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Tokyo (6) - Ueno

Sunday, July 22, 2012
Omg wtf I too feel a bit ridiculous to be at the 6th part of my Tokyo trip -_-
And it's not the last part -_- LOL

So anyway by this time we had pretty much done all the "must-do" things in Tokyo (on OUR list anyway), like seeing Harajuku, Disneyland, the Pokemon store & neko cafes... 

On our last full day we headed to Ueno! 
As far as I know it's not really "famous" in the way Harajuku or Shibuya is, but I took note of it because it's supposed to be more of the "old" Tokyo, compared to the flashy neon lights & cute girls of Shinjuku. 

It definitely turned out to be more traditional!
There's still some shopping to be done here but it's not as "trendy".
Like you'd see a lot of sports shoes, electronics & fresh food stores!

Brought Duffy out for the trip!

Quite a few nice guys' shops here!

Fried chicken snack shop!

Never quite understood why any food shop/brand would ever use a cute cartoon of the animal we're about to eat as the mascot -_-" #awkward

Duffy sexuality issues.
Looks cute with a bow though!

Some kind of shrine I think!
I'm not very familiar with religion in Japan. 
Not sure how it differs from other Asian societies.

Cute barrettes! But so expensive >:(
Almost S$17 for the small "love" one. Pft.

AYG in-Disneysea.

Lots of cutely decorated shops!
All very cozy & homely.

Super cute little... toy sets?
Reminds me of Sylvanian Families but with every.single.item themed according to the character!

P.S. Pictures taken through the glass casing that's why it's a little unclear :(

Hello Kitty Temaki on the left!
Even the fishcake (?) in the miso soup is Hello Kitty shaped!
Amazing attention to detail lah!

Rilakkuma version!
All so cute!

And Disney items too!
Spot Mickey/Minnie & Alice in Wonderland!
Omg Cheshire cat cupcake is so cute!
These things are all super small! Insane.

So many Duffys!
Ueno has loads of these grab-grab machines!
Alaric likes the er... challenge of it I guess so we did play them a little! 
Scroll down to see what we won (。’▽’。)♡

Ueno at night

We (Alaric) caught Duffy a mate!

But ok you know what the problem is?
She's fake.
Or a reject or whatever.

Totally didn't notice at first but once you actually pick it up & hold it the difference is very stark!
This Shellie May has all kinds of defects. 

For one, the stitching on her tummy is very distinct (look at Duffy's, no visible line).
She has another line of stitching at the back of her head (Duffy doesn't) & plus it is crooked.
The bow on her hand is sewn-on while those at Disneysea are on a removable headband.
Her nose is plastic whereas Duffy's is stitched.

The Disney tag on her is different & says Made in China (what's new).
Duffy's has a sequence number & says Made in Vietnam.

Ok lah it's not very drastic but I feel a bit cheated on Duffy's part lololol.
He has a fake wife! 
But also feel sad for Shellie May cause it's not her fault & she will always feel inferior!

Macaroons from Akihabara! (went back there for Alaric to catch more toys -_-)
It's one of the departmental store counters near the metro.

Went to the 24-hr supermarket near our hotel:

HUGE strawberries & apple!
My (ex) Blackberry there for comparison haha.

So freaking big wtf!
I can't remember if I bought it.
I think I did actually, because I love apples.
I don't remember it to be particularly sweet though :(

Not totally sure what these are but the packaging is cute!
Names are so cute too.

French characters.

Random OOTDs:
Can't remember what I wore on which day because I'm bundled up in a coat all the time!

Ok ok next & FINAL part to Tokyo coming up soon!
6 comments on "Tokyo (6) - Ueno"
  1. omg the little toy set drive me crazy.XD did you get any of those? =)

  2. ah, it's nice to see a different side of tokyo. those strawberries look so perfect! Probably wouldn't eat them cos of all the stuff they add to make it look so nice! >__<

  3. I'm in Japan right now and me and my boyfriend had the exact same problem with the apples :(! They looked soo yummy, smelled sooo nice and where sooo expensive. When we finally decided to buy one it was not sweet at all...!

  4. Whoa that apple sure was huge. I'm glad that you had a good time in Japan and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. @dunno_ying: No I didn't! Haha I wouldn't know what to do with them! They're those things that are so novel & cute that you want it but you KNOW it's useless.

    @Plumi: And their strawberries are very expensive lol

    @Yyepon: Try the strawberries & tell me if they're good haha.

    @Carlyn: Thank you! :)

  6. It's cool that you brought Duffy out. I have a gorilla I bring with my on all travel trips cuz I hate traveling alone. But as I get older I get more and more looks about it. lol