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Thursday, June 21, 2012
Most of you should be familiar with actress Jade Seah, who first appeared on TV for Miss Singapore Universe 2006! However, most of you probably don't know she has an online store - by Jade Seah was created out of a desire to design flattering, quality garments that make women both feel & look beautiful wearing them. is especially close to Jade's heart, named after her grandparents - Mary & Julian - whose love survived a tumultuous journey before marriage.

Her grandfather passed away 3 years ago. Their love is what inspired Jade to create the label, influenced by her grandmother's meticulous eye for detail & looking polished. Jade personally tries on each & every single sample piece before considering it for sale & often alters every slightest detail for a better finish.

I'm glad I can showcase a few pieces here!
For full item specifics & other designs, visit :)

The pretty pastel purple-green maryjulian tags!

#1 Multi-knit Pullover in Light Candy
This colourful piece is easy to match & very comfortable! 
It's knitted but is not too thick & is still suitable for Singapore's weather :) Comes in Dark Candy too!

#2 Bonnie Bow Back in Blue
I love the bow-back design of this cute piece! It is also light & airy, made of quality chiffon.
Comes in Black too if you prefer a more formal look!

P.S. The top was not pulled down properly here (T_T) I didn't notice!

#3 Pastel Floral Slit Shorts in Pink
Floral shorts! Love or what? Comes in Green too!
It comes with a side-zip for easy wear & fit me snugly!
Shorts with a good cut are always difficult to find so I was pleasantly surprised by this pair!

#4 Misner Flapback Dress in Cyan
I love this dress!!! <3 
Two features I love: high-low skirt & waist cut-outs
And this colour is really refreshing too, but they also have it in Yellow, Blue & Black!
Definitely my favourite from this collection because it's so pretty!

#5 Tania Summer Dress in Sunshine
Super cute & comfortable dress for a casual day out!
This dress will great for the summer & we're just in time for that!
Comes in Moss (blue-green) as well :)

“My dream is for every woman to wear a maryjulian & feel the same way they do when in love; not only look gorgeous, but to truly feel & believe that she is. I hope ladies will fall in love with the way a maryjulian piece makes them feel & of course, to fall in love with maryjulian originals in general!”
- Jade Seah - pieces are of a great quality & come in a wide range of designs that suit different tastes!
I think they're especially suitable for summer trends now, which are a lot about strong colours!

And in the 5 pieces I featured above there's already a range of casual to formal, depending on what colours you pick & how you match them :) So it's up to you!

I can't get her grandparents' romantic story out of my head after learning the meaning behind! Wishing eternal love & happiness to each & every one of you, fall in love with a piece :)
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  1. The dress is really pretty<3

  2. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Hey Sophie!!
    What's the name of the floral shorts featured in this post?(:

  3. Nice outfit! i love the colors!

    xx lovefashion -

  4. Sharlyn9:22 AM

    Is Misner Flapback Dress launched?
    I can't find it on maryjulian's website and there is no contacts available on the website.

    Thanks! :D

  5. Sharlyn9:23 AM

    Is Misner Flapback Dress launched?
    I can't find it on maryjulian's website and there is no contacts available on the website.

    Thanks! :D

  6. love the pieces. You make anything look nice!!

  7. I love the cut out dress!! I think it's so great that Jade named it after her parents and really puts work into her products. Not many celebrity's fashion lines do that. So cute, I must get something for there. :)

  8. Anonymous11:19 AM

    You look so good(:
    May i know where you bought your heels from?(: i love them!!

  9. Anonymous: The white heels are from & the brown boot thingys are JC Litas!