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Monday, April 09, 2012
Hello! I'm quite excited today to introduce some bath & body products from France, and so coincidentally from the area my dad currently lives in! Hehe feels awesome to have a connection to my French side; products like these are a really common theme back in Provence!
Watch my vlog below for an introduction!

Poetree products from France

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Below are some photos I took during my trips back to visit my dad:
Monastery with a lovely field of lavender!


Visited a castle in the area; France has lots & lots of castles in the countryside!

This was taken in Avignon itself. 
La Provence is also the name of the regional newspaper.

And this is me at my dad's place way back in 2008!
You can see the huge lavender bush on the left, and the plantations in front (cherries).
In Provence it's practically impossible not to be within walking distance of a vineyard or other plantation if you live in the countryside!

Here are some of the French bath & body products stocked by Poetree!


Poetree is committed to genuine quality & craftsmanship, which is why Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence were picked as their partners due to their rich heritage & commitment to rigorous product standards.

Both of the brands' products are made with natural plant extracts with no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients involved at all! 


Une Olive en Provence is the first brand to focus on developing a cosmetic line centered around the olive, which has always been known to have many virtues: highly moisturizing, relaxing, and regenerative as well as having anti-oxidants.

The label "extra virgin" also means that only the quality freshly-harvest olives are used in creating the oil, & that no chemicals are added!


Le Château du Bois' items feature lavender, another popular feature of Provence.
Their heritage dates back to 1820! :O
It started out as family trade with lavender fields passed down from generation to generation until today!

You really have to get to smell pure lavender as a plant or as dried up flowers in sachets!

The smell of lavender is definitely very relaxing & soothing :)
In aromatherapy, essential oil of fine lavender is prized for its healing & antiseptic qualities too!

This is the first product I tried, which is a body & hair olive oil soap!
I've never really seen any products being sold as both body soap & shampoo, but I really loved the texture when I used it! It gives off a really nice smell too, awesome for those hot showers 


Super awesome on the skin! It leaves it feeling damn smooth & soft!

Next I tried the lavender body scrub from Le Château du Bois, which also contains olive extracts!

The seal across the cap & the "scrub" bits inside.


Love the smell!

I think I personally prefer lavender a bit more because I like natural scents but maybe if you like something lighter & less herbaceous then you should go for the mildly-scented olive products!


Tested it on my left arm, which ended up so much softer to the touch than my right!


Olive oil exfoliating scrub
Olive oil soap

The Une Olive en Provence soap bars! The smell of these are little more muted than the body soap, so if you prefer something smelling a little more discreet then you can try this :)


Body lotion with extra virgin olive oil

They have this body lotion in hand cream & foot cream versions as well!
Poetree also stocks their olive oil liquid hand soap; would have loved to try that!
I can haz nice smelling hands after every wash!

~ nice smell again! ~
I think body lotion can often be a really great substitute for perfume!

Ok let's take a look at the smaller creams by Le Château du Bois, which really features so many different speciality kinds! They have creams specific to your hands, feet and even legs!


Nourishing & protective hand cream with fine lavender
Ultra-rich & tonic foot cream with fine lavender

I personally am more interested in the foot cream precisely because the foot is usually super ignored compared to our face, arms legs... etc. The skin on my feet scars more easily than the rest of my body & also tends to be drier since it obviously faces the elements a lot more!


Refreshing & tonic gel with fine lavender for legs
Nourishing body lotion for a smooth effect with fine lavender

I think it's really cool they have a product specially just for your legs, because most people only slather on body lotion! Well the Refreshing & Tonic Gel is JUST for your legs! It eases fatigue & freshens legs! Definitely a worthwhile product to try.

1) Store in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect.
(you will feel a tingling sensation!)
2) Apply both in the mornings & evenings.
3) Gently massage your leg, starting at the ankle upwards.


Exfoliating shower cream with fine lavender for body
Shower cream with fine lavender for body

The first one is the exfoliating body scrub I mentioned earlier on!
If you prefer non-scrub body soaps then you should try the second one instead!

Gonna try the hand cream...



It's also good to apply hand cream on your elbows because the skin there is very rough!

And the foot cream...


This foot cream moisturizes & accelerates skin cell renewal!
If your skin is VERY dry, apply the cream then put on a pair of socks & go to sleep with it.

The good thing about their moisturizing creams is that they're very moisturizing, but don't leave you with that icky sticky oily feeling after application!
Your skin quickly absorbs it & will just feel smooth to the touch, not oily :)


I know my mom especially likes hand creams to keep the skin on her hands smooth, so maybe you want to get your mom a set for the upcoming Mother's Day? :)

Poetree is currently running a promotion with 2 specially tailored Mother's Day sets from Une Olive en Provence & Le Château du Bois respectively! Each set comes with a hand-sewn heart shape lavender scented sachet, which will keep your mom's room/closet smelling lovely!

These sachets can be kept for a long time & you can also simply drip essential oils (of your choice) on it if you feel the aroma has lessened. Furthermore these sachets are hand-sewn by Mother and Child Project, which is a social enterprise that helps disadvantaged mothers attain economic self-sufficiency.


Left: Mother's Nurturing Embrace Set, $75 (valued at $108)
Une Olive en Provence Hair & Body Shampoo (500ml) + Body Lotion (200ml) + green sachet

Right: Mother's Loving Touch Set, $80 (valued at $115)
Le Château du Bois Foot Cream (150ml) + Hand Cream )150ml) + purple sachet

The bottle sizes are those seen in my photos except for the hand & foot creams, which are DOUBLE the size of what I have! They're big bottles!

