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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Got bored so I decided to get a list of the perfume I used/use. I can't really figure out what kind of scents I go for particularly but I'm guessing more girly floral? I don't really like heavy/musky kinds. Oh the look of the bottle REALLY matters to me though. I wouldn't buy a perfume if the bottle was ugly (like Thierry Mugler ones, while overall Dior ones seem pretty boring) even if I really liked the scent.

The first 3 below are in chronological order of use:
1. Dolly Girl by Anna Sui
This was the first perfume I used, which I bought for myself (: Okay wait I bought all my own perfumes myself -_- Anyway, first bought this when I was 15 years old I think?

2. Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder
I love the colours on the bottle!
3. Incanto Shine by Salvatore Ferragamo
I'm currently using this! It's more than half empty (that's pessimistic right?) though.

The following 3 were gifts, also chronological:
1. Metro (the blue) & Star (the peach) by BCBG Max Azria
I still have both because they're Eau de Toilette, which doesn't last as long after being sprayed so I generally prefer to wear my normal perfumes.
Okay doing this post I realised that my current perfume is also an Eau de Toilette. Zzz.
2. Blv by Bvlgari
This is a scent for women (and an example of a hideous perfume bottle design) but I found it rather manly so I gave it to Rudy who used up the whole thing.
3. Sui Love by Anna Sui
Just got this for my birthday this year! Since my current perfume is starting to finish, I'll probably switch to this after.

So looking at the first 3 scents (perfumes I bought myself), can anyone recognise the kind of scent I go for? I wanted to buy Daisy by Marc Jacobs this year, which my friend called "Megan Fox in a bottle" (I see absolutely no link because Daisy looks so sweet and innocent; a.k.a everything Megan Fox is not) but Alaric doesn't like it -_-



Took more photozxz for Clothes&People so you can go check them out if you have time!

My mom's trying to fatten me up so she's stocking the fridge up with food and sending me emails about what she's prepared, claiming "this is the best way to get your attention". Just had Honey Stars with milk and banana slices. I hate soggy cereal by the way!
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  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    tried daisy by marc jacobs. wouldn't say it impressed me, really. i expected more from marc jacobs.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    u always spray the perfume at ur armpit is it?

  3. i am curious. what did lily ho put inside the fridge? are they healthy? are you allergic to peanuts? you shld snack on cashew nuts whenever you feel hungry.

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    oppa, this is ur oma! stop trying to give her advice. lol

  5. Anonymous: Haha I think it could have been sweeter/girlier. But with perfumes it's kind of hard to say what's "good" and what isn't. Like I personally don't really like Chanel No.5, but that's like one of the most famous perfumes ever haha.

    Anonymous: -_- No

    Will: I'm not allergic to anything. Except maybe you.

  6. may i know whats that perfume that got the social escort smell?

  7. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Uh-oh annoying will is back..

  8. i have come up with a list of things that i would like you to have in your fridge, if not already.

    2.Parmesan cheese
    3.Fresh milk
    4.Orange juice
    6.Spaghetti sauce

    And in your kitchen shelf,
    1.maggi mee
    3.cashew nuts
    4.essence of chicken
    5.a few cans of longan/rambutan
    6.luncheon meat( eat in moderation)
    7.gardenia bread
    8.peanut butter.

    This is for your own good.

  9. GO AWAY WILL. I don't give a shit what you think and never will so just get lost and go harass some other girl.

  10. Reader1:05 AM

    Your mom's really cute!

  11. honestly if i m your bf, i will do your grocery shopping for u. then lily ho wld be thinking "eh how come the past year i dun need to buy rice."

  12. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Try Paris Hilton! if I'm nt wrong, it's pink with black stripes. Quite a old model but swt to me! Ex bf thinks its sickening swt but aargh fuck it. Nv try Hermes, its like musky tai tais

  13. Anonymous4:04 PM

    your mum is too cute!

  14. Lily Ho Willocq9:11 PM

    Reader / Anonymous : 10Q 10Q

  15. Can u attempt to sing a french song n upload to youtube. preferably j'ai besoin d'amour frm lorie?

  16. Anonymous1:42 PM

    @sophie: i think different perfumes react differently with each of our bodies so when buying perfume, never just smell it! you have to spray it on yourself and leave it till the end of the day. if the smell of the perfume reacts well with your body, then it suits you :} hope this helps

  17. I <3 anna sui perfumes, I got mostly all of them, I love the bottle. I feel the butterfly one fades pretty fast, but my fave is still her signature scent. call me old skool!