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New Paper New Face Judging

Sunday, July 08, 2012
Hello! Sometime this year I did a shoot for New Paper New Face! For those of you who didn't know, I won New Face in 2005, when I was 15. I am currently still the youngest winner ^_^ (youngest when I was 15 obviously, not now) and the competition is entering its 20th year!

For those of you who have no clue what New Face is, well it's currently the biggest local modeling competition in Singapore (but yes, Singapore is very small haha) & involves both catwalk & photoshoot. The winner gets S$10000, 1st runner-up S$5000 & 2nd runner-up S$3000.

So anyway Vivien, Julie & I (all alumni) were asked to shoot for this year's recruitment campaign! I don't have their high-res photoshoot pictures so you can just spot them in the background later lolol.

This is my picture! The makeup personally wasn't really my type (bright eyeshadow colours like green) so I wasn't expecting much from the photo... My mom thinks this photo of me isn't nice but it turned out better than I expected so I'm quite happy with it haha. The hair is pretty nice!

On top of doing the photoshoot, I was also asked to be a judge for the Round 1 auditions!

Wah I was super excited! So fun to be a judge! 
I mean it's not like I can do much (there are 5 judges) but still! Still exciting!

And no lah don't worry I wasn't biased at all or anything, you'll find that most opinions converge across the 5 judges. Since it was only Round 1 we were more lenient about who made it through, so it was quite rare to find very huge differences in opinion between us.

So yes that's us in the background on the board-thing!
Left-right: Julie, Vivien & I

The girls on stage are the 2011 alumni, who were showing this year's aspiring finalists what they'll have to do for the audition! For Round 1 auditions basically there's only a catwalk involved :)


The queue of girls outside!
I was quite surprised that so many girls queued up BEFORE the doors even opened!
After all, auditions were from 2-5pm & you can come anytime!

Girls in the front row are the 2011 alumni again, doing the demonstration!
Behind them are some of the girls who came to try out!

Some of the girls who made it through were outside getting interview by The New Paper!
If you look closely you can see a girl in black being carried by her boyfriend. LOL not sure why the photographer/journalist requested them to do that *shrug*

Interviewing for RazorTV!

I'm in two of their New Face videos (campaign photoshoot & judging round) so you can go watch if you're bored lol. Not linking it here primarily because I don't like how I look it in hahaha #vain

During one of the judging breaks.

Some of the 2011 alumni! Every year there are 20 finalists :)

And me with them! ^^

After that I had dinner with some of them (I had known Marisa & Jiaqi before they joined last year) at Skinny Pizza at Wheelock. Afterwards I had nothing to do so I headed to Yutaki's house!

Here's me rotting on his beanbag. I asked him to take photos because I bothered to dress up that day!

His stupid brown boots & blue wastepaper basket are spoiling all my photos lol.

Ok that's all I have right now! I actually never blogged about the New Paper New Face 2011 finals, at which I was a guest presenter (gave out one of the subsidiary prizes) #facepalm. Maybe I'll do so soon! :)

Have a good week ahead!

For the moment I've nothing to look forward to this week. Damn.
I think people should have something to look forward to every week!
(Not saying I usually do, I only just thought about it)

It doesn't have to be a big event or anything, staying in one day to put those long-put-off DIY ideas or room-cleaning plans into action can be something to look forward to too ^_^
I do sort of look forward to cleaning my room because I treat it like a challenge to accomplish hahahaha.
But I cleared my desk & accessories shelves not too long ago so I fulfilled my quota for the year.

6 comments on "New Paper New Face Judging"
  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Where is your skirt from!

  2. Anonymous: Editor's Market at Cine! Level 4 :)

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Where is your top from??

  4. That looks like so much fun. I think it would be hard to be a judge because I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! You all look beautiful though. I have no idea how to walk in heels so it's something I want to learn this year. Any tips would be great!