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Bangkok Day 3

Sunday, August 19, 2012
Didn't do much on the 3rd day because Yutaki wanted to visit this cafe to take pictures for his next e-photobook! Overall for this visit up to Bangkok we weren't really concerned with cramming in shopping or sight-seeing or whatever cause... Bangkok is so near Singapore & we go up pretty often haha.

Took a taxi, as always. Taxi in Bangkok is really cheap & convenient!
The only time you need to consider the metro would be during peak hours because the jams are INSANE. But if you're not in a hurry then slow traffic is ok cause the meter jumps really slowly!

Mirrored sunglasses are from Spektre Sunglasses, which is really popular in Italy!
Most of you should have heard of fashion blogger The Blonde Salad (Chiara), who wears them too.
Talk about them another time!

(That's hanyu pinyin, in case you couldn't tell #sadface)

High-low skirt from!

Ok #ILied.jpg, more photos of my face coming up...

Barefoot cause I was wearing slippers that day! 
I had zero intention to take any photobook-worthy photos at all but Yutaki would nag me.

Yutaki helping Alaric do his hair hahaha.

School has started for me!

I'm still in the midst of 100% confirming my timetable, but overall it looks like I'll be having a 3-day school week ^_^ Perks of being an Honours student because we only take 4 modules! 
And we have 3-hour seminars instead of a lecture + tutorial (which would be on separate days).

Hope the freshies are settling into NUS ^_^

10 comments on "Bangkok Day 3"
  1. blue monster11:28 PM

    Hello Sophie! I am a freshmen at NUS this year, and FASS too! Hope to see you at school! Can you do some blogposts on outfits for sch? I am running out of ideas! :)

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Hello pretty sophie! Im a FASS freshie this year! Hope to see you in sch! ;D

  3. Omgs! You are so pretty, I love your kitty hair band!

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  5. hello sophie, may i know what the name of this bkk cafe you guys went??

  6. zomg !
    i love your nekomimi hair band ! ;3
    so so cute !

    you and alaric are a perfect couple ! you guys look so cute together !!!

  7. Anonymous8:34 PM

    you guys are so good for each other!!! like a match made in heaven! you guys are my absolute fav couple of all time!

  8. Your hairband is really cuteee!! You look like an anime character on your second "photobook-worthy" pic! hehe

  9. Hi Sophie! can i know where you have the kitty head band ? :D

  10. Hi Sophie ! Can i know where you bought the kitty head band? :D