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Monday, March 22, 2010
Omg got a huge shock, I opened my today and saw 50 questions. I was online just yesterday leh... But some of the questions are really interesting. I haven't even remotely figured out how to start answering so many. How to last 3 weeks?!

Haha in case you're wondering, I really did have exactly 50 in the inbox and wasn't rounding up. I just deleted 2 questions that were a bit more sensitive.

When I saw this I was like... HAHAHAHAHA. Like Aunt Agony hahahahahaha.

Anyway I'm not posting these to pinpoint any questions, I have to take screenshots for my report. I think it's quite funny; like imagine the screenshot in my report has the question What Kind Of Drunk Are You or something equally awkward (from a school point of view). Oh well at least my tutor should have more fun reading my report!

Watched Up In The Air the other day, I really thought the ending was quite surprising! I totally expected a typical happily ever after story.
P.S. There's a semi-nude scene ooohhh. I mean she's nude but it's mostly her back/side profile.

Another unexpected ending (to me lah) in The Book of Eli! Eli (yes the title merely refers to a book that the lead has, not some new cult bible or something) had some awesome moves, but too bad it's Denzel Washington cause... you know. He's like, old. Denzel Washington just isn't a face you'd associate COOL with.

Yesterday I was at the airport (further than the end of the world) to study and send Shaun off! Shaun's leaving for 4 weeks touring Europe (lucky), coming back one day and then flying off to Japan for another week (damn lucky). Terminal 1 looks terrible with all the construction going on.
(P.P.S. Fish & Co serves Yakult. Bet you didn't know that)
Shaun will get to watch god knows which soccer match live, and has to bring back a blade of grass for Darrell.

Can't wait till I'm wealthy+free+old (But not retired-old. More like damn cool yuppie kind of old) enough to be able to pack my suitcase and randomly pick a location on the flight information board and just GO. I mean yesterday we looked at it and we were like err... I think we can go Kuala Lumpur. And please I can drive there hahahaha.

Okay bye! Need to harvest my crops! School tomorrow!
5 comments on "meowvies"
  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    hello may i know where u got that simpsons balloon from?

  2. The party shop at Holland! If you're standing facing Starbucks, it's the last staircase on your right (: there's another party shop at Centrepoint too on the top floor!

  3. Anonymous12:42 AM

    hey i thought you were using bb?you switched to iphone?(:

  4. Anonymous: Haha I'm still using a blackberry! The iphone in the singtel advertorial belongs to my ex-boyfriend

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    oh,okay.hope you're doing well(: