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Wild Horses

Saturday, May 29, 2010
Sophie: "Why you so informed haha I don't even know who they are why are you still up why does mcgriddles suck why is the moon round why is ____ a dick wtf does dashboard confessionals mean wouldn't dashboard confessions be better"
Darrell: "Huh? Are you drunk?"
Sophie: "Drunk on LoVEeeEeeE eye rollll. Sheesh if I were drunk I wouldn't be able to type anything that lucid (and highly insightful) (philosophie). I just had mcgriddles after 1 year and now I remember why I thought they sucked."
Darrell: "You poor sleep deprived child spouting nonsense. Dashboard is the mainpage of blogger don't believe go check. Does it make sense now... Confessions from your blog. Some band name huh."

Wtf. Stunned. Darrell takes lameness to an all-new level.
By the way, Dashboard Confessionals is a band, in case some readers have insanely obscure music tastes. That or they are from the Stone Age/GenX (hi mom).






With nothing better to do so we went into some anime/manga/toy shop and Alaric made me try on the retarded cosplay uniforms.

Board Games Session x2; guess I'm not cut out for the property market (Monopoly), but hold great potential for settlement planning/lord/king/supreme ruler (Settlers of Catan). Did I mention that I carry a deck of cards around with me in my bag? Anytime anyone wants to play Bridge, ta-daaaah! I whip out my deck of cards. What, tissue? A plaster? Money? No, but I have a deck of cards!

All right, my mom will be back in roughly 3 days. So I've 3 days to throw a wild party/redecorate the house/do whatever parents always expect their dumb teenage offspring to do. Sorry I've no time to do any of that, because I took on the gargantuan task of re-landscaping my farm (again) (again).

By the way it's great that I know quite a few Facebook passwords of my friends, because then I can send myself stuff. Okay bye I've to go click some Farmville link now to help Alaric capture a wild mustang. OWTZ.

P.S. Haha just mentioning that a few days ago I saw Ris Low at Spize (River Valley), and tweeted about her. (Something along the lines of ew, ew and ew) (In case you didn't catch it the first time, it was ew). I mean I blogged about her once and her atrocious English/vile need for attention. Anyway, she just started following me on Twitter. Wtf hahaha. Awkward.
8 comments on "Wild Horses"
  1. I knew it...Alawikiie had the I-like-girls-in-kinky-japanese-outfits look.

  2. Anonymous12:31 AM

    you guys look so cute in the cosplay uniforms! but you must have been mad bored though lol. and I saw your picture on xx's blog. you won the essential contest? hahah cool stuff man.

  3. Anonymous4:08 PM

    aww sophie. seems less people are caring about your blog, does that explain the lack of updates?

    sucks eh? maybe you should go buy some attention on ebay, i hear it comes with a pretty decent bonus package - a nice hot cup of shut the fcuk up.


  4. Anonymous5:25 PM

    you are on xiaxue's blog!

  5. Anonymous: Eye roll. In case you haven't noticed, people ask me to blog more. I mean that's the only thing people can request anyway, if you wanted someone to blog less well, you'd just not go their blog. Smart move, but clearly something you aren't clever enough to think of.
    Anyway I update less (if a 5 day break really is considered less... geez guess you have nothing better to do than squat my blog and wait for updates) because I have a life, which you clearly don't as you rather leave nasty comments on strangers' blogs.
    Although I couldn't care less if you want to waste your own time by leaving such comments, I care about having to waste my time reading them. So please take your own advice. Good day.

  6. Anonymous10:49 PM


  7. Anonymous12:54 AM

    sophie, your come backs turn me on.

    i am amused at how you have a dire need to justify yourself to strangers whose opinions you claim not to bother about. it's cute yet sad to see.

    in any case, i shall take care of my boner right now. but no, not on here of course. hell no.

  8. Anonymous: -_- I never claimed that they didn't bother me. I already said in my reply that I care about having to read them and in a lot of my formspring replies I have said that negative comments obviously still affect me even if I try not to let them. I don't see what link there is at all with me answering back to them. Like duh. I mean geez why do I even have to explain myself for this kinda thing too?!