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Thursday, March 24, 2011
Ate at Hatched the other day (located at Bukit Timah near CCAB), which coincidentally is owned by Alaric's friend's brother.




Hatched actually serves breakfast/brunch all day, so I got an egg's benedict for dinner! It comes with bacon, ham, a grilled bun, salad and mashed potatoes. Yummy!
Alaric got a steak (they serve some normal dishes too) and it was good as well!

Ginormous tree in the carpark behind Hatched.


Pink flats from Bangkok's Suan Lum Night Market, got these ages ago but haven't worn them much because they still give me blisters.


The cardigan I've been wearing quite a lot lately, which I've actually dubbed the MILF cardigan. Kind of looks like it no? It looks like the cardigans a mom in... Cougar Town or Desperate Housewives wears while standing at the door waving her kids off as they go to school, and 3 hours later she screws the milkman.

My rainbow-heart ASOS sunnies!
And Coca-Cola sweets in my mouth. I actually preferred this other brand (the one with sugar on it - Haribo I think) but the maxi pack came in individual wrappers which wastes tons of plastic ): so I got the non-sugar, non-individually wrapped maxi set.

Finally got to try the special xiao long baos from Paradise Dynasty! (Ion, level 4)

white: Original
black: Black Truffle
pink: Szechuan
green: Ginseng
orange: Cheese
yellow: Crab Roe
grey: Garlic
off-white: Foie Gras

(You're supposed to follow a special order when you try them, which we did, but I can't remember what it is now).

To be honest they weren't fantastic... I didn't try the Ginseng at all because I hate Ginseng and the smell was so strong. Szechuan was surprisingly spicy. The best was probably Cheese or Foie Gras.

Their Original xiao long baos, dumplings etc are really, really good though! Like... better than Crystal Jade's I think?


I found the decor a little strange. The whole place is a bit dim, and it reminds me of those olden-day opium parlours.
The Chinese used to go these special parlours and lie on beds to smoke opium, and I imagine the decor to be something like the above - dim and oriental.

The colourful lights in the background are the flashing lights you see on the outside of Ion.
Beside us were 2 Japanese girls and they were kind of cute!

The waiter asked them if they wanted Chinese tea (pretty much everyone gets it) and they're like, "We no speak Chinese. Beer? You have beer?"
Found that a little unusual haha. And they're so giggly and excited about everything in the menu!

The staff (largely Chinese-speaking) really struggled trying to understand them when they asked for "chop-euh-stick?", which was actually because Alaric had dropped his and taken theirs before they came...
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  1. Cheryl2:25 PM

    "MILF cardigan" HAHAHA!

    The bikini is really whoa! I think if you wore it to the beach, you'd set a lot of tails wagging! :P

  2. hazie your awesome friend.1:14 PM

    wah wah tummy piercing allllll. HAHA your milf cardigan with nothing on underneath ;)

    the swimsuit's quite hot. thanks. lend me. kidding, that's gross. haha

    and also. the xiao long baos are damn pretty and epic.


  3. Anonymous6:02 PM

    awesome bathing suit

  4. Anonymous9:55 PM

    where is the cardi from? its really niceee! how much isit?

  5. Anonymous8:24 PM

    You are looking gorgeous!

  6. Anonymous2:47 AM

    What is "CCAB"?