Promotion ends 13 May 2012!

There will be a total of 5 winners! :D

Comment on this post with the topic "What about your mom do you love most?" & I'll pick the best few to win! It's really that simple! Oh & do remember to leave your email address!

The first prize winner will receive BOTH sets! (both Nurturing Embrace + Loving Touch)

The 4 other winners will each get EITHER one of the sets! (either Nurturing Embrace or Loving Touch)

I'm sure your mom will love it, especially if you show her your winning comment! You can talk about anything; maybe how creative she is, or how much she loves nature/flowers (the sets will suit her)!

The closing date will be in one week's time! Good luck :D

♥ ♥ 

Delivery is charged at a flat rate of $10, with free delivery for orders above $75 if you are getting the sets! Normally it's free delivery for orders above $85. Damaged products can be replaced within 10 days & delivery will be done in 1 - 3 business days.

58 comments on "Poetree"
  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I love how my mum doesn't force high expectations on me. She tells me not to worry about future earning power and to study whatever I'm interested in! (I'm in FASS too haha hi) She also said 'Make a living in what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.' I'm pretty sure she ripped this quote off some famous person but she refuses to admit it LOL

  2. First to comment!:)
    I would absolutely love to give my mom quality cosmetics for Mother's Day. However, as a student, my budget is rarely sufficient.Although my mom always nags at me, I love that she cares for me in her own way. Like, washing the family's laundry, cooking dinner and helping me to pay for my own cosmetics when I run short of money.She's a habitual user of moisturizer as a result of dry hands and legs from all that housework.Mother's day is all in the spirit of appreciating our mothers. I would really want to pamper my mom with the Poetree products which look really classy and high quality as a means for thanking her for all these years.

    Thank you:)

  3. I love that my mum supports me in anything I want to do and she trusts my decisions. She's my biggest supporter in life <3

  4. Anonymous12:48 AM

    I love how my mother is always there for me. She is ever so selfless and would go the mile just to get something my family members casually talk about craving for. She puts others before herself so she rarely gets to pamper herself because she's ever so busy caring for us instead. These products would soothe her mood(she LOVES the smell of lavender!) and care for her rough skin from doing housework.

  5. Yi Fang1:20 AM

    What do I love most about my mom?

    For me, because my dad's job is unstable, and my sister and I is still schooling so my mom had to go to work. She work as a postman but it's physically tiring. Be it rain or shine, she never once took an off day. There was once I saw her during work and I felt sad. Sometimes there was so much letters & packages it could weigh up to fifty kilograms. Seeing her cycle like this hurt me. Seeing her wrinkled hands made me tear. I love this part of my mom. She's willing to hang on for the sake of our family. I don't wish to get the first prize. I just hope I can win the hand and foot cream for my mom as a reward.

  6. I love how my mum is so self-sacrificing for us. She works in the office till late hours and comes back to do housework even after the long day. She gives all she has to the family and always encourages us all in life. Her birthday's tmr but she would rather save on the treat we suggested to pay for my sister's tuition fees and is satisfied with just all of us with her. I know she likes moisturizers because she does so much housework and always wants to buy them, but rather save the money for us... so I would really hope to win this for her!

    I love her for being an awesome, caring and selfless mum! And I hope she'll get this as a great present together for the treat we are gonna give her! <3

  7. My mum is like any other self-sacrificing mothers who juggles a full-time job and household chores. She has four children whom she had devoted her time and effort to nurture and educate. From my eldest sister right down to my youngest sister, she demonstrated her unfailing love by driving us to various supplementary classes during both weekdays and weekends to provide us with the best education. I was thankful albeit tired from all the classes. My mum's effort paid off and all her children are either undergrads or grads now. She has never complained about spending heaps of money on tuition, never once mentioned about her fatigue from driving and has no grievances. I am an undergrad at NTU and I dont have much to give other than to do well, graduate and make my mum proud.
    Through my heartfelt message, I hope to win a set from your give-away. Firstly, to show appreciation for my mother's unfaltering love. Secondly, in hope that the products mentioned will work magic on the coarse hands and feet of a mother who has worked for three decades to provide the best for her children.

    Thank you for reading!

  8. I love my mom because of everything she does. To me, she is not only my mom but also my friend, my confidante and a fatherly figure. Ever since my dad passed away a few years back, my mom has taken on a double role to fill his place both emotionally and financially. She becomes the bread-winner in my family and she has been working extra hard to provide for my family and support my education. She works more than 12 hours a day and even works during weekends. Sometimes, I really wish I could just drop out of school to work and earn money so that she doesn't need to work so hard ='(.

    I know she would never allow me to do that so what I can do now is to study extra hard and graduate with a good degree to make her effort all worth it and to make her happy and proud.

    It's painful to see her getting older and weaker as age catches up. I hope to win this gift for Mother's Day so that I can give mom. I am grateful for everything she does and I really love her a lot!

    Thank you Sophie!

  9. Shao Qi11:29 AM

    I love how responsible and meticulous my mom is towards taking care of the family. That she had to go out to work to provide for the family when my dad is unable to work. Even how exhausted she is from working, she still returns home to cook delicious meals for the family. Lastly, I'm grateful to my mom for being there for me during the lowest points of my life:)

    Would love to get that gift set for my beloved mom! Thanks for reading!


  10. "Come Mammie, I take photos for you!"

    "Eh don't want don't want got wrinkles, make-up not nice & hair so messy lah!" *saying that she doesn't want to take photos but at the same time posing for the camera*

    "Oh okay -___-" *snaps photos*

    I love how my mum always makes me have this facial expression -____- & at the same time - LAUGH! She always makes my day with her stupid & lame jokes!

    If I were to win your give-away & give it to her, I bet she'll definitely ask me to take photos of her with the give-aways & post it on Facebook & my blog. My mum is such an attention seeker! Hehehehe.

  11. Tania4:42 PM

    What I love most about my mom is how she sacrifices everything for her children. My father is unable to work due to medical problems, and my mom has been providing for us for as long as I can remember. She came to Canada with no education and today, she works as a chartered accountant. She works overtime, cooks, cleans, and supports my family in so many ways. It amazes me how self-sacrifing she is and when I'm going through a tough time, I think of my mom and how hard she works and I manage to push through whatever obstacle I may be facing. My mother encourages me and tells me that as long as I do my best, that'd be enough for her. And, for my mother, my best has been enough; regardless of how it measures up in comparison to others.


  12. Vanessa6:35 PM

    Hi sophie : )

    I love how my mum can be so childish and young natured at times, even though she seems intimidating and serious/scary to so many people! Sometimes at the dinner table, she would make silliest comments as she teases my dad, where we would cry from non-stop laughter for minutes on end. In the mornings instead of yelling for me to get up, she'd casually walk into my room and start poking and tickling me to get up. To everyone around her, mum always boasts her age as being 28, but when she smiles and laughs, it lights up her face and she really does seem that age. Although she can be protective and irrational at times, we all know that she has good intentions and just wants the best for us.

    Thankyou for reading sophie! i love your blog so keep up the good work :D

  13. Anonymous6:53 PM

    "What about your mom do you love most?"

    I love how my mother is dedicated and single-handedly raised three children. She takes out time to prepare delicious breakfast bentos for us just so we could have a great start to the day.

    I don't tell her this anymore, but I love her a lot!

  14. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Hi Sophie! <3

    I know its pretty cheesy speaking of mums over here but i'd still say it just so i can win her something that she'll like :)

    I used to be an ugly duckling in school and often get bullied so badly but my mum have always protected me, be it helping to speak on my behalf to the school counsellers or to tell me very often of how beautiful i am. I'm really thankful to my mum because of her i gained my confidence, i frew to become much more stronger and as well as i no longer feel super inferior of myself.

    Other than this issue, i always know that my mum is with me no matter what happens, be it good or bad. I know i have let her down so many times but she's still here cheering on me and helping me whenever there are obstacles.

    Recently, she just gave birth to my baby sister, i don't see sleeping really well nowadays, she quit her job as well. Because of school, i can't help her much but i really hope i can give her the best in terms of products to help her.

    Mum usually does the cleaning of the houses as well so i hope i can present some items to her so that it can nourish her skin :)

    Email :

  15. If I can be only half the parent my mother have been in my life, my future children will be extremely lucky. I will always remind them of my dear mother.
    I am what I am today, only because my mother were there for me all these years. All her life she put my own and my siblings needs and wants ahead of her very own. And I'm forever grateful to God for choosing me as one of her daughters.

  16. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I always feel very lucky being my mum's daughter. She sacrifices without complaining for my brother and I. She would pick him up from SMU during his exam periods at 3am in the morning, she would drive all the way from Tampines to NTU just to pass me something which I left at home.
    Though I have never really expressed how I feel towards her, she's really someone I love and respect.

  17. Hi Sophie! What I love most about my mum is her optimism! She laughs and smiles all the time! Her optimism affects all of us, makes us happy and cheery in her presence:) Whenever I bake or cook, she'll always try the end-product and say its yummy, even if they are tasteless or burnt. I admire and love my mum for her optimism and support that she readily gives to all of us!

  18. I love that after my dad passed away when I was eleven, she remained strong and selfless, continuing to work in order to take care of the family despite my sister and I being very young at that time.And also saving up for our college education instead of buying nice things for herself and staying patient even when i lose my temper sometimes and snap at my family members! She also inspired me and my sister to pick up music as she used to play the flute and now the ukelele( inspired by Tan Cheng Bock which i persuaded her to vote for, she is very open to talking about politics and engaging in discussion though she is a fervent PAP supporter).I dont think Im very talented but its something I enjoy.

  19. I love how my mum always supports me in whatever i do, even if it's not the norm to. I can speak about anything to her and she'll always listen, never judging and being open minded to everything. She's a strong, independent individual, and not afraid to let us know that we shouldn't conform to what others want us to be. I love how she encourages us to chase our dreams. She's not the kind of role model to tell us that dating young is wrong, or that we should having proper table manners. She teaches us to stand up for ourselves and become the best person we can be; she's that kind of role model. She always puts me before herself; and I'll love to pamper her just as much as she pampers me :)

  20. I love how my mum always supports me in whatever i do, even if it's not the norm to. I can speak about anything to her and she'll always listen, never judging and being open minded to everything. She's a strong, independent individual, and not afraid to let us know that we shouldn't conform to what others want us to be. I love how she encourages us to chase our dreams. She's not the kind of role model to tell us that dating young is wrong, or that we should having proper table manners. She teaches us to stand up for ourselves and become the best person we can be; she's that kind of role model. She always puts me before herself; and I'll love to pamper her just as much as she pampers me :)

  21. What I love most about my mum would be her bravery.She worked hard to finally have a company of her own.But giving up the best years of her life was a needed sacrifice. My dad wasn't really there as he was in thailand struggling to take care of his side of the family.When she found out she was pregnant with me and told my dad,he told her maybe she should abort me.Because my dad got into some trouble and went to jail(3weeks). It was also the year the world went to a great depression. My mum's company wasn't profiting. and her family treated her an outcast for marrying a foreigner. Yet she didn't hesitate to tell my dad that she would not abort me and she can manage. She saved my life. I am forever grateful that she didn't give up on me. My mum loves flowers and her few favourites are tulips and lavender (: She told me before the smell of lavender relaxes her after a long day of work. and I have so far saved up my allowance every year to buy her lavender based products for her birthday. I always only write her cards or buy some roses for her on Mother's day and I was hoping this year would be a different one (: Even if I do not win this give away. I would still try to save for a present for her. Thank you sophie for the opportunity anyway. I hope your mum has a wonderful mother's day too (:

  22. Rachel11:18 PM

    What about my mom i love most about is she is always there for me. No matter what ever happens, she will always be there to encourage me to not give up always giving me moral support when i'm down or upset. She teach me values in life, i learn a lot from her. Any problem that i face she will teach me what to do. She also never demand much from me, not from my studies or anything. She don't have high expectation on me like scoring A(s) for my exams. I really love my mom alot, i don't know what i can do without her. <3

    I hope i can win this giveaway so i can share the products with her. :)

  23. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I believe all mothers out there love their children, unconditionally. They show love in many different forms - through reprimanding, through nagging, through caring, through gifting, through their permanent presence, just to name a few. The selfless outpour of love often goes unappreciated by their children, or at least we forget to outwardly express our love for our mothers as we grow older.

    Now, I no longer hold my mother's hands, give her a hug, or drop a kiss on her cheek like I used to when I was a kid. Hopefully, I can help my mother apply the hand cream and have the legit opportunity (or excuse) to hold her hands without feeling 'paiseh' for being so random and out of the blue. :)

    Ma mère aimera la crème pour les mains!

  24. I love my mum for the simplest reasons. And one of it is because she is my mum and that is what make her so outstanding. She is the person who had to bear 10 months of torture to give birth to me and even up till now, she had went through many sacrifices to take care of me ever since I was born. She had to quit her job to divert all her attention on me so that I will grow up to be a better person under her guidance and care. Even though my mum is not very highly educated and at times, she couldn't help me in my school work, she never fails to give Me mental support such as preparing herbal teas and buying tonics for me during my examination period. She is a woman who is willing to save up most of her money so that she can spend it on me and my brother. I really appreciate you mum, I love you.

  25. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I love my mom for not giving up on this family, even when everyone else has. I love my mom for showing me how true love is hopeful, patient, and joyful. I love my mom because even though she's small and some parts of her body are falling apart, her wisdom is more precious than gold and her spirit is stronger than bulls.

  26. hello.

    i love my mum for giving birth to me & my siblings. this sounds real corny but i took this module (gek1545: introduction to reproductive health) and watched 5 videos on child birth (very bloody, if u ask me) and concluded that my mum must be really brave to go through that anxiety & pain for 4 times, all before the age of 26!

    but okay, what i really do love the most about her is her sense of humour. she IS really the funniest mum, ever.

    my email:

  27. IT'S SO COOL TO HEAR YOU SPEAK IN FRENCH although I don't understand anything hahah <3 ^~^

  28. Amanda Makayla4:43 AM

    If I had to pick what I love most about my mom, it's that she never grew up. She is a teenager at heart, although still fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother.

    Because she never truly "grew up" in mindset, over the years we have found each other and reconciled, I feel like we've both grown up together, me getting closer to adult-hood and she too, having another baby and raising him on her own.

    I am being completely honest when I say she is one of my two best friends.

    I love that I have a mom so open about everything. I couldn't imagine being born to someone else.

    She and I think alike, talk alike, and we even laugh alike. Which is weird because I did not have any interaction with her during my childhood. And we even look almost identical. She gets mistaken as my older sister!

    She never fails to be there for me whenever she can, and is always giving me great advice. She accepts me for who I am, and is open with my choice of sexuality (is that too much information? Sorry!!!). She even introduced me to her friends for advice she couldn't give. She is a great woman, self-less and she is always looking out for me.

    She calls me daily to ask about my day and to tell me about hers. Once I hear her voice, my mood immediately picks up.

    My mother taught me what its like to truly live and to be open with who I really am.

    There is no one in the world who could love me any better.

    Sorry for the long post, I hope it wasn't too draggy!

  29. Jocelyn10:34 AM

    I love my mummy even more now ever since I become a mummy to a 2 mths old baby Charlotte. My mum was a strict displinarian and I appreciate it as it has groom me to be what I am today. She is always giving me unconditional love and care and what can I ask for more? She has never fails to give me advises. To me, she is not only a mummy to me but a great adviser and provider.

    This year 2012 mother's day is a different one from past years...As this year my mummy and I will be celebrating Mother's Day with baby Charlotte, she being a grandmother and myself as a mummy. It wasn't easy to care for baby Charlotte and my mummy is so worried that everyday she will drop me smses checking out how is baby Charlotte doing, whether is baby Charlotte drinking enough milk and giving me pointers to note.

    I hope to win the Poetrees gift set and make it an unforgettable 2012 Mother's Day to us as I want baby Charlotte to present her 1st gift to grandma Margaret.


  30. Jacqueline1:40 PM

    What i love most about my mum, is her undying love she gives to the family.

    I dont come from a very well-to-do family, so sometimes I do feel guilty when I spend my money on shopping and lavish food, while my mum scrimps and saves just so she can provide the best she can for the family.

    Just recently, she bought a $1.95 bottle of unknown brand moisturizer for herself to use on her chapped hands and dry skin from all the work (she works in the f&b line) and household chores she has been doing all these years, and how she always puts the family first ahead of taking good care of herself. I dont know why but I felt really very sad. Even though she had no complaints about using the cheap unknown brand moisturiser, I believe my mum deserves so much more and definitely should be pampered more often for her hardwork all these years, putting me and my sisters through university.

    Even though I take really good care of my mum by being filial, understanding, and even buying her bottles of essence of chicken with cordyceps monthly, I just never noticed how rough her skin has been all along.

  31. Joanne2:41 PM

    Hi Sophie!

    I love my mom because she is self-sacrificing without expecting anything in return. She leaves the best things to my brothers and I, like passing us all the meat during dinner and claiming that she had a lot of it already when we offered her the share as well. Deep inside, I know she just want to give us the best. She is works in a restaurant for long hours and her job requires her to stand the whole day and this is really tiring. When she is home late at night, she does the housework without complaining. When I go back home in the weekends (because I stay in hostel), I would help her with the housework too. Over the years, it saddens me to see that my mom have aged, this is evident in the appearance of her skin and her hands are really dry and rough. These are evidences of her sacrifice for me and my brothers and I really want her to lead a good life.

    From a mom who takes care of herself a lot when I was young to a mum who always say “Aiya don’t take photos of me I don’t like, old already lah, ugly don’t take” now, I really do see the change. I am working hard in school now with the aim of giving her a good life next time! She is not good at expressing affection through words but I see it clearly from her actions. Currently, I am worrying for her because she has to undergo quite a big eye operation in May because of a previous operation which failed. It really pains me to see her go through this, she never seems to enjoy life and this just had to happen.

    For now, I hope that I can win Poetree’s products to make her think for herself more, care for herself more and be comfortable with the way she looks. I would love give to surprise my mom on this special day. I find my mom pretty and I’m sure Poetree’s products are able to make her feel good outside, while I will do the job of making her feel good inside! :D My mom is loving and selfless, she is the best thing that I could ask for. Happy Mothers’ Day in advance to all mommies! ♥

    Thank you Sophie! :)
    Thanks for making me ponder about this topic, it was great thinking about it!

  32. My family is conservative and not very open to affectionate gestures, but I hope this is the opportunity to shout out to the world that "MUMMY I LOVE U VERY MUCH!!!"

    Even though I'm already in my mid-20s, I will forever be her little girl. She will always email me to ask if I have enough to eat and spend (I'm overseas while she is in Singapore)Now that I'm currently unemployed, she immediately offered me her last year's savings+bonus to start a business or to cover my expenses.

    My mum is also the first person I run to whenever I experience any problems in my love life, career etc as she is the most patient and mature woman I know. She has taught me good moral values such as honesty and mainly, to treat people the way you want to be treated.

    When I was in Secondary School, I was very rebellious but my mum never gave up on me.. She learnt different ways to communicate with me and I really appreciate her efforts to understand me better!

    My heart aches every time I hear Dad telling me that Mum has fallen sick.. She will never me she's ill because she doesn't want me to worry.. Now that she's getting old, I am very determined to make sure I earn enough money to support my parents and to let her have an early retirement. It makes me upset to hear whenever she has a bad day at work (awful kids, mean colleagues, crazy principal) :( Since 2006 (when I relocated to Australia for further studies and work)I always make it a point to deliver flowers to her workplace during her birthday (hooray for online floral shops and free delivery!)

    I wish I could fly home on Mother's Day to give her a big hug and kiss, to tell her I love her very much... but a gift set would be a very nice surprise too! :)

    If there is an afterlife, I want to be my mum's mother instead so that I can take care of her the same way that she took care of me this lifetime^^

    I love you Mummy!


    ps:I know this will sound cheesie (lol at the unfunny pun), but appreciate your loved ones when they are still around because nobody will live forever <3 but memories of them will stay in my heart and never die...

  33. Anonymous6:54 PM

    What I love most about my mother:

    Her patience.

    She's a normal OL and when she reaches home around 7 from all the tiring work, she still buys the family food and sometimes even cooks for us. She does laundry everyday and there is a limit to how much she can do but sometimes when she forgets to wash my socks or some clothes I need for school, I will get annoyed or pissed but she doesn't get angry and would just wash it at night. Despite my attitude towards her, she still loves and dotes on me. When I face troubles with my studies or friendship, I would confide in her because I know she is someone who can give me good advice and comfort me. Even if she has many things on hand to do, she would sit down and listen to me for hours of pouring out my troubles. I'm not the best daughter or child but she would always be patient with me and still love me. Even though its hard to get it out of my mouth now, I love her as much as she loves me ;)

  34. I love my mum because she is selfless. She works and have to do household chores at the same time. Recently she fell sick because she couldn't cope. Instead of resting and taking care of herself, she continued with her usual chores and even wants to help me finish mine. Of course I didn't allow her to do so and told her to rest, however she still stood by the side and watch me until I've finished my chores before going to rest.

    Also, I keep disappointing her because I don't achieve the desirable school results, but she never gave up on me and instead, makes the extra effort to encourage me and makes sure I can catch up and cope with my studies.

    Lastly, she is always giving me money, making sure that I have enough money for the week, even when I told her I have sufficient. I know that she is not earning much, therefore didn't want to take her money, but she always hides in my wallet, and I wouldn't realise it until I'm outside.

