; 3) I have no pictures to speak of anyway.

So I was at STOMP the other day because of that whole girl-molested-at-party story (btw I feel so sad for her; regardless of whether she was drunk/dressed sluttily/whatever, the fact is she was OPENLY MOLESTED and no one did anything?! I mean WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! It's just absolutely disgusting and saddening.) and I chanced upon another story:

That, is Rachel Kum, the latest Miss Singapore Universe winner. I'd heard that she had had plastic surgery, but here was the proof haha. Okay I'm fairly indifferent to plastic surgery, as long as it's not major I guess?

Anyway breast augmentation is so awkward. I mean how do you do the transition from super-flat to super-busty? Wouldn't people be going like "Ummm you were a lot flatter before your 'holiday'".
Or any obvious plastic surgery for that matter. If you made your nose thinner, I'm quite sure people would notice. Okay after all, what for change something people wouldn't notice anyway?
How do people plan their plastic surgery experiences??

Have you laid in bed at night and thought about how you'd change your appearance if you could? I have a whole list of things, down to details like my nails... (By the way I will NOT let my daughter cut her own nails till she's like, 13 or something. Otherwise she will regret the crappy nail shapes she wound with. Basic mothering hello?)

I've two earholes on my left earlobe, but only one can be used -_- Because one teenage piercist(?) somewhere had really bad aim. On my RIGHT earlobe, is a line. Because when I was young I liked to tug on my earring. Good job to me.

P.S. Every time Apple comes up with new software updates that they want us to install, my programs like Safari, mysteriously start crashing and becoming insanely inefficient.
P.P.S. Full story on STOMP, here
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