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Tuesday, February 14, 2012
Sorry for the slowdown in updates! Hopefully I can upload a vlog soon :(
The pictures below annoyed me insanely too, because no matter what I did they would become saturated when I uploaded them to Photobucket. Finally I had to use Blogger's in-built Picasa host.

I actually have more camwhore pics.. LOL. Ok I will save them for another time. It was a good hair day!

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Haha furry hat from H&M

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Went to Yutaki's house the other day with Eric! Surprisingly it was actually quite nicely decorated! Most boys have messy and/or boring rooms haha. He did just spend quite a bit of money at IKEA getting it re-decorated though. I wish I could move house all the time :) Room-decorating is so fun!


Wall of polaroids.
I remarked how the only person in them is him, but he says that he "got put nice architecture what!"
I think most of them were taken during his trip to Europe.


I don't know if you can see it clearly, but there's actually a mini Eiffel tower beside the lamp! Miyake & I were with him when he bought it from this shop in Far East Plaza for $50 or $60. But... it was black colour then. He actually used leftover wall paint to paint it off-white, then tied Chanel ribbons on it!



Saw this hanging-photo thing at IKEA the other day, so if anyone wants it for their room you guys can still buy it quite easily! It's really impossible to go through IKEA & not end up buying something lol. I just bought new curtains, a lap-cushion thing for my laptop & a towel.

I know. Towel also wanna buy.
It was only $5.90 & came in bright blue, green or purple! I got it in purple & I find that it has a good texture (unlike some that are so smooth you know for sure it can't absorb water for nuts).
Haven't used it though.


Yutaki camwhoring with my Lumix G3; to demonstrate how good he thinks the HIGH-KEY mode is (found under Scene) & thus why he regrets selling his off. I never use this mode.

Trying on one of Yutaki's gazillion hats.
He also passed me one of his furry white sweaters for me to use in Tokyo! :D
I'm leaving THIS FRIDAY morning at 6am by the way!

Yet another one of his hats.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 
Alaric & I didn't do much; doesn't really bother me. I was thinking we could do a picnic, but not on Valentine's Day itself because the usual picnic spots are bound to be crowded. In the end we just got dinner (wanted La Petitie Cuisine but even they were fully booked O.O) at an average coffee place & I bought back dessert.

Then we tried Poppin' Cookin' (DIY Japanese edible mini-foods) &... we sucked at it hahaha.
Didn't dare eat it because it smelt so sugary & I'm sure it's probably not healthy.

Alaric bought me flowers (I tweeted a picture)! I really wasn't actually expecting any (OOH HE GOT HIMSELF A GEM WITH ME EH) but since he has done it... he'll be obliged to do it every year hahaha. And frankly I don't remember what we did for Valentine's Day last year O.O

In 2008 my friend Jeannie & I actually had "Lonely Hearts Club" badges made for Valentine's Day & gave it out to our single friends hahaha. Club of which we were then part of.

♥ Goodnight! 
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  1. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Preeety Girl!

  2. "Lonely Hearts Club" HAHAHAHA!!! You guys are sooo funny! Your blog entries are so addictive to read!... Does that even make sense? LOL

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Hi Sophie, where did u get the blue flora top from? :)

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hi Sophie, may I know where did u get the blue flora top from?;)

  5. Anonymous12:47 AM

    where did you get the top you wore to yutaki's house?

  6. Anonymous10:22 PM

    can I know what lipstick were you wearing in this post? thanks!