    I love my mum for the little things she does to show she loves me. She is always sacrificing her own well-being just to make sure we are doing well and comfortable.

    I hope to be able to win this set for my mum. I want her to pamper and take care of herself for once and moisturize her callused hands too!

  35. Many times we argued over seeming frivolities
    Of late nights, curfews broken, skirts showing too much thigh and those countless pairs of shoes
    Mean words were traded in a period darkened by anger and pain; yet
    Memorable though, were the meaningful times spent burying the hatchet
    You, though hurt by my spite, still loved and forgave me like I was your angelic daughter

    I 'm ashamed, mom. I'm sorry, too.

    Looking at you age with time
    Often I wonder if you've had a fulfilling life
    Veering from chore to chore in the wee hours of the morning you wake
    Every little thing that you've done for our family, know that I do appreciate

    Yet another day passes by, & mom's here again with my daily dosage of veggies, meat, and some well-placed advice
    Our needs before her own she puts; this superwoman's truly a rare gem
    Usually I'll be hard pressed to voice this, but hey mommy, I love you. (:

    I'm not exactly very vocal in terms of affection but I do try to make up for that by giving my mom
    handmade gifts to show my appreciation for her hard work, care and love that she has showered upon the family. Mom's birthday and Mother's Day are but less than a month apart, and I'd love to shower her with as many gifts as possible! Due to the household chores that she's been doing daily, the skin on her fingers and hands are extremely coarse and its even cracking and hurting her so much in recent months. It pains me to see her in such distress and even though she's already applied some medication on it, I'm hoping that some nourishing hand cream would soothen the cracks in her skin & hence lessen her agony. (If it works I'm definitely gonna buy it for her on a regular basis!) The woman who's always behind us in everything that we do, waking up freaking early (4.30am) to finish chores, prepare b'fast, get busy with the household throughout the day, not spending enough money on herself yet willing to fork it out without hesitation for her kids - its tough being a mom, especially a stay-at-home mom, and I want to pamper her with as many goodies as possible cuz she does not spend on special skincare products for herself at all. Mom's not very vocal in terms of affection too but I know she'll be so so pleased with another surprise gift from me. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get to make my mom delighted again this April! :>

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  36. What I love about my mum? Well.. I love everything about her. I know it sounds ridiculous like "oh come on" don't lie, I'm sure there's something you don't like about her. And that's true, she has flaws infact, one of her flaws is short-tempered and sometimes I do get mad at her because of her hot tempered however, it is because of her hot tempered character that makes her my mum. Shes understanding and we both could easily passed off as sisters, I trust her so much and share most of life moments with her. That's why I love everything about her, no matter how many flaws she has, I still love her.
    And now, the day when I can show her how much I love her is arriving, I really want to get something that she likes and put a smile on her face. I would buy it because I find it more
    Sincere than doing this but because I'm only a student, I do not have much money to afford it. So I have no choice but to do this and try my luck. Its okay if I didnt win though:) but thank you for giving me a chance to try :):). My hotmail is :


  37. i love that my mom never ever gives up on me, even when perhaps the rest of the world might sometimes. and i love how she never tires of seeing that my daily needs are met, even now when i'm all grown up and absolutely capable of taking care of myself. she is always supportive of nearly everything i want to pursue, and even brews soup for me and other nourishing items during my exam periods. i love my mom for sacrificing so much for me, so much that i can never ever repay her love. <3 if there was a way in which i could let my mom show her just how much i love her, i would, but my mom and i are not really the affectionate kind.

    i hope to win this set for her, just as a little token for mothers' day, to let her know that she is constantly in my thoughts and in my heart, and every night i pray for her health and safety. <3 I LOVE MY MOM! hope i get to win this for her :)

  38. My mom is a beautiful woman. I love her for giving me her eyes. She is also an opera singer and has the most wonderful voice in the world. I love how when she gets drunk she never gets violent or anything, but just sings opera all night. She has a great passion for all things lovely, including nature, expensive China, paintings, and pretty clothes. I love her for passing down her artistic qualities to me, and always making an effort to make our house look nice and welcomming. But most importantly, I love how no matter how bad our fights get and how far I've drifted away from her, she is always there for me, and welcome me back with open arms. No matter what happens, we can always find our way back to each other.

  39. Anonymous2:52 PM

    My mum doesn't have the qualities that many have mentioned above. Sometimes I wish she would be the mum that I have a mental picutre of. A mum who can cook, who has good organisational skills, who can provide sound advice, who remembers her children's likes and dislikes, who does the housework regularly. But instead she's the opposite, she only does stuff that she likes to do or doesn't mind doing (like sweeping the floor).

    Despite all these, I still love her for who she is. No matter what I've done or how much heartache I've caused, she was still my mum. She would scold or nag at me but she chose to be my mum instead of walking out on me. Even if she wasn't the mum I envisioned her to be, she never gave up on me so why should I? Maybe I wasn't the daughter who lived up to her expectations. So, what I love about my mum is that she chose to be my mum no matter what happened.

  40. Anonymous5:53 AM

    To me, my mum is perfect. Why? Because she loves to shower me with things instead of herself. She is hardworking, reason because she works 2 jobs to earn extra income,I admire her for that.

    I call my mum my 'best friend' because she is always here for me, whether I am sad, happy, angry, etc. My mum has given me the most amazing advice this year, with what I've been going through. It has honestly helped me and I thank her for that. Without those advice I don't know what I would be feeling right now. Sometimes my mum scolds me because she wants what's best for me.

