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Monday, March 08, 2010
Zouk on Wednesday after the longest time, haven't been for a Ladies' Night in ages.
Finished Shaun's bottle at Velvet, almost throttled the waitress because she seemed so dense, listened to an excruciating 20mins of Mambo to appease Jeannie and ironically (or not) had tons of fun once Jeannie left complaining it was boring haha.

*Wake Me Up When September Ends comes on*
Darrell: "WTF! (x100)"

Darrell: "The people who like Mambo must either be damn drunk or on drugs."

In case you couldn't tell, Darrell doesn't really like Mambo.

I don't like Mambo very much cause I don't like having to follow all the moves. I mean, what a chore. I go there to dance, not to learn the arm movements to Love In The First Degree.

AND EVEN AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING LOSER/ACT COOL/ETC, I'm gonna admit that I prefer RnB/HipHop. There. I just like singing along to the songs. The lyrics are funny and the songs are catchy. Makes sense no??
I'm okay with Electro/House/Trance. Still beats Mambo hands down.

My skirt is so sparkly!

Sherry and her Hello Kitty ring which Tammy ( recommended on her blog. This idiot travelled all the way to Tampines where Tammy said could be found the turn-turn machines to get the Hello Kitty rings.
Sherry, by the way, stays at Bukit Timah. Like at Cashew there. A.k.a bloody far from Tampines (then again Tampines is like at the end of the world).

Mystified that Sherry's prehistoric 5 year old camera can still work.

Heehee I bought 4 shots of Sex On The Beach. Not very potent already, but Sherry's alcohol tolerance is SO BAD.

Which is why I was very tempted to buy her a Flaming Lamborghini (potent) because I knew she would die. Like die-ed. Dieded-ed.
Anyway in the end I got an Extreme Titillation (like a Flaming but tastes better) which I still had to share with her, and ended up drinking almost everything:

In case you're wondering, here's how it works:
The drink comes in two small shot glasses, one brown (the alcohol) and one white/green (depending on the flavour).
The alcohol will be lit with a blue flame and you quickly drink it while it burns, and when you're almost done the girl pours in the white/green thing, which if I'm not wrong, is coconut milk.

Anyway not trying to act cool or what lah, Sherry didn't know how it works either. And like there are tons of drinks I wouldn't dare try too.

I think my blue skirt is so cute cause it's super sparkly! Plus it's a good length (not too short) and has an inner layer. I was actually gonna buy it but in the end this skirt was sponsored to me by the very nice girls at WONDERSTELLAR :)

Here's a preview of their latest collection:

I like these two items from their latest post! Their collection is up already so do take a look over at :D
16 comments on "sparkle"
  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    omg where to get that ring?!?!?! hahahaha

  2. addie1:24 AM

    haha omg i used to have that white dress, but in yellow i bought it like 2 or 3 years ago leh!!! can give uuu

  3. Anonymous2:54 AM

    love the blue skirt too! can't resist sparkly stuff. do recommend more blogshops! :D

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    where can the blue skirt be bought from? does wonderstellar still have it?

  5. sherry2:31 PM

    HAHAHAHA EH I DIDN'T READ IT FROM OHSOFICKLE YOU SHIT!!!! My ahem MALE friend told me about seeing the machine and said it was half full so I chop chop went all the way down to get it lah. And anyway, I found another one which is much nearer to my house HAHAHAHAH.

  6. sherry2:32 PM

    AND MY CAMERA IS 3 YEARS OLD, NOT 5. I need to vet your blogposts from now on, HAHA.

  7. Anonymous: Well Tammy said on her blog that it can be found at Tampines! I'm guessing Lot 1 if that's what it's called? But might be sold out!

    Anonymous: Hey dear I got it from wonderstellar's very first collection, I originally wanted the silver but they were sold out of that. Not too sure about the blue sparkly one!

  8. Anonymous7:11 PM

    hey babe, in one of your entry you wore a polka dotted cropped top.
    isit from topshop? :) or are you planning to sell it? been looking for something like that for ages!! lmk thanks dear.

  9. hi babe, what's you major in FASS?:) do you have a minor?

  10. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Lol, just so you know Lot 1 is in Choa Chu Kang! :)

  11. Oppa will10:36 PM

    your entries are starting to get predictable.

  12. Oppa will10:37 PM

    why don't u go crash the mall like old times, with addie n gang?

  13. 閱讀您的BLOG文章,真是件快樂的事!!........................................

  14. Shasha10:44 AM

    Hi! Was wondering where you got your studded bag from? (:

  15. Anonymous11:50 PM

    where did you get your top from?

  16. Shasha: From tracyeinny's store! (: They might still have it!

    Anonymous: (: