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Tuesday, January 31, 2012
These behind-the-scenes photos of a shoot date way back... almost a year in fact. I had forgotten all about them because as usual I never got to see the end product of the shoot :(

Anyway this was a simple shoot for PhotoYou, a photography magazine managed by Reader's Digest. If I'm not wrong this is meant to appear in Autumn 2011? If any of you happen to be/have a photography enthusiast in your family who might have bought it... LOL.

So yep this was a half-day shoot and it was just supposed to be a simple photo to accompany an article about... flash photography? Or something like that?

Since it was supposed to be natural/stock-photo-ish (like the kind that accompany articles of love/work/health/etc in e.g. Cleo) I could wear my own clothes!

Photographer in the background. This was not long after I had DIY-ed my hair orange hahaha.

Makeup area! Bulbs not lit.

I had to be taught how to hold the camera in the "proper" DSLR way because at that point I had zero prior experience handling them before. Big, bulky, expensive alien-looking things.



Tried out different colour background + top + hair combinations in case! I don't know which was picked/preferred but I personally think the hair down ones were better!

Sending off some sample, unprocessed shots to the client.



This was so long ago that I don't remember very much about it... I just know that it was quite short and that I had worked with the photographer before for a L'Oreal editorial (if you're an older blog reader you might remember it's the one where I had a stye on the day of the shoot haha).

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was so hectic which was why I didn't blog earlier :( 
I have a 6-hour school day tomorrow and still so much to do first now :(

Stomp's V.Day

Friday, January 27, 2012
I know I haven't blogged in quite a few days! I should blog now but I'm busy reading the Stomp Singapore Love Stories! Hahaha some are so funny...

"thanks for standing by me when your parents objected to us because of me being a vegetarian" - What? Why are these parents so anal? Race, age, social background... I get it. But diet?!

"I love you uncle low" - *shudders* Calling your boyfriend your "uncle" is kinda creepy no?

"He treats me differently, sometimes like a princess, a Barbie doll or even a kitten. He likes to dress me up and calls me his 'prisoner of love', which I feel is is weird." - Sounds like her boyfriend has a weird fetish!

It also seems like quite a majority of these couples met via Facebook, Tagged, Skout.. etc. I use Facebook obviously, but only knew about the existence of Skout because it's an annoying pop-up ad that appears after each move on Words With Friends. I didn't know people really bothered with these websites O.O

And from another story based on how she told it... 
I gather she got together with her current-boyfriend by cheating on her then-boyfriend?!

Day 1: She is with her bf, when her bf introduces her to X for the first time. X is her bf's friend.
Day 1 night: Add each other on Facebook, chat blah blah
Day 2: She asks X out for lunch (YOU GOT BF LEH! SLUT!)
Day 2 continues: They meet, get along well & become girlfriend-boyfriend. (DAFUQ?! BITCH YOUR BF LEH?!)

Hahaha omg I seriously have nothing better to do. Of course it's not that you can't meet a male friend at all, but bitchplease.jpg -> you just met him, he's your boyfriend's friend, you were FB-chat-flirting him the whole night -> YOU KNOW WHERE THIS GOING

Don't mind me. I shout "SLUT" at the TV/cinema screen all the time hahahaha. Especially when I wanted the male lead to fall for another girl! *angry* Ok ok obviously in the cinema I don't shout it.

"When we went back inside the club, he approached me and said, 'you dance really well for a Chinese'" - WAHAHA what is this?! Chinese people can't dance meh? So bad!

CNY 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012
Hope everyone is having a good CNY!
It's one of the few holidays where you don't get to sleep in at all T_T

I'm wondering what CNY will be like in a couple of decades. I think when I'm a parent it'll still be relatively traditional & early because our parents (turned grandparents) would still be around, but by the time I'm a grandmother I think everyone will only roll out of bed & go to each other's houses at night lol. And maybe we'll order KFC (as their advertisements repeatedly try to make us believe...)




This is a Tokidoki unicorn that Alaric bought for me because I saw the picture & thought it was cute!

CNY for me this year was at Siglap at my cousin's place, where my grandma is right now.


Thought it matched better with this black bottom at first, but you know what they say about black for CNY... So I unearthed this floral skort which I never wore (recent purchase) because it's too small for me T_T

Bunned up my hair & put in a bow. Haha CNY is one of the occasions where I feel like... I can dress weirdly. I think that actually applies to most festivities, because you're somehow pardoned for any fashion faux-pas. Like no one thinks I'm weird for wearing a reindeer hairband at Christmas.

That's the horse from Toy Story right?!



Lots of doggie pictures...
I only just realised that I didn't take pictures of anything else other than the house & the dogs hahaha.


Count a total of 4 dogs! They belong to my 2 cousins (so they have 2 each).

Can you tell which is the hyperactive dog?
You can't even see her because she's always an excited blur, but it's actually a 5-year old beagle that my cousin recently rescued from a puppy mill :') I guess that's one reason why she's SO excitable now, because as a breeding dog she never experienced any warmth or love.

Opposite. Chillax max.
I think even if she wants to get excited she can't even move around much on her stubby legs hahaha.

Wah I have no clue how this happened haha. GHOST DOG!

This is a mongrel! I mean clearly he isn't a purebreed, but this is still a really rare mix-mongrel! Never seen anything like this before. This dog was found abandoned at Pasir Ris.

It was probably mistreated previously because it had serious issues warming up to people; it would growl if you tried to pet it. But now it's all good already & he's become quite manja.



Small electric Mercedes car for my little nephew!




I'm actually not one of those crazy-for-soft-toys types (I'm faithful because I only hug one to sleep every night!) but this big, white Care Bear was selling for only $10! :O
I swear, I was really tempted to buy it for friends too hahaha, but I wasn't sure who would want a big Care Bear lol. But anyway it's super soft & fluffy so I'm happy!

So sleepy 
I was up at 10am today & only got home from visiting at 8pm. 
I really don't recall how I did it back in secondary school & JC with the 6am - 8pm days...

JB Supper

Friday, January 20, 2012
Wah. My blogpost about my hamster gets more comments than blogposts about myself usually do hahaha #fml. But thank you to all you nice people who commented! :) ♥ ♥ 

Photobooth picture with the New Year's greeting Nuffnang sent us! Quite a nice touch :)

Ok so anyway the other day my friends & I went over the causeway to Johor Bahru for supper! I actually haven't been to JB in years. I never knew that JB was so built-up!

All my recent trips to Malaysia have been via the Tuas Checkpoint instead of Woodlands. If you go via Tuas you just see lots & lots of greenery because it's a different route up to KL/Genting/wherever.
So... I always thought JB was mostly plantations & a few malls lol.

Anyway, my friends & I went in 1 car (7-seater) through Woodlands to a supper place really nearby! Please don't ask me how to get there because it was my first time.

Coming out from the Woodlands Checkpoint, we stopped at a roadside moneychanger on the left & with just a bit more driving we were at the supper place!

Massive sugarcane drink & my coconut! 
I like coconut juice quite a bit & the ones they had was cheap & really good! 
I actually ordered... 4 coconuts O.O

Omg I loved the crab! I think this was butter or salted egg crab? (I can't remember which is which)
We also got black pepper crab which was good, but the one above was super yummy!

Cereal crayfish! Also yummy.


On the way there we had each changed S$50 because we thought we might go for a massage afterwards. Dinner was approx S$20 each! In the end the massage place (which is nearby) was closed by the time we got there.

This is where we ate! I think it closes at 2am if I'm not wrong. Or maybe earlier. 
Basically it's not 24-hours, so we left Singapore at 9pm.

Another big eating place beside it.



Hahaha you know how they always say that driving up to Malaysia isn't safe (no offense to any Malaysians)? That's why I chose to wear sneakers that day, which I very rarely do. 
In case... I needed to run hahaha.

Anyway it was totally safe because like I said, it was basically just driving from Singapore to another big city. The rumours of danger are usually for the long drives through empty expressways, where instances of car-jacking have been known to occur.

Would totally wanna go back to JB for more crab ASAP!


Thursday, January 19, 2012
Some of you might have read on my Formspring on Monday that my hamster-y little ball of fur had passed away...

I know people are probably thinking like, Ok it's just hamster you know. And yep, I agree. Furthermore I've had hamsters since I was like... 12? 13? And dwarf hamsters only live about 2 years. I've basically gotten used to them dying.

The first hamster I had of my own (the ones at 5 years old don't count) was a feisty one named Hammy (no... it's not a derivative of "hamster"; it's actually inspired by Hammie from Baby Blues). 
She wasn't feisty in the nasty-biting-hamster way, she just had a real flair for adventure (yes I'm talking about a hamster). She was always very excited about exploring life beyond her cage, always very quick to jump off so as to venture off further ~no fear no rules ~

For Hammy my mom & I could tell when she was dying. She passed away in our hands & I held her cold, lifeless body in my hands & cried for 2 hours before burying her.

Since then I've had a succession of hamsters. Some just had ok-ish characters. Some were great - I had one that I would take out & put on my table while studying; she'd run & sniff around. When she got tired she'd curl up somewhere & nap. An hour later she'd emerge all refreshed & start sniffing about again.

So like I was saying - I got used to them dying.
I have chucked my dead hamster rather unceremoniously down the rubbish chute.