    My mum is the most caring, loving, funny, and hardworking woman. She cares for my dad and I, just like she cares for her garden. Haha. She loves to nurture her flowers and thinks of them as her babies . Also, when she's not working she wants to spend time with my dad and I rather then getting some rest. I really love her for that as I hardly get to see her.

    My mum and I are alike because we both love spending time with each other, traveling, eating all types of food, flowers (she loves taking care of them, and I love taking pictures of them), korean dramas, caring for people.

    I just want to thank my mum for raising me properly, for getting the opportunity to travel back to Malaysia each year, cooking the most amazing (Malaysian) dishes, for putting me into the right school, for giving me helpful advice, being hardworking, basically everything. I definitely owe her so much.

    I honestly love her so so so much. I wouldn't change for any other mother. She is what I call a perfect mummy.

  41. Anonymous7:28 PM

    What about your mom do you love most?

    I love the fact that she always takes the time to cook for our family even though she is busy with her work, because there is nothing like home cooking! Her hands and feet are pretty rough from all the housework and all, so the lotions will definitely help moisturize her dry skin :)

  42. Anonymous8:27 PM

    I love how my mother gets naked and walk in the house without feeling ashamed, she's so cool. I sometimes get second hand embarassment, but hey she's my mum!

  43. Anonymous8:38 PM

    What about your mom do you love most?

    What I really love about my mom is that she is good at everything - cooking, baking, painting, you name it, she can do it!

    But what really impresses me is her sewing skills. She knows that I'm in my teenage years and I would be doing lots of shopping. She often helps me to alter my clothes, especially my blogshop loots. As you know, online shopping is really tricky and sometimes, the shirts and pants are too big for us. But I never worry because I know she can fix them to perfection! I own some pieces of clothing and tote bags that she made from scratch, and I wear them out proudly because its the one and only piece in the universe!

    I'm truly proud to be her daughter and I always enjoy spending time with her, and getting tips and tricks about sewing from her. She really inspires me a lot, and I think it is time she gets to pamper herself and these Poetree sets would definitely bring a smile to her face. Happy Mother's Day!

  44. KAISHI12:24 AM

    What I love about my mum is her knowledge! Mother knows best is true! Sometimes I do wonder where does she get all her knowledge from?! She is also a good judge of character ,always telling me how to be a better person. I love everything about her. Plus she is an AWESOME cook! Can't survive without home-cooked food for too long!

    Hope I win this cos I really wanna pamper her for mother's day to thanks her for being my mum. :)

    Kaishi ( )

  45. Carolyn2:01 AM

    I love my mum for being " The Nag of my life :D " I know it sounds hilarious, who likes being nagged at right? It never feels good to be nagged at but hey, this is the part of my mum that I do appreciate and I miss it sometimes when she doesnt esp when I know im doing something wrong ( guilty face :*)

    She's always the one trying to buy nice smelling shampoo/bodygels for me and the family, this time I will want my mum to receive it from me instead. She's mostly so busy and has no time to pamper herself, walking from place to place, having sore feet at certain times. Olive is a beneficial ingredient(as what my mum believes too) and lavender will provide good indulgence.The Poetree products will definitely suit my mum :D

    P.s. Sophie!Thx for the mother's day reminder, so bothered about the coming up final exams that I forgot about it! Cheers :)

    1. Carolyn1:06 AM

      Hi Sophie hope school has been treating you well lol. Checking back this page which I bookmarked on my phone. My email address missing an 'l' it's supposed to be haha. Hope to win the olive set for my mum :D

  46. Anonymous1:45 AM

    I can't and don't even wish to think of life without my mother!! She's an amazing woman whom positivity to everyone, and i'm grateful for her unconditional love she has given me through these sixteen years, since the moment I came out of her vajayjay. (Ew!!) My father, on the other hand, is kinda the opposite - mostly angry, and hard to communicate with. Honestly, I don't think my mom was happy though their 12 years of marriage but she stayed for a long time, probably because she had her children's interests at heart. (They're divorced now, and I'm living with my father 'cause he's the main caretaker of the family.) Now, I only see my mom once every week, but I text her every night to wish her a good night, and to tell her that I love her. When I meet her out for dinner every week, I'd hold her hands in public and would not feel embarrassed at all 'cause I wanna embrace every minute that I can spend with her. I always notice her hands, and feel relieved when I am able to convince myself that they aren't that old and wrinkly.
    This gift would be perfect!! I know she appreciates toiletries with natural ingredients 'cause she always nags at me to change my NTUC-bought ones and use the organic ones that she orders online for me. (She says my Clear shampoo causes cancer lol)

  47. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I love how I can act all silly in front of my mom. How I can just whine to her all day long and act like a little baby after a whole day of project work in school.

    Although there are days where I throw tantrum to her, its always nice to see how my mom just tolerate it and forgive me. Thanks mom! really gotta learn to control that bad little temper of mine when i just woke up :p

    I would just hope to use this little chance to say how much i appreciate my mom because my family doesnt belong to the loveydovey kind. I guess if i told her I love her and appreciate all the things that she have done for me, she would probably thought that there's something wrong with me and start worrying haha!

    Mom; Appreciates all the small things she have done for us. From cutting fruits for me everyday, cooking yummy dinners without fail every night, being there for me, talking rubbish to me, watching k dramas tgt even and listening to my whines all day long!!

    i wish you and dad good health and be happy always! :D

    So to answer your question about what about my mom i love most? I guess it would be e fact that I can act all silly and childish all day to her. Being pampered and loved :)) Thanks mom for being just like a BFF!

