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Thursday, March 03, 2011
Do you guys know what is the most poisonous poison? (I hope no one answers emo-Livejournal stuff like "Love" or "Envy") You might think it's... cyanide... or arsenic... or basically something regularly featured in every James Bond or doomsday/terminator movie.

But noooo... it's this thing no one has ever heard of. It's called Botulinum Toxin and it is in Category A (the highest) under feared weapons of biological warfare. It can be easily disseminated and kills easily.

Now the ironic thing is... is used in Botox. BOtulinum TOXin?

Kind of amusing no? It's the world's most poisonous poison, and people inject it into their face.

Totally unrelated blogshop shoot photo. They're the same blogshop that shot the banner on my blog - they always try to take interesting photos for their collections so I get some nice shots as by-products!

For this particular occasion they asked me to bring my colourful accessories (some of those I'm wearing are mine, and some are theirs) and so the green leopard bangle (the most prominent thing on my left arm in case you didn't notice it) was really suitable!

P.S. I'm taking a Science module this semester titled Drugs and Society and I have a mid-term test tomorrow, which explains why I suddenly know about Botulinum Toxin. Bye!
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