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Sunday, January 31, 2010
Okay it's Sunday which is generally everyone's rotting day. I've harvested my crops on Farmville, burst my blisters from yesterday's pageant and procrastinated doing my Geography research. A fulfilling day I say.

I love reading, and (I'm just pathetic that way). These made me laugh:


HAHAHAHA told you Twilight is so bloody gay!
This reminds me of another post I saw. Okay just to clarify, everyone knows that "coming out of the closet" means admitting you're gay right?

So anyway, this girl posted on someone's Facebook: "dude you're so far in the closet you're having adventures in Narnia."

Haha sorry I thought that was funny.


In case some didn't get it, salmonella is a type of bacteria associated with food poisoning.

Actually I think the days I like the best are Fridays, not Saturdays. (This does not apply to present situation because I have dance both Friday and Saturday and means I generally hate my whole week).

On Fridays there's the whole ANTICIPATION of the weekend, plus Saturdays I can get up any time. On Saturday I'd be like, Crap tomorrow's Sunday which mean it's Monday the day after. And I have church so no sleeping late ):

P.S. I find it hilarious when some people wanna get all arty-farty and "deep" and start writing poems (especially on "emo" pictures). The poems themselves generally are already... plus the SPELLING ERRORS. Hahahaahaahaaaaaa...
P.P.S. I mean don't they proof-read their stuff?? Or I guess they were too caught up in the mOmEnt.
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