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Today is my 2nd 20th Birthday

Monday, July 25, 2011
I know I need to blog but I've been unable to upload anything with Photobucket for the past week )':

Plus I was really busy with my birthday! Turning 21 feels so sad in an it's-so-incredibly-mundane way. I mean it's like... either I get to become 21 and feel super super special, or if not I just stay young and juvenile.

Anyway for my birthday I had a mini-evening picnic on Saturday (because none of my friends like to be awake during daylight hours) followed by booking a table at Zouk (Velvet).

On Sunday I spent majority of the day trying not to die from the effects of the previous night (I exaggerate), and then had a family celebration where my mom had catered buffet!
Oh and then I played DotA again! Apparently I've improved quite substantially ^^

Today (which is my actual birthday)... I dreamt of DotA, woke up with a headache and had to get out of bed before noon (a crime against humanity) to finally get round to going down to the French embassy. The French embassy seems to be non-operational after 1pm. Seriously. Hahahaha.

Met Qiuting for lunch, came home and conked out on my bed. Woke up for dinner with Alaric at Spruce (320 Tangling Rd).

I also had a stomachache throughout majority of the day.

Might be going to get Starbucks now and maybe play DotA again. So yeah that was my 21st Birthday weekend!

Thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday! :')

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6 comments on "Today is my 2nd 20th Birthday"
  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    happy bday sophie! stay pretty !!!

  2. Happy birthday sophie! )

  3. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Why were you at the French embassy?

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes! ((:

    Anonymous: Haha I am half French you know. Like, a recognized French citizen?

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    why you look like you are half monkey?

  6. Anonymous: Why do you sound like you are half-brained?