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Monday, October 03, 2011
Did a little more shopping than usual recently so I thought I'd show my purchases! Normally I don't actually shop much.


Diva is having a 3 for 2 promotion now, where basically you only pay for the 2 most expensive items.

Flower Wreath - $20 (not cheap)
I already have one flower wreath (from London; wasn't cheap either) but it's a little sparse so I've been searching for a new one on Etsy, where the nice ones are all 20USD+++ :'(

Set of 2 Bow Headband - $13
I don't actually wear headbands anymore (I have quite a few though) because I find they tend suit girls with bangs/no fringe better, but I really liked the pinkish/salmon-coloured one.

Ring -$13 (free; 3rd item)
Would never pay $13 for this normally although it's quite pretty because Diva rings tend to tarnish really quickly >:(
(F21's too)

Grey Tank ($13) | Beige Skort ($31) | Blue Dress ($35?) - all from F21
(10% for students on purchases above $50)

Floral Skirt | Zig-Zag Skirt - Cotton On, 2 for $20 (don't actually like the floral one that much!)

My new Jeffrey Campbell Taupe Suede Litas!

I was originally eyeing Foxy Fab Tan Black for ages but it was sold out everywhere, so I gave up.

I got this pair from ShopAkira (Solestruck is hopeless, their stuff is always sold out). There's no free shipping (32USD) but they were having a 15% off discount so it balanced things out. Plus I seriously received it in just 4 working days! I was so surprised.

I'm normally a UK4/Eur37 and I got this in size 7.5.
By right it should be size 7 but that was out of stock, and it should probably be worn with socks. 7.5 fits me fine anyway!


MAC lipstick in Angel - $28
Frankly this turned out rather similar to my own lip colour so it's not very obvious :/
(You can test it, but I was trying on a few shades so I guess after wiping off & applying over previous colours it wasn't very accurate!)

Superdrug (UK) Facial Scrub - approx $10
People have been asking what I use to wash my face so here it is!

I prefer daily facial scrubs because I like the logic of exfoliation.
This particular one leaves a bit of an oily feel right after rinsing. But once you wipe your face with a towel it'll feel as if your skin has already been moisturized so I like that.

It says that it's suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is not tested on animals. I got this from Ngee Ann City's Watson's (the huge one) so I'm not sure if it's available elsewhere.

And by the way MAC also does not test on animals :)

Oh and here are the Jeffrey Campbell shoeboxes! I ordered with my friend Sherry so that we could share the shipping. Mine is the one on the right.


It's an actual crossword puzzle, but it seemed to be a lot technical stuff about shoemaking so I gave up haha.

And these are Sherry's Foxys in Pewter Glitter!
She says the Foxys are surprisingly comfortable, and so were my Litas so yep, they're pretty safe to buy if you're concerned about comfort!

I doubt I'd buy anymore because I feel very AA (Attract Attention) in them lol.

They're 5-inches high, which is actually the same as my other heels but I guess they look chunkier because of the wide heel and front platform (which is 2-inches high, meaning the actual heel incline is only 3 inches which is why they're more comfortable than e.g. stilettos).
And of course they're not cheap, especially considering that I hardly ever get to wear heels!

Ok aside from that, my latest obsession is once again, getting a centre parting (aka, abandoning 6 years of fringe/bangs). I can't take myself seriously with a fringe. But this obsession has oscillated a lot this past year so we'll see how it goes. Bye!
10 comments on "Haul"
  1. Anonymous4:10 PM

    hey, how much did you pay for your JC lita in total? (:

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    thailand has cheap (sgd6?) flower wreaths!

  3. Anonymous8:16 PM

    The Sherry Foxy shoes honestly looks really uncomfortable O.O. But it has the star factor to it :)

  4. Anonymous: I think almost 200SGD?

    Anonymous: :O Never see any :(

    Anonymous: Haha with that much glitter....

  5. Anonymous4:42 PM

    the facial scrub, where is it avail?

  6. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Do you know what it means when they say no animal testing? It means YOU become the guinea pig instead and product is recalled when damage to human is already done.
    Its definitely just another marketing gimmick, plus it saves production cost.
    Now, decide again, save animal or yourself?

  7. Anonymous12:31 AM

    is sherry the door bitch at zouk? (:

  8. Anonymous: It is stated in the post.

    Anonymous: Yes she is.

    Anonymous: OMG Google is so bloody convenient and yet you cannot even be bothered to use it.

    1) Animal testing has been banned in almost the whole of the EU, with many countries having done so a long time ago.
    In the UK for example, license for such testing has been stopped since 1998. That's 13 YEARS AGO.

    Obviously there is an ALTERNATIVE?

    2) MANY brands do not test on animals, and these are not obscure but all well-known and very popular ones, like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique blah blah.

    = 3) It's been over a decade that cosmetic testing has stopped. Do you see generations of people complaining of problems? Hello?

    4) There is NO PROOF that animal testing is even effective -_- -_- -_- -_- -_- -_-

    **** So FYI, you already are the guinea pig and yet the production process is longer (see below), and unethical. ****

    5) "Increasingly scientists are also looking at non-animal models to provide more and more answers. That's not only going to decrease the number of animals used in certain experiments but, more important for many, SPEED UP the [drug approval] process.

    Read more:,8599,1815241,00.html#ixzz1Zu4J2A4Y"

    -> I'm not even talking about drug testing etc because I understand that it is somewhat necessary.

    But cosmetic testing is NOT and there is so much evidence to back it up; but obviously with people with mindsets like yours, it's no wonder it's taking such a long time.

  9. Anonymous7:48 PM

    omg sweetie, so sry i didnt see the line where u got it from! thanks for sharing!

  10. Anonymous4:10 PM

    dayum girl you overpaid for the diva items!!
    Diva here in australia are 3 items ( any items!!) for 10$ right now! Should be online as well !

    Got 3 items ( retails at 120$) for 20 bucks!