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Tokyo (4) - Disneyland

Saturday, June 16, 2012
I'm back with more Tokyo updates! Gosh I'm slow with them...

So anyway Alaric & I headed to... DISNEYLAND! :D

I love theme parks! 
Ok I'm not the kind that just likes cutesy stuff, I love theme parks because I love the rides! 
Especially the thrilling ones :D Parks always need a good balance of decor/atmosphere & rides.
Some parks are like.. 99% decor & 1% rides (which are too kiddy). Meh.

So yes anyway I think for Tokyo I was most looking forward to Disneyland/Disneysea. 
The other thing would have been Harajuku! Tokyo Disney is split into Disneyland & Disneysea, both of which are really large & should be covered on two separate days!

Thank goodness for good weather :)
It was still a bit chilly (February) which was a pain because the queues were insanely... long...
I didn't take off my coat at all but at least it was really sunny!

~ Wrapped up in my coat like a big marshmallow ~
P.S. I hate marshmallows. Weird, tasteless things.


There were people who queued for 1-2 hours just to take a photo with a mascot like Mickey O.O

All the headgear!

I hesitated about buying one because I already have Minnie Mouse ears but it's just one of those things you HAVE to wear while you're there! Just like how every girl in DisneySea carries a Duffy bear!

Yeah it's called very successful marketing that spurns commercialism.

WTS I have like an assortment of at least 6 ears/head-thingys
Bunny ears, reindeer ears, Minnie ears, bear ears...
I think here we were queueing inside some ride that's why it's so dark!

Came out just in time to catch the parade!

Normally I don't really care very much about this kind of stuff (like I said, I like rides) but I was quite impressed by this one! Everything was so colourful & happy & cute!
I loved seeing each famous Disney story pass me by!

Beauty & the Beast!
(there are peacocks in the movie meh?)


Bouncing Tigger!

Wood fairies!

Omg I love her bicycle!!!

So pretty!!!
I want to be a daisy pixie too! T_T

Lion King!

Lilo & Stitch!

Peter Pan!

Omg I totally don't mind working in the parade, it looks so fun!
I wanna be a Disney princess too... T_T

Made Alaric wear my Minnie ears hehe.

Marching band!

Toontown I think!

Minnie Mouse's house!

And one of... Goofy's nephews I think?
I forgot the stories... I don't recall the 2 nephews being popular during my time of Disney.

Inside Minnie Mouse's house:

Lolol notes written in Japanese.

Oh yeah Disneyland is INSANELY CROWDED WTF.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't a school holiday but I also saw loads of teens in uniform?!
And it was very early morning so it couldn't have been half-day school or anything.
So I suspect these girls skipped school & rushed to toilets to plonk their faces in tubs of makeup (no joke)... their skirts were also SO SHORT. Saw so much eyeing of the other sex by various groups of teens in uniform... Guess Disneyland can also be a ground for flirting!

Daisy Duck's boat-house!
Since when does she live in a boat anyway?
A sea-faring duck? I don't remember that...

Wahahaha a duck that drives a boat...
Disney logic #win.

This was me being annoying because I couldn't accept the fact that I had to pay almost S$10 for a pen..
I didn't get it in the end :( I just... couldn't.. do it.. *drama*

Cute vending machines!

Went for the haunted house ride!

Which... was not very scary.
It was actually exactly the same as Hong Kong's in terms of design O.O
But Tokyo's was slightly more elaborate (Y)
I didn't really realise they replicated the rides so closely till I saw so many familiar ones.

WTS I just realised I've been to Disneyland Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong & Paris.
That's... quite a lot no?

Lol yeah ok climbed up & down an artificial tree house haha.

Disneyland closed quite early, like around dinnertime?
Didn't even have time to get dinner in the park itself :(
I wanna go back...
(except minus 3/4 of the park's attendees)

Since we still had time left after leaving Disneyland, we headed back to Akihabara for Alaric to go see the Gloomy Bears again... And this is the result:

Yeah IKR... You cannot imagine how much trouble we had lugging all this back to Singapore -_-

Hehe looking through these Disney pictures makes me feel happy!
I wanna go visit Singapore's Universal Studios again!
I didn't get to sit on the water ride previously >:(

Have a good weekend!
9 comments on "Tokyo (4) - Disneyland"
  1. i must visit DIsneyland in Japan when i get the chance to~! So cute in everything there~! and the gloomy bears.. so cute too~!

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    sophie, whats the temp when u are in tokyo? in your pictures, the people are wearing uggs and thick clothings. but you are only wear leggings?!

  3. you guys look so cute with your minnie mouse bows. ^_^

  4. Anonymous3:38 AM

    I think it's Disney World Florida, lol. Disneyland in the US is the one in California

  5. ahhh! always my dream to go to whichever disneyland :( my sister went to tokyo disneyland in 1999 and it is so much better and modern now wtf. haha anyway seeing your pics makes me think I was also in disneyland. haha =)) thanks for the japan trip update!

  6. OMG why does everything in Disney Japan look 20x cuter than at American Disneyland?? conspiracy I tell you!! So jelly u_u (and Soapz u look damn cute also!)

  7. @Anonymous - Haha yeah I know (I Googled to see what other Disneys there were) but I think the differentiation is lame, don't even know why they made a different term for it! Troublesome.

  8. The one you took photo with is Max. He is goofy's son. Apparently, max has no mum. hah.

  9. Hahaha I like your scribbling on the notepad. I agree that things there are so expensive!