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Friday, July 22, 2011

Was given tickets to Lady Gaga's showcase at MBS by Nuffnang! I was in Krabi when they asked me if I wanted to go (via Whatsapp) and luckily I was at an eatery with Wifi and could reply in time hehehehe.

Alaric and I aren't huge fans of Lady Gaga but I mean, no one can claim they don't sing along to her songs in the car! I didn't take any pictures of her actual concert (she sang 8 songs I think, if not more) but now I kind of regret it :(

Anyway she's actually really good live! She didn't sing throughout her songs; some were clearly recordings and she would just sing the chorus while dancing the rest of the time, but she has a lot of energy that kept the atmosphere up.

Saw quite a lot of bloggers at the showcase! Alaric and I went to eat with Eric, Shiberty and her boyfriend Sam. After eating, Eric left and we went to play L4D2 :)

I haven't gotten to play L4D2 as much as I would like to nowadays! I used to play it like 2 or 3 times a week.

Got these leopard-printed chiffon skorts from a spree! (Don't ask me where/which because it's just an ad-hoc spree that I saw on spree-ing livejournals)

A whole bunch of random outfit pictures because I was bored while waiting for Southpark episodes to load!
I'm not a huge fan of Southpark (it's a bit too crude for my liking) but I've never been adept at downloading/streaming stuff like most people so I just watch Southpark because they upload all their episodes online haha.

Watched Bridesmaid yesterday at Cineleisure and I really liked it! Funny (ok for guys too) and sweet *thumbs up*
"So he went to your place and you had sex with him".
"We had... an adult sleepover".

Overheard these girls talking in the toilet after that (girls, remember there are people in the cubicles...).
Girl A: "Omg I can't believe we were just talking about him and then we saw him!"
Girl B: "I know! It's so coincidental!"
Girl A: "We are TOTALLY meant to be together."
Girl B: "You don't have his number though right?"
Girl A: "Yeah I don't even have his Facebook."

Lol. Just thought it was quite amusing.

Okay goodbye! It's my birthday weekend! My 21st birthday is actually on Monday but I should be doing something tomorrow and the day after. I don't want to grow old ): noooo *forever young*
6 comments on "Gaga"
  1. Anonymous9:09 PM

    just have to say HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA at the girlA/girl B conversation, in a weird way i miss going through all that drama when i was younger!

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    hey there, could i ask where did you get your heels from? they look awesome!

  3. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Hi, sophie, I saw u wearing a pair of blue acid high-waisted shorts, sometime back, I've been trying to find a pair that fits me, like yours, but to no avail, do u know whr to get em, cuz i saw a similar one in the acid washed grey version, I saw u in somerset u were wearing a white plain spag top along with it, u were with ur girlfriend I think =)

  4. Anonymous: Xquisis (it's an online store that does those Korean/Chinese sprees)!

    Anonymous: Lol I don't remember that at all! I haven't been to Somerset in a while somemore. Well I only have 2 HW shorts, one is from Bangkok and the other from OhVola (blogshop) a long time ago. Frankly a lot of blogshops do carry HW shorts, but most won't fit me well I think so I never bothered trying to buy them.

  5. Anonymous2:33 AM

    thanks for your help regarding the heels! :)

  6. Anonymous9:32 PM

    hey may i knw what photo editing programme was used to make you look like theres a reflection. theres a pic where you have a subtle duplicate.