I came home on Sunday night & took Hamlet out of her cage as usual. I held her & walked over to my main door to lock it, stopping to let her sniff around at the potted plant - I always find it a little strange that hamsters are one of the few animals that basically get no exposure at all to nature.

Watch out for ants if you ever put your hamster on the grass!

Brought Hamlet out to McDonald's once; offered her a bit of a fry but she wasn't interested.
Guess she knows what's not good for her.

I then brought her to my room & let her run around on my bed; brought her back to her cage when she started getting over-excited. I refilled her food bowl, giving her 2 peanuts instead of 1 (they're rare in her food packet) because I figured I'd open a new packet soon.

Then I thought nothing more about it for the night.

The next day, like every day, I woke up & walked to the bathroom. That makes me pass her cage, so I stopped & decided to refill her water. Only 1 peanut had been eaten.

She was curled up in her favourite sleeping spot, but she didn't stir awake & come over to greet me. She stayed still & although I already knew, I lightly tapped her thinking maybe she was just taking longer to wake up like the little lazy piggy hamster she is.

Her body was only very slightly colder than usual, so she couldn't have been dead more than an hour.

I was sad, but hey, I was used to this no? So I set about dismantling her cage, the same way I always do when I'm going to clean it. I usually start taking out her house, food bowl... etc while she's still in the cage, so she runs around wondering where all her things are disappearing to. But this time there was no curious poking by her furry little nose.

Finally I'm left with nothing but her body, the bedding pellets & her broken wheel. I'm thinking I should just dump all of it into a plastic bag & throw it away. I look at her little body & that's when the sadness really hit me. She just looked like she was sleeping.

I really surprised myself when I started crying & I'm still surprised by how sad I feel about it. I mean it's been years since I cried over a hamster. Hamsters are great, furry little companions who can be very responsive, but the level of interaction just isn't the same as with a dog or cat. And yet in her own little way, she was always there, perched on her little balcony waiting to say hi, observing what was happening, looking for a little popcorn treat...

And I'm really sad that she won't be there anymore.



Me: "I know you think I'm stupid for crying about a hamster".
Alaric: "Noooooo. Nooo. Noo."

Not Quite Back To School

Monday, January 16, 2012
Dug up some older pictures from my iPhoto that I hadn't yet posted! School still isn't really back into swing yet... and it's gonna be the CNY holidays soon!

So anyway the pictures below are from when I went for a Doc Martens event at Zouk with some friends.


This was the most surprising part of the event that made me happy!
Not the boys... the fish & chip cones!

Dr Martens designed by various locals:
Designers of OwnMuse.

MTV VJ Holly.

Ok I can't see the picture that clearly here but I'm pretty sure it's some of the Zouk staff!
In the middle is Sofie (lol) & on the right is Sam.


My fish & chips! They were pretty good too :D
And another pair of shoes designed by the Pop Tart DJ!



2 of my friends from NUS, Zoe & Hazel. On my right are actually my SAJC guy friends, but one of them was always spoiling each shot so I deleted all hahaha.

Random pictures below!

Hamlet, pressing herself between the wheel & the cage walls.
She has a wheel but she NEVER runs in it.
I actually broke it the other day by accidentally dropping it, but with the crack I can now see that the wheel has not moved. At all.

Hehe scaling up the bars towards me! Sho cutez.

Mega fat stray cat. Or preggers? Not sure.

Pictures from when I was studying!
Doing the readings off my laptop because each one is crazily thick so you really shouldn't print them out... Massive waste of paper + you most likely won't even cover them all!

I just take summarised notes off each reading.

This was for Sociology of Food.
We took it only because our friends that had done it previously got A/B+ & it's a Year 2 module (I'm a Year 3 student) so it was supposed to be pretty easy.

Sadly for my semester they decided to be mad strict or something -_- Like the exam question was really broad & vague. I got a B- overall (FML) whereas 2 of my friends got Cs! Cs in FASS is really seriously pretty rare & mega FML.

I'd say my handwriting isn't pretty, but it's legible no? Even in exams & even when I'm rushing crazily for time in the last 5-10minutes, my handwriting always stays pretty much the same!



Two leftover pictures from when I was doing my Essential advertorial! 
I'm still a noob at my DSLR so I just randomly toggle with the settings & I thought these looked cool (at least my hair looks cool #flickshair) so I kept them.

Alaric: Goodnight love you
Me: Love you too
Alaric: Love you three
Me: (Love you) to the power of infinity #pwned

Hahaha #uncool... 
But actually he had already gone to sleep so he didn't even see my mathematically clever reply :( okayguy.jpg

First step on my path to academia:

It stays empty for the rest of the semester.