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one last hurray

Sunday, February 21, 2010
Haha so egg-cited about my stockings. $12 from some spree? Instead of $xx at Topshop.

My semi-completed mirror.

Heart dotted stockings! Would have been so good for Valentine's if it didn't fall on CNY day 1.

BUT I was wearing this to my oldest aunt's 55th wedding anniversary! Haha my fat nephew suffered that night; everyone kept going "why you eat so much!". So typical of older relatives. Then again everyone went "why you eat so little!" for me... so guess we're equal...

Zouk later at night (this was actually last last Friday!), last day out before Chloe left the next day :o

So many polaroids very generously sponsored by me, WHICH CHLOE FORGOT TO BRING TO AUSTRALIA.

That drink is called Dreamer, it has jelly bits and a lychee! Sorta like bubble tea.



Addie and Amanda!


DJ Phay-mous!

HAHAHAHA shouting at Jeannie who walked in front HAHAHAHA.

Guess this marks the end of my one week break... NUS is so evil, they had it coincide with the CNY holidays ): Like SMU's one is next week? ):

Let's see this week.... I collected $$$, befriended a cat, did the draft for one advertorial, completed 2 projects, was named UNCONTROLLABLE (on Farmville) and slept a zillion hours (no effect on my eyebags).

My hamster (Marley) stepped in lily pollen and bit me when I tried to get it off her. I played poker for the second time ever (but shared with Jeannie), terrorised a friend (Jeannie) with a gerbil and awed at the houses at Sentosa Cove (Paradise Island haha wth???).

I watched Valentine's Day (good!), Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief (SO BAD) and Wolfman (ugh). No one else except us thought Percy Jackson was that bad though. It was soooo cheesy. But half worth it just to see Pierce Brosnan as a CENTAUR hahahahaha centaur... hahahahaha centaur?! hahahaha "You broke the rules! But that's why you're my favourite student" (not particularly accurate).

Bye! (Centaur! Hahahaha...)
22 comments on "one last hurray"
  1. Hey can you share from which website/spree was the heart dotted stockings from? TQ.

  2. Anonymous9:51 PM

    yes percy jackson was really bad!too many plotholes.

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    You can actually get the stockings at far east plaza for only $5.90.

    And it comes in heart, ribbons, flowers,everything... spree is overpriced...

  4. Anonymous12:18 AM

    How tall are you? :)

  5. Anonymous: 172cm (:

    VV: I don't know about the Far East plaza stockings mentioned by couture-lovers, but anw I got mine from a random spree on spreehouse.lj. This other lj is holding a spree for it too ($10) so you can get it if you want (:

  6. So helpful! Thx.

  7. Anonymous10:25 PM

    heyy there ! do you follow a specific diet !? im trying to lose weight for so long/. tried all sorts of tea, ran 3times a week but im still 167 55kg!! any help??!


  8. to yilin10:35 PM

    sophie is naturally skinny.she does not go on any special diet.-.-

  9. eh actually you really do look like a giraffe now. listen to your mom!

  10. yilin: Haha yeah I really DON'T DIET at all. I guess there's no magic answer other than watching what you eat and exercising? Anw apparently muscle is heavier than fats so maybe just tone but not build or wtv haha sorry I'm not a help!

  11. Anonymous4:06 PM


  12. Hey, may i know where'd you get the white top you're wearing in this post?

  13. Nikki: It's actually pink-ish peach-ish. It's from F21,
    If the url's not working or smth, try searching 71125450, that's the item code (:

  14. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Hi babe. Mind telling me which spree you went to get your hearts stockings from?

  15. Anonymous10:46 PM

    sorry can i ask which store or maybe which level you got your heart dotted stocking from?

  16. nikki8:20 PM

    Thanks! Could I also ask if you got size XS or S? Cos there's only S available now and i just want to gauge the ptp.

  17. Anonymous: Painting Delia's has a spree (:

    Nikki: Hi Nikki, sorry I don't know what size I got, I wasn't asked for my spree. I think you should probably take S? Unless you're really petite. Cause I mean for stockings they can't really be TOO loose you know? (:

  18. nikki9:23 PM

    Eh but i'm asking about the lace top! Haha.

  19. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Thanks alot!

  20. Nikki: Oh oops sorry I didn't notice!! Haha well I noticed that overall F21's sizing tends to run larger than say Topshop. If you're normal-sized both XS or S should be fine (:
    Anyway mine is actually an M cause I bought it from 313@Somerset and there was no more size there ugh!!! But it's a loose-fit tshirt so it doesn't really matter

  21. Thanks a lot! (: