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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Got some retarded 7-11 stamp collecting sheet the other day, where if I collect 10 stamps in total I get a free Paddington bear toy! I wound up with 8 stamps at one shot haha.

Alaric: "Wait, how much did you actually spend?"
Sophie: "$14. He gave me way more than I'm supposed to get; it's every $5 spent = 1 stamp. That's because I'm a girl."

Alaric: "Oh yeah? So why was he looking at me then?"
Sophie: "That's because he's thinking how lucky you are to have such an awesome girlfriend and how you should buy me stuff all the time and piggyback me everywhere. He feels sorry for me, so the only thing he can do is give me more stamps in his capacity as a 7-11 employee."
Sophie: "Except he said all of these in Mandarin. Or very bad English."

Alaric: "He didn't say anything."
Sophie: "He was saying it in his head."
Alaric: "I don't like these internal narratives. They're always about you."

(Ok end of bohliao snippet of conversation).

Useless but semi-cute octopusxpig thing that some girl in the US made Alaric send to her.


The 3 books I carry around right now: Samantha Thavasa notebook (for notes), My Little Pony notebook (planner) and a book for my Sociology of Inequalities module.

I made tabs for all my modules in my planner! They're all bent now ):

Don't recall ever showing you guys how my planner looks like, so here it is.
Timetable on the inner front cover (inner back cover has a map of NUS); if you think I look busy just remember that all my 4 tutorials are only alternate week.
On the right, random scribbles with modules codes, module names and module exam dates.
Matric number blanked out; no idea if anyone can do something with it but... safety first!

Samantha Thavasa notebook filled with boring non-girly, non-frivolous stuff. So that's my handwriting in fairly normal conditions (meaning non hurried, exam essays would be something like this too - at least in the beginning).
I think self-made notes are quite good for summarising things and giving you something quick to read/re-cap before exams, but they shouldn't be just regurgitations of the lectures or you're wasting time!

So yes I've been listening to the sweet, dulcet tones of my professors in webcast lectures...
3 comments on "Snore."
  1. omg my gf likes me to piggyback her around all the time too! Can u explain this phenomenon. lol

  2. in case you guys were wondering why nasty comments stopped coming through, its because I started filtering them so Sophie doesn't even know she gets them. Stop wasting your time - Alaric

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    you are an awesome bf for doing that. HAHA filter!! and soap! your internal narratives are indeed witty