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Thursday, November 03, 2011
[edit] THERE IS NO ADOPTION FEE! Haha I don't know why this seems to be a common question. Adopter just needs to vaccinate, sterilise & microchip! [/edit]

Hello! If you're following me on Twitter you would have learnt that Alaric and I are currently fostering a puppy :)

Her name is Poppy (we didn't name her, but I think it's a cute name) and she's about 6 weeks old.
She was originally found all alone at a bus stop while it was raining, but the girl that found her couldn't foster her so we were asked to take her (we had volunteered for fostering beforehand).

We have no idea what happened to her siblings/mom, so I guess it's safe to assume that they're dead :( Poor Poppy still needs special milk powder (normal milk will make them sick) because they aren't meant to be away from their moms so early! She's already eating puppy kibbles with the milk though, so soon she can totally move to dry food.

This is Poppy snoozing at the vet! We've begun the deworming process but she's too young to be vaccinated (should be good in a week's time) so we can't bring her for walks till then.




Hahaha at the amount of newspaper around her... She's almost toilet-trained already. We're pretty sure she roughly understands the concept, but it's still not a 100% success rate. I read online that young pups can't really control their bladder yet though, so usually they can only be trained at 7-9 weeks old onwards.

Hahaha brought Poppy to the supermarket to buy food for her! You'd be amazed at how people could walk right past or even reach over her (for something on the shelf) and not even realise it's a dog hahahaha.

LOLOL Poppy's sulking here, because I wouldn't let her on my bed. She sleeps really soundly though. I guess it's normal for young pups to tire quickly. Like you can move her around and she wouldn't even wake up haha.

And this is Poppy on the way to the adoption drive:
You give me home? :(

Please? Am I not cute?




Will you adopt me?

Poppy DID get adopted that day actually! But... the adopter returned her -_- (yeah like some kinda tshirt that you don't like anymore -_-).

He said he has another dog and that it didn't like Poppy, so after a mere couple of hours he said he's returning her. It's not even like they fought or anything ok, the other dog was just a bit unhappy. Like um... I mean even human older siblings tend to get insecure/jealous when there's a new baby in the family. I'm just rather miffed that he only "tried" for a couple of hours; doesn't seem committed.
Poor Poppy.

AND HE KEPT THE DOG CARRIER LOR. One of the girls at the adoption drive gave him her dog bag (and they're really dedicated to rehoming dogs so it's not like they don't need it) to bring Poppy home and it's a pretty big one so it's not cheap, and he kept it -_- asshole. ANGRY!

But this is Poppy all chillax after coming back.

We really hope Poppy can get adopted :( Some of you might ask, why don't I just take her? But we never had the intention to and that's not really the point of fostering. Right after Poppy was adopted we were gonna bring home another un-adopted pup to foster (she's currently in a cage all day at a shelter) but as it turned out, Poppy got returned...

Name? Poppy
(you can change it though, she's a bit too young to really know it's her name yet - she just understands by the tone of our voices)
Age? 1.5 months
Sex? Female
Breed? Mongrel (will be medium-sized when adult)
Toilet-trained? Almost
Health? Fine, no worms, injuries etc...
Personality? Friendly and playful!

As a mongrel, Poppy is not HDB-approved (they have a blanket ban on mongrels regardless of size) but... there are ways around it *cough*.

Of course I would much rather she get an owner with a garden etc, but a permanent, loving home is the most important!

Please help me get Poppy adopted! :( If any of you are interested, let me know and we can arrange a viewing. If you personally aren't keen to adopt, help me spread the word!

Poppy was all alone in the cold and the rain... She's a smart and playful dog, she deserves a good home like any pure breed one! Mongrels are also less prone to illnesses and live longer; they're not a weak breed.

Help me get Poppy a forever home! ♥

P.S. All photos in this post were taken with my Blackberry!
P.P.S. Fosterers are always welcome! You can easily contact any member/FB page,
e.g.: Save Our Street Dogs or Mdm Wong's.
THIS is the dog we wanted to foster after Poppy, she's sooo fluffy and sweet! She's literally kept in a cage all day now because the shelter has no space. Do try to foster her if you're able!
10 comments on "Poppy"
  1. She is the sweetest looking thing! I would adopt her in a heart beat, but I am sure the travel charges & insurance to have her shipped to Australia would cost me an arm & a leg.

    She is beautiful so I am sure she will find a forever home soon enough !!


  2. Anonymous9:41 PM

    I wanna adopt Poppy, but i'm staying in a HDB. Is there any ways whereby HDB owners can adopt her?

  3. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I would very much want to adopt it but it's not HDB approved..But I can try!! Does it bite/lick?

  4. Wow blackberry camera impresses me! The 12th photo look like those taken by dslr/semi pro!

  5. Anonymous11:51 AM

    HI! I just recently took in 2 pups as well but one of them have worms! I'm currently giving them the medicine specially for the pups for treatment. I want to ask how do you potty train poppy? D': I've checked online and try it but still they wont go to the same place. and it's not easy cleaning up their excrement because it's not the dry hard type. hahah and like how you did it, we had newspaper around it as well.

  6. Lynnette7:23 PM

    oh my god poppy has a face to die for and i really want to adopt her, but i already have 2 dogs...a jack russel and a mongrel.. but but but!!!!!

  7. Anonymous: Most of the people contacting me are HDB dwellers! You can still adopt Poppy, just that it's better if you can register her under a non-HDB name. We just need some reassurance that she won't be abandoned in a few months!

    Anonymous: You can try buying pee pads, but Poppy actually seems to dislike them lol.

    I mean basically it's negative and positive reinforcement. If you see her peeing (you can't punish if it's too long after because they won't understand), bring her to the pee, make it obvious you're referring to that and say NO and smack her.

    If you can catch her in mid-pee (like she stops because you shout or smth), bring her to the newspaper for her to continue there.

    When she does it on the newspaper, reward her.

  8. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Sophie, I want to help in fostering but just to ask, do we need to purchase all the dog food/housing etc by ourselves? Or will it be provided? Is there anywhere I can read more about fostering?

    Really wish I can adopt but I can't cos my family is hardly home :(

  9. Anonymous: You have to bear the costs of caring for the dog. What housing is there? Lol.

  10. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I wanna adopt Poppy, but i'm staying in a HDB. Is there any ways?