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Tuesday, May 01, 2012
I may or may not have mentioned in sufficient detail that... I can't really swim. Sure I can muck around in the water & not drown, but I can't... swim, swim. Like if I fell overboard I'd probably drown in 10 minutes. Please give me the plank if we find ourselves in the situation à la Titanic. And I think we can share, because I'm skinnier than Rose & she was a selfish cow.

I never took actual swimming lessons; was pretty much taught by my mom. So my technique is all wrong. And I have shitty (no) stamina. I can't even remember the last time I swam (not muck around) properly, like down the length of the pool, because it's really quite boring.

So when I do get into the water, I muck around:


Front rolls, handstands, back rolls (that's a back roll)... That's about it I guess.
My nautical adventures will have to wait.

P.S. I have more underwater snaps! Will upload another time.
8 comments on "Swimming"
  1. I moved to JB recently, into a place with a pool. I had wanted to swim previously to get some exercise but never could get around to doing it.

    When I started here I could barely go 2 laps and then had to rest to go a couple more... After a few months I can now pretty much go 20-30 laps without much trouble (and much much faster than I was crawling around at the beginning).

    So I would just encourage anyone that wants to try it out to not give up right away. It may take a couple weeks before you can get to a point that isn't embarrassing :-) I know that was the case for me.

    It is good to get exercise - especially for all of us sitting at computers all day long.

    By the way you should try Chez Papa in JB - it has great French food.

  2. Anonymous1:36 AM

    i can't really swim either! i started to take lessons but the instructor kept on screaming at me and i just cried O.o.

  3. Anonymous5:42 AM

    you are trying to say that you can't tread water. go learn lah, "ladies only" group adult classes are available at all swim schools and they cost about $20 per weekly session, each session is about 45-60mins. They will also conduct the lessons at your nearest public pool.

    btw you need to know how to tread water for a specified period of time(e.g more than 20mins) to join Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant, cadet pilots also.

  4. Anonymous5:54 AM

    you have the right mindset when it comes to open water survival. Grab onto something that floats and stay out of the water.

    besides drowning, hyperthermia is also another cause of death when people get stranded in the open sea. It will take hours, if not days, for rescuers to find you if your cruiseship sinks after hitting an iceberg. I am not sure if sharks would swim up and bite, as you would probably sustain cuts and open wounds during ship abandonment.

    in any case, learn how to tread water and wear a life-vest when out at sea.

  5. Oh wow! Did you used your G3 to snap this picture UNDERWATER?!!!!

    Pls quickly show more pics!


  6. I love doing summersault, front roll and back roll everytime I swim in the pool. Sophie, the underwater snaps look so pretty! the bubbles and the way your leg folded look so ballet-ish!

  7. John: Yeah I just procrastinate because it's embarrassing to go for lessons now plus I don't stay in a condo so I don't have easy access to a pool!

    Arrow: O.O That sounds like an asshole instructor O.O

    Anonymous: Yes I know the swimming requirements. And no I was not referring to treading water because I meant that I can still swim laps/swim around, just not for long! Swimming around is easier to me than treading water! Anyway for diving I know the requirement for treading is 10mins :(

    Anonymousmich: Nope I used a normal camera (35mm film kind) that came in a special waterproof casing! These pics are really old. I'd love to get a casing for my camera! It's hard to find underwater casings for normal digicam, semipro or DSLR models unless you buys cams specific for that (e.g. Olympus).

    Sophia: Hahaha yeah I like this picture! :D

  8. Haha, I can't swim at ALL. It's horrible. I'll move around in the water just make sure not to travel too much towards the deep end, lol. I'm deathly afraid that I'll drown. XD

    I love the picture! It looks really cool! XD