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Monday, February 08, 2010
Hi everyone! I've a massive amount of photos to upload from the NUS Bash, Chloe's Farewell at Velvet (she's leaving this Saturday for Melbourne) as well as my trip to Batam on Sunday!

But as it is I'm obviously too lazy right now, I was away from the Internet for only 2 days and it felt like forever (exaggeration, but my crops on Farmville still died).

Here are some random photos unrelated to the 3 aforementioned events haha:

R.I.P my old Sony!
Look how badly damaged it is; the casing has totally come apart at the top and is so dented I can't even get it back into shape.
It served me well though, even the shopkeeper said it's a really good camera. I actually felt kind of sad leaving it behind (trade-in)...

Yawn oldest friend of all time in Singapore, this is Erika who was with me in CHIJ Kellock Primary, St Margaret's Secondary and is now in NUS with me too.

I want the Crocodile Pooh! As well as the Penguin, Lion, Racoon...


The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1
It's supposed to be a really good camera! It has some special new low-light sensor (CMOS "Exmor R", whatever that means) and wide-angle lens.

So far I find that it takes really great shots in natural light. The night mode seems a bit bright to me but I haven't figured out how to use all its functions yet! I totally avoided an all-touchscreen LCD although my previous Cyber-shot was half touch-screen.

Anyway, I'm really happy with it; I think it looks nice too and isn't heavy so it's a good combination of aesthetics and functions. Guess my Batam photos will show the quality so wait for thatttt (:

In case anyone was wondering, it cost me $499 after trading in my old Sony (not sure if this promotion is still ongoing though).
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