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Tuesday, September 13, 2011
My glittery bubblegum nails done by Milly's!

(Random, but this reminds me of Gwen Stefani's song Bubble Pop Electric - it wasn't incredibly popular but I had her CD. The very, very few CDs I had: Gwen Stefani, Dido & Britney Spears hahaha).


My nails and toenails were done by Rebecca! :D
I also hear Gina is really good, so you can look for either of them :)

Random picture of a random girl beside me choosing her nail design!

The pedicure is damn awesome! You soak your feet and they use this special scrub to remove dead skin that leaves your skin super smooth!

They also use this filing/sandpaper (not literally sandpaper but I have no other way to describe it) thing to scrub the dead skin off your soles. Omg I had so much dead skin :S


Without flash

With flash!

♥ my Ikea quilt cover

First she draws the 3 coloured stripes, then she added a line of gold glitter below the light pink, and finally she individually placed the silver flakes!

(This picture is really too blurry to show anything, but I wanted to capture the green shiny elephant sticker currently adorning my Blackberry).


(If you couldn't already tell, that's my Stitch soft toy!)

Ok and my toenails were done too (no designs because I prefer toenails to be complements to the fingernails) but I'm uh... very self-conscious about my toes.
They're not weird or horrid or anything, but I just find it weird to show someone a picture of my feet! (except for the girl that models the Sally Hansen nail polish; what gorgeous toenails hahaha)

So these are my toenails encased in a pair of wedges haha (the shoes are new and clean lah). A really nice glitter pink! :D

I forgot to mention that my fingernails are painted with Gelish! Gelish lasts really long; it's been a week since I did my nails and they look 100% the same as when I first stepped out of the salon at Bugis Street.

In fact, all the photos with my Ikea quilt cover were JUST taken, so yep they still look great! That's why Gelish is super awesome.

A few readers were asking me on Formspring how much Gelish costs (which I ignored because I didn't know the answer, sorry!) and I just checked with Milly, it's $40 for Gelish and then add-ons will depend on the complexity of your design (e.g. 3D flowers, jewels etc)!

You can find Milly's at both Far East Plaza and Bugis Street!

Far East Plaza
Milly's 2 #03-129
6737 6723

Bugis Village
Milly's #3,4 & 5
(Level 2 & Level 3 - beside EXU)
6338 4137

For appointments you can also call: 83835395
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