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ris low (in lowercase cause I'm childish like that hahaha)

Friday, March 12, 2010
I was gonna do an actual post but lazy/no time so I decided to torment you guys with Ris Low instead:

OH THE HORROR. Ris Low is so disgusting (and she grew fatter).

OMG listen to the part where she's supposed to say "Why is Safe Sex important?" (around 0:24), and she ends up going like "sfsghxfzx portant". I was seriously like... stunned. Went back to watch that part again. Still... stunned.

I know there's a saying that "all publicity is good publicity" (or something along those lines). BUT HELLO DEAR RIS LOW. THERE IS A LIMIT TO THAT. Beyond which you become horribly vile and shameless, and you passed that juncture about 5 months ago.

AIYAH I'm not usually so bitchy and cranky but Ris Low really drives me insane!

School! Bye!
3 comments on "ris low (in lowercase cause I'm childish like that hahaha)"
  1. Anonymous7:41 PM

    And it's alright to be bitchy and cranky sometimes! I like it when you're blunt and bitchy. If you're nice all the time you'll seem fake.

    - Hans

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  3. LOL. I can't stop laughing at the Ris Low video. Especially at the "Why is Safe Sex important?" hahahaha. She couldn't even get the words "safe sex" out right. Her English is appalling and disgusting, it's beyond me how she was even a one time beauty queen with that kind of command of English. And wow, cheap much? Wearing a bra and lab coat? But it's freaking hilarious video nonetheless.

    If that's how she removes a condom, I feel sorry for her guy.