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Friday, February 17, 2012
Hello from Tokyo!

This will just be a mini-post to say Konnichiwa! We didn't do anything at all after landing except to grab a dinner of yummy Japanese curry at Shinjuku!

Our flight landed at 1pm Tokyo time, then we had to sit on a (very expensive) train into Tokyo itself, which took 1.5hrs. Then... we got lost among the train system. For over another hour O.O

So we only got to our hotel at 5.15pm, at which I promptly conked out for a nap. 
And to think I was thinking of slotting in a visit to DisneySea on the first day... hahaha. 
Also... it's freaking freezing O.O (it was -2°C!)

Tokyo has lots of different train lines & some are rapid ones, some are subway lines, some are metro lines (yes, apparently there's a difference). So basically I think what happened is that we were circulating for a while on a more major metro line looking for our stop, when in fact we are on a subway line :S

And omg... Tokyo has bloody complicated, sophisticated & cheem toilets (NO JOKE I TOOK 5 MINS TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO CLOSE THE DOOR) but their train stations have NO escalators/lifts
Dragging a suitcase up & down steps is no fun :(


Japanese beer Alaric bought aboard the express train into Tokyo. 
He says it tastes just like Tiger Beer.

But not proper snow :( 
Seemed more like rain, but I guess at least it doesn't wet you as much.


(After we got to the hotel I changed & bundled up in as many layers as I could haha)

Didn't see much within the vicinity of the Shinjuku metro station except a 4-story Uniqlo... Had a look but they had nothing that isn't available in Singapore. And we were actually refused by quite a few Japanese restaurants because they were completely full O.O I mean, that like... never happens in Singapore right? Guess all the people in Tokyo like to eat out on Friday night!

Oh & we noticed that a lot of Japanese men eat alone! 
Most Singaporeans seem quite self-conscious about eating alone.

And... they EAT DAMN FAST OK. 
I was totally like "Omg the Japanese are gonna hate me because I eat damn slowly!" -> hence decreasing the turnover in their restaurants, which is very chop-chop eat & leave in 30mins. 

Anyway I'm super tired; we're probably going to visit Shibuya (shopping district) tomorrow!
I hope the weather gets warmer soon or DisneyLand + DisneySea is going to be rather painful.

And I totally wanna go to a cat cafe! But I just Googled it, it seems damn expensive... 10USD for 15minutes in the cafe, excluding food & drinks. And you can't pick up or wake up the cats O.O 
Wahlewz. Might as well call it a cat zoo if I can only look at them!
8 comments on "Hello!"
  1. Anonymous11:50 AM

    hey! in case you're looking for cheap & nice shopping, go to ueno. it's on the same line as shinjuku! they have amazing food there + shopping for fur boots/knit wear etc at only less than $16 SGD! :)

  2. Joanne2:05 PM

    Hello Sophie :)

    You're in Tokyo for exchange?? :D

  3. Anonymous: Sounds good! Haha I totally need boots, my wedges get tiring. Thank you!

    Joanne: Nope holiday! :) Back 24th Feb at night!

  4. go to the cat cafe called Nekobukuro on the top of Tokyu hands at Ikebukuro, it's much more cheaper :)

    It's around 600 yen for 1 or 2 hours, I don't really remember :)

    have fun in Japan!!!

  5. Amelia: Thank you! I Googled it & the Wiki says 1000 yen/hour, but that's still cheaper than other places! Hopefully we'll have time to go! ;D

  6. The cat cafe that Amelia recommended above is the one I went to as well, but it's not a cafe - just a place with loads of cats! But you get to feed them when the caretakers come out and they're all absolute dolls.

    Also, suggest taking the airport shuttle bus from Tokyo Central - it's cheap and easy.

    Shibuya is full of expensive Japanese-type clothes but they've got tons of good deals too.. also found that international brands are cheaper than local stuff, so go crazy and have fun! x

  7. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Hey where is your accommodation at? Thinking of visiting Tokyo soon!

  8. HEY i was at a cat cafe in tokyo! there's one in shinjuku, i don't think it's that expensive and they charge for per 30mins. i think! it's quite famous, they usually give out flyers around shinjuku.