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goodbye neverland

Friday, February 26, 2010
So this is what I wore on the first day of CNY:

Haha I don't think you can get more red and Valentine's Day-ish than this (except if your dress was all hearts or angbaos, then I think you're weird). It's the kind that makes all older relatives happy! Although mine are pretty cool about this kind of thing anyway.

We saw the cutest cat at my house that night! Kept playing with her and eventually carried her up to my house (but not inside, cause my mom's super allergic) and gave her milk!

After this I learn that you shouldn't feed cats milk. How come?! Isn't it in like all Enid Blyton books that little girls who find a kitten always feed it milk?! I mean yeah it's be kind of a downer if Enid Blyton wrote "and two days later she found the kitten, dead, because it was lactose-intolerant".

BUT anyway my kitten/preteen did not die, cause in fact it came to look for me the next day!!!
Sadly I wasn't home, but my mom was having open-house with all her friends (precisely why I wasn't home). She said the kitten walked into the lift with her friends, and got off at my floor.

Have you ever met such a clever kitten?! When I brought it up to my house, I actually carried it in my arms. So this means that despite never walking into the lift, it was able to recognize what it was just by looking?
And you realise this means the kitten can actually understand the concept of a lift- it being a place whereby you enter and come out at another place.

Ugh wish I could adopt it! After feeding it milk we brought it back downstairs where it curled up on our laps and fell asleep. So heartbreaking to wake it up and leave!
I haven't seen it since then, but Rudy says he saw another person carrying it in the lift too. It's so friendly, how can anyone resist!

Okay stark contrast in liveliness. But still cute!!

We went to fair thingy beside Esplanade. It consisted of the annual River Hongbao CNY event, in conjunction with Uncle Ringo's!

Tiger Yearrrr

God of Wealth! At junctions the God would suddenly blow out tons of gold glitter flakes and everyone would try to catch it cause it's supposed to give you luck. Rudy and I caught one each!

Kiasu people opened umbrellas to catch as many gold flakes as they can -_-

Rabbit year

Hahaha I'm supposed to have luck with 4D this year! (as do the other 40 000 people born in Singapore in the same year of the Horse as me...) (not even counting Horses born 12 years after me)

Yep it's made out of spoons!

WE WENT ON THIS. $15 for this ride! Woooosshhhhhh

Went on this too! Although Rudy got violently sick after haha.

Queueing for the Vortex:

Haha the Winnie the Pooh I won from those turn-turn machines.

Our turn!


I'm hating this feeling of waking up alone and knowing that today, the next day, and god knows how long after, I am effectively alone. I miss you and I'm scared of what's to come but I also know it wasn't right then. I wish I had a whole list of places to go and people to see, but right now I'm stuck in my pjs with a crappy deadline hanging over my head. It was my first relationship proper and trying to get back into my own life after a year is really hard. I feel like taking the easy way out and running back into your arms but those were the only times it was ever all good.

Last night I dreamt I was underwater trying to save someone sinking. She was sinking so fast and it was so far down. The murky depths were so dark and quiet and turning around I could just about see the bright sun and my mom through the ripples of the water. In real life I would have drowned faster than you would take to read all this. The last time I tried swimming I cried because I couldn't and I can't even blame anyone for that. In my dream I reached the bottom and grabbed her. I made it all the way back up and broke through the water surface where it was sunny and safe.
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  1. You mention Enid Blyton. Well, I am glad to inform you that I have published a book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
    Stephen Isabirye

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    nice dress! :)

  3. many names2:35 AM

    oh nose what happened with u and rudy!u two looks so picture perfect (as always) in the photos.hope things would turn around for u soon. (: