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Bangkok Day 1

Saturday, August 04, 2012
Hello from Bangkok! ;)

Touched down around 2pm & hailed a cab; cost us a flat rate of 700 Baht.

Taxi uncle had loads of foreign currency so we gave him a Singapore $2 to add to it!

Hello Bangkok!
It's not a well.. pretty sight, but it's interesting!

Day 1 #OOTD lol.


Hehe. Me:

Took a tuk-tuk & it was *cough* my idea.
I mean obviously I've been on tuk-tuks before lah, I just thought it would be fun!
But the crazy wind & car exhaust is just :S
And it cost the same as a taxi ride -_-"

Headed to Asiatique based on the reception's recommendations & it's great!
It's like an... atas night market? LOL.
Suan Lum is no longer around by the way.

Asiatique closes at midnight & it's huge!
LOADS of food places & it's very nicely decorated!
Prices are a bit steeper though, but the things are more unique & of a good quality.
It's sorta like... Haji Lane I guess haha.

Oh shit didn't realize I took so many of myself lololol.

Pineapple fried rice, fried chicken & crab meat!

Most of the stores are this nicely decorated!
And a lot are enclosed like this so there's air-con.

I didn't shop much because I found it a bit expensive for girls' clothes (compared to usual Bangkok standard) but they have some cool accessories. For guys the shopping is pretty good! Of Singapore's quality but at half the price! They could easily get nice & unique shirts for S$20.

Both wearing new tshirts they just bought!

Lots of food!
They have the more atas enclosed restaurants too.

Nice right!
Not at all like a conventional "market".

Dunkin' Donuts!
I like the custard one :)

Shopping haul from Day 1 & 2!
(didn't take many photos on Day 2)
This is actually quite little by Bangkok standards haha but we didn't get to shop that much so far!

Accessories ^_^

Ok I need to rush out!
Gonna help Yutaki take photos for his next photo book & then hopefully we still have time for Chatuchak after! Found an abandoned railway near our place.

And we ordered McDonald's! Delivery here is 30 Baht, which is like S$1? Lol.
Total order came up to only S$10+!

Ta-ta ~
14 comments on "Bangkok Day 1"
  1. OMG you're so pretty! like maybe if i see you randomly on the streets i will literally spazz out and ask to take a picture. You really stand out ^.^ and yutaki is too cute :)

  2. I LOVE your cat ear headband!!!
    soooo cute!!! :) :) <3

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of your Bangkok pictures! Seems like you had a great time!

  4. OMG, Can you do a video on your eye make up? Super love your eyeliner for this post!

  5. Could you blog more on your hotel stay and where to avoid and to go in Bangkok. Im planning to go soon and I have absolutely NO CLUE on its whereabouts,etc. HELP :) Would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  6. i see a Philippine 20 peso orange bill over :)...interesting.

  7. wow girl! you are one pretty gal. Your trip looks like a lot of fun, love donut photo!

  8. the food look divine!! never been to thailand but i definitely have to go in the near future :)

    you're so pretty! x

  9. Hi Sophie! Where did you get ur beaded bracelets you were wearing in the picts? :D

  10. Looks like you guys had so much fun! The four of you are all picture perfect lol Bangkok looks like fun even if it is more industrial and doesn't have a lot of plants. NYC is like that too, but they have the best markets!

  11. Did you just DIY all the bracelets?

  12. Rayne5:42 PM

    Hi can I ask if the majority of your shopping haul are bought in Platinum Mall? Thanks!!

  13. Fanvian: Bought!

    Rayne: Mm yep they were actually! Asiatique has nice stuff but not cheap so I didn't buy any clothes (only accessories).

  14. Next time you go to Bangkok, don't do a flat rate. Your cab fare should of been around 300Baht.