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H&M Preview

Saturday, September 03, 2011



The official launch of the H&M store in Singapore is on 3rd September, Saturday. Wendy (Xiaxue) had invites so she brought Qiuting, Kaykay and I to the preview on Friday night, where we also got 20% off all purchases! (:

You're not really allowed to take photos but it was SO crowded with people very dressed up (and hence taking lots of pictures) anyway!
Gosh I felt so severely underdressed! Didn't even *cough* wash my hair that morning. Most girls were in cocktail dresses and 5-inch stiletto heels. Some even worn floor-sweeping gowns with clutches O.O

H&M did serve champagne and little amouse-bouches, but I dunno... it's still just a preview! Not an actual atas ceremonial launch!

Hehe they were smart enough to provide everyone with big shopping bags!
The men had a um... smaller version to use hahaha gosh no faith in their buying power.

H&M takes up a total of 3 floors! The first two are for women, whereas the 3rd floor is split into men (how sad for them haha so small) and kids!

Kaykay and Xiaxue! That's her trying on these gloves she bought (useless and not cheap LOL) while we queued to pay.


Anyway prices were a lot more affordable than expected! I wouldn't call it CHEAP, but I expected the prices to be quite a lot more jacked up as compared to Europe. I thought it'd be somewhere between the pricings of F21 and Topshop, but surprisingly it was about the same or possibly cheaper than F21 even.

When we reached at 7pm, we saw people sitting outside queuing for the opening the next day (today) O.O madness! I heard that the first 5 shoppers get a $250 shopping voucher but still! Queue overnight leh!

Anyway good luck to any poor souls intending the battle the crowd today! It was already really packed when we went. Think I'm not gonna drop by again till a month later LOL. They should have new stock by then too! :D
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  1. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Hey Sophie can you show us what you bought? :)