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Dog picnic

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

P.S. That is a cupcake drawing on the left, although I felt it sort of looked like poop due to the context.
P.P.S. We didn't have any cupcakes either.

My friends had decided to organize a dog picnic + potluck one day & I was lamenting about how I didn't have a dog to bring, when coincidentally Huiwen asked me to dog-sit Truffles again!

Truffles is very good-natured & affectionate cocker spaniel :)


Audrey the toy poodle in the background!
That's her glaring at Truffles; she's super fierce & got easily annoyed by the other dogs haha.

Forgot if this maltese is called Momo or Puteh.

Audrey, who took possession of a leftover coffee cup!

Momo & Puteh!
Very cute how they keep running around together.
They're Daphne's dogs & she used to have a 3rd one called Kacang LOL.
(Kacang Puteh is a local snack!)

The boys

The girls - me with Daphne & Maryanne (Audrey the toy poodle is hers)!

Haha Truffles is really good at standing on her back legs!
She'll do anything for snacks... such a food thief!

Hahaha she looks #LikeAJollySir here!

Audrey & Truffles got into a fight not long after hahaha. 
No one was hurt; Truffles basically got irritated at Audrey being so fierce! 
It's funny cause after that she looked so emo:

She was very chillax in this odd position!

There were two other big dogs; that's Cosmo on the right!

And the princessy but super cute Audrey!

Hahaha awww!
Maryanne said she CANNOT be walked on a leash at all.
Put a leash on her & she will refuse to budge, so she has to be carried O.O

Such a baby!

P.P.S. If you're wondering, my potluck contribution were McNuggets LOL
I have no fridge at the moment!
Ours is under repair so we're using a tiny mini-fridge.

I like having Truffles around because she's a sweet dog but it really is a lot of work. I last had a dog almost 6 years ago. Aside from the physical work (clearing the newspaper, bringing it out for walks, mopping the floor...) you also feel guilty worrying about them being at home alone!

Truffles especially; she got really attached. 
She would just wait in the front of the door if I was out/sleeping & she followed me everywhere.
Dogs are really more for larger families where the work can be divided & there's more people around to spend time with it.

Heading to Bangkok this week! :D
(bringing my laptop)
5 comments on "Dog picnic"
  1. Such cuties!!!!



  2. Daphne4:01 PM

    HAHA not that im a fan of kachang puteh... (not a very cute or flattering name for my dogs) but puteh means white in malay and my daddy thinks he's cool! zzz

    OMG at maryanne's dog!! didn't know she cannot be leashed at all. that explains why mary carried her the whole time back to the car. so atas yet manja.

  3. what a coincidence. I always baby sit my friend's dog too ; a male cocker spaniel. He always follow me around and lie beside me when Im sleeping. Seeing Truffles make me miss JayJay =[

    Oh, wondering if Huiwen is thinking/considering mating Truffles.

  4. Robotgranny: She is actually!

  5. perhaps I could get her email? here's mine: