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Chinatown Flea

Friday, June 24, 2011
Had a stall at a flea held at Chinatown recently courtesy of the organisers (: I know fleas aren't real money-making (or even money-recovering, since you sell stuff at 80% of the original price) affairs but taking pictures, packing items into envelopes and mailing stuff out is such a chore! Not to mention the headache of pending/disappearing buyers and the mess with postage.

Anyway I did manage to clear most of my items!
I sold 2 bags, so that was my largest sale I guess (both priced at $15 and bargained down to $12) hahaha.

I'm very weak with people who bargain, seriously! And I think I'm quite weak at bargaining too haha.
For example I told this girl she could have 4 items for $13 and in the end she took 3 dresses for $10 (which was already after a bargain) and asked if she could have the 4th item for free, and I said ok. Fail lol.

Anyway I sold most of my stuff for $5 each, and made about $150! I heard some stalls made a few hundred too, so guess the crowd was pretty good that day!

Here's my rack of clothes!

I told Alaric I needed to get a rack for the flea and he said Ikea definitely would have one. So we took a train + bus down on the day before the flea and....

The rack was not at all like what I wanted. The lightest one at Ikea was still designated more for long-term hanging at home... It was made of metal and required screwing! I was so frustrated but it was already 8pm so I had no choice.

But anyway it was only $17.80 so price wasn't so much the issue, but I was really grouchy about having to carry that and my luggage (Chinatown isn't THAT accessible if you have a luggage). Thank goodness Qiuting arrived at the same time as me so she helped me with my stuff up the stairs (yes, stairs) and Miyake and Eric helped me with the assembly!



Geck Geck's stall! LOL at all the pictures of her in the apparel haha.

These are all pictures from her online store, Geck Geck Vintage! That's what she was selling at the flea.

Eric and Miyake's stall to the left of mine! Geck Geck shared my rack, and you can see all her atas solid black hangers (on the right) crowding out my budget colourful ones haha.

Anyway I totally spoilt the market for her because she was selling her stuff at $40 per piece (each of her items are unworn vintage, with only one such piece) while at my end... it's $5 per piece haha.

Clicknetwork did a special Budget Barbie episode at the flea, so that's Qiuting being filmed talking about her purchases!

She's actually sitting where my original booth was meant to be, but I moved so that I would be with Geck Geck and the rest!

Anyway the prices at the flea were pretty low that day, so she actually got 33 items for $100! :o (she even bargained a $5 romper from me down to $4 -_-)

With Qiuting, the twins, Geck Geck and Miyake!

Final group shot! Yutakis mad extra, he's so freaking tall already (1.89m) and he stood on a chair. Haha now it looks like a pyramid.

Thankfully the weather was good that day! It perpetually looked like it was going to rain but it didn't, and there was no sun either! I still managed to get lightly sunburnt though...

Hehe guess I don't mind doing another flea sometime (if I have new stuff to sell off), it's quite a fun way to pass time if you have friends with you!
2 comments on "Chinatown Flea"
  1. wish it was in sydney then i would go hehe

  2. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Omg the stuff you were selling are so nice! Love the bow clutch and pink ballet flats :).