  48. I love her determination to keep the family together.

  49. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I love my mummy most for her unconditional love for me. She will always be there to show her love and support for me no matter what happen. I love my mummy dearly .. Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers!!!

  50. Cherie1:44 AM

    HI SOPHIE!! :)

    What I love about my mum:

    - Being the awesome(st) single mum that I know ever. My dad passed away a few years ago fm cancer and she has remained the strongest person in the world both before and after his death.

    - She looks like me!!! Everyone thinks we're carbon copies which was annoying at first but now I think it's slightly cool.

    - That she uses food to placate me everytime we have a huge argument. She spams me with food every single time after we quarrel!

    - She smells like flowers~~~~~~~~ haha seriously not kidding!! (though technically it's her perfume that smells like flowers........) But she has always smelt the same (equally nice) to me from young till now for some strange reason.

    - I love that she loves and sincerely wants the best for me despite our arguments, inability to see eye-to-eye on certain issues, my rebellious stage while growing up, my immaturity at times etc. Today I'm considerably well-adjusted and doing fine in a single-parent family thanks to her.

    Quoted fm Barney since I just watched HIMYM - It's okay that my dad isn't around anymore because "I already have a father... His name is (insert my mum's name)." :')

  51. April Hoon11:44 AM

    Truth is, my mom and I we fight. Alot. Mainly because we're so different yet so similar.

    I'm extremely girlie, I shop a lot (which girl at my age doesn't right? Unless.. you're like my mom.) Whereas my mom is a tom cat. She's a jeans and tshirt and GO kinda girl. She's extremely hassle-free while I need 1 hour to get ready.

    This is not just it - We've got different ideas and perspective on life, goals and responsibilities. Sometimes we get into these ridiculous fights where both of us will break down in tears on the couch with the TV on just loud enough to drown our sobs.

    As much as I love her, she CAN be a pain in the ass just being her.

    Let's face it, a little part of us wish we can have someone else's mom on a bad day. Even more when your mom is on your ass for almost everything (what you wear, eat, do, AND MORE).

    But as I type this, I'm also reminded of how similar we are. We're both big softies inside. We love watching soapy tv dramas and would both bawl our eyes out till 3am in the morning on a weekend. We both love to eat! My mom can't cook but we share the same taste for food and she knows just exactly how I like my food done.

    More often than not, I find myself not thanking her enough for the little things she would do for me and the family. For example, when our family can't afford having a maid anymore, my mom took on the responsibilities of cleaning, washing, laundry, mails, and etc.. She could have expected me to do it but she did it unconditionally. (of cos, she wouldn't let it go without a few nags..) She's got so many things in my life taken care of that I find myself so spoilt rotten. (I had a little trouble with the washing machine once cos I didn't know which button to push)

    So yes, on bad days I wish there was a mute button attached on my mom just so I could shut her off when she gets too loud but the fact is, I wouldn't know what to do without her and I love her so much.

    10 years ago, I wish I could grow up faster so I can see the world. But now.. I wish I didn't have to grow up so soon so I can still my mom's baby girl. :)


  52. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Hi Sophie:)

    There're many reasons why I love my mom, partly cos she has handed down her 'forever-young' genetics to me (Which, to me, is scary cos she's 50+ and everyone says she looks like she's 40ish and I swear she's a vampire) and this would result in everyone asking 'Eh is that your sister?' and me going 'No do I look that old........... -awkward silence-'

    But apart from aesthetics, to me, my mom is one of the strongest people I know. It's been a rocky road for her since she divorced my dad, and it pains her to know that she's been divorced twice and she's given up completely on love. Every time I ask why she doesn't want to find someone else she goes 'All men are the same, so what's the point?' I can't understand her pain but for her to have come so far just to support her only child, I respect her cos she brings the bread home like a father and cooks like a mother. Sure, we're worlds apart. She loves chinese food, I love western. She loves staying home, I love travelling. Whatever she loves I dislike. We quarrel about almost anything anyone can think of 24/7. But hey, opposites attract right?

    She's not getting any younger and it worries me to death if something were to happen to her. I'm far from the perfect daughter. I don't get straight A's, I don't come from an elite school, I'll never be able to get into a local uni cos of my grades back in secondary school. But I hope I can be the daughter she's always wanted; the one that loves her the most.

    Thanks! <3

  53. I love that my mom loves and supports me no matter what. She will listen to me objectively and I can tell her almost anything.

  54. Theresa11:07 PM

    <3 What I love most about my mom is her sacrifices for me. By sending me overseas to study, she has to cut off her budgets at home. She doesn't buy new clothes, eat expensively at restaurants, change cars, etc. She spends all her hard-earned money on me in order for me to pursue my study. :( Since my brother and sister are already working adults, I am still studying so I can't do anything to help her at all. I am also a hot-tempered person that I can't control myself whenever I'm unhappy. I always regret afterwards everytime i yell and scream at her unintentionally. Such a bad daughter I am when she sacrifices so much for me :( Anyway, such a nice and super understanding mom you are having Sophie! :)

  55. Hi Sophie! :>

    Thanks for picking me as a winner! I'm sure my mom will be very pleased to receive the products from Poetree!

    Thanks again & happy summer holidays! (:

  56. Hi Sophie! :>

    Thanks for picking me as a winner! I'm sure my mom will be very pleased to receive the products from Poetree!

    Thanks again & happy summer holidays! (:

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