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Tokyo (5) - Disneysea

Wednesday, July 04, 2012
So the day after visiting Tokyo Disneyland (click HERE for blogpost) we came back again for Disneysea! It's really impossible to cover both in one day unless you only care about seeing the sights/shops I suppose!

Queues for rides are just too long. Less popular rides might have wait times of 20 minutes while popular ones are easily 2 hours (T_T) If you have to pick only one to visit then I vote Disneysea! Disneysea only exists in Tokyo & is a refreshing change from Disneyland which ends up quite cookie-cutter across the different ones (Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo...)

What's-his-face from Pocahontas!
Or wait, is this from another cartoon?
My Disney knowledge is rusty.

Disneysea has all these "photo-moment" spots specifically for you to place your Duffy Bear!
Duffy Bear & Shellie May can ONLY be bought from Disneysea.
I didn't have a Duffy bear (yet) so I made Alaric pose there. Sadly he's too fat to sit on the Duffy Bear ledge.
Meh ride... Sat on it simply because I love rides & the queue time for this was only 20 minutes (obviously because it's so meh) so I feel like I MUST sit on it! If I can't ride the popular ones at least I sat on the crappy ones!

Lol still have time to snap photos while ON the ride because it was so slow...

On the 2nd day the weather wasn't as good :( Sky looked a bit dull & grey & the wind was really cold!

Ariel's Underwater World!
Kind of like a giant playground, pretty kiddy but the decor was quite cool!

Hahaha we actually sat on this because we (or I) was desperate to sit on rides...
All it does is go up & down. Up & down. Up. Down. Yeah.

Hehe cute little girl mermaid outfits!

There's a ride here that's pretty cool!
Ok I Googled to try & find the name, but I really can't remember which.
There are only two rides here anyway! Only went on one because the other was closed :(

Random activites & stuff inside the buildings!

Didn't sit on this because it didn't look that exciting (there are tracks in the water so the "vehicles" just follow it) & it was cold so we weren't that keen on waiting around outside. 
Went for the indoor ride instead (StormRider)!

Haha me trying to show how close the little ducks are. There they are just waddling around between queues of people. Cute! Oh the queue there in the background is to purchase popcorn!

Disneysea has loads of funky popcorn flavours! I actually just wanted salty/sweet but couldn't find any.
Saw Strawberry, Teriyaki... Finally I bought Black Pepper which was yummy! But not crunchy enough :(

In front of a "Duffy house"! (aka shop selling Duffy things, like clothes for him to wear)

American Waterfront area!
(I don't know why the picture's colours are like that but it suits the background!)

That's the popular Hotel Hightower (variation of the famous Tower of Terror) in the background!
The queue for that is the LONGEST. Definitely needs at least 2 hours. We wanted to go queue for it around 5pm but they closed the queue early (park closes at like... 7ish?) because it was just too long!

Omg I was so sad :'(
But luckily I've sat on it before (I was 7, at the Florida Disneyworld - I have a picture!)

We wanted to get a Duffy bigger than the standard one; checked with the staff & they said there's a "Medium-sized" one (the large one is HUGE) at this one shop so we walked all over & searched for it...

Doesn't exist -_-
Ok it does, but it's one of those Duffys that are special theme ones (weird outfit).
Think it was a wizard Duffy. Not cute at all >:(

Took a while to decide between Duffy & Shellie May too! 
Alaric said he'd buy me the other but felt quite wasted lah...

So happy with my Duffy!
Such a fool for marketing... Along with every other girl there. It was INSANE I swear. The Duffys just kept disappearing from the shelves. The staff would restock it & it would be cleared in a short while!

And the usual where the boyfriend carries it LOL.

The next day I brought my Duffy out & around! ^_^
Omg my Tokyo trip has been broken down into so many parts O.O
I still have one more... maybe even two... parts!

Update soon! ^_^
9 comments on "Tokyo (5) - Disneysea"
  1. So amazing :X:X That ducks were so cute<3

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I was at Disneyland and Disney California Adventures last month.. Duffy bears are sold there also

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    I bought my Duffy bear from HK Disneyland! So I don't think you can only get it at Disneysea :)

  4. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Alaric is soo cute! I think you guys just look perfect together. Looking forward to the next holiday you guys take together!

  5. you can find Duffy bears at at Disney California Adventure Park in LA too!

  6. <3 duffy's solo pic! Sophie, you have a resemblance to Alexa Chung.

  7. Anonymous7:10 AM

    i think the ride you couldn't remember is called journey to the centre of the earth? When i went there my sister and I thought we would do a medium ride first and we chose that one as it looked ok - too bad we didn't realise there was a huge drop at the end. Had to sit down for a little wee while after that!

  8. The disneyland looks like so much fun! I love the underwater world! (:


  9. LOL Duffy! I went to Disney World in Florida in the beginning of June and I also got sucked into the Duffy craze. But I noticed that this new bear came at a price. Now Disney World sells barely any Winnie the Pooh stuff. I was really upset and found one big Pooh stuffed animal and took him home before he disappears. :x