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Wednesday, October 03, 2012
Random OOTD photos taken with my iPhone because people ask me quite often on Formspring what I wear to school, to clubs etc... No "to work" yet for me so sorry to the office workers lol.

And you can see my weirdly-shaped room!

Oh and I have not perfected the art of mirror-iPhone-snapping so some may be a bit blurry :X
And I can't make it look good yet, like how Cheesie does O.O
And I forget to take pictures on most days :X

I've listed where my clothes are from below each picture!
If I put "Online", that means it's a blogshop & I don't remember which.
I will ignore you if you still ask me >:(
And frankly even if I know which shop/blogshop it's from, it doesn't mean it will still be there!

Accessories a bit lazy to name...

Place where outfit is worn to is above the photo!

| Top - Online | Skirt - The Editor's Market at Cineleisure | Shoes - Jipaban |

| Denim jacket, Top, Skirt - Online | Bag - Balenciaga | Shoes - New Look |

| Top - Love, Bonito | Shorts - F21 |

| Top, Skirt - Online | Bag - Chanel |

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt - Online | Clutch - Cotton On |

| Denim jacket - Online | Dress - VainGloriousYou | Bag - Bangkok |

| Dress -|

| Bag - Balenciaga | Top, sunglasses - Bangkok | Skirt - Online |

| Dress - Jipaban | Bag - Chanel |

Most of my tags say Online or Bangkok... What an unhelpful post hahahaha.

I notice how I tend to use the same few items at one particular time... Then I get bored of it & it stays in my closet for a while till the next time I decide to spam it at one shot again haha.

And yes 4 out of 9 photos here are for Zouk O.O
That's just a coincidence! My next set has no Zouk at all.

That's especially because the last two weeks I stayed at home with my life revolving around assignments & blog drafts >:( I literally lived in my pyjamas for 5 days straight (but I showered!)
5 comments on "OOTD"
  1. You look stunning in every picture!


  2. I have that too! For a while you totally love something and then you get rid of it... School/Internships take up so much time :(


  3. Candice1:43 AM

    Nice outfits! Sophie! But what happened to the quality of your pics?

  4. Anonymous1:20 PM

    i love the way you match your clothing with the denim jacket!!
    is it a jacket or a shirt? cos frm your pics, the material looks soft(/lightweight?)!

    do you think denim jacket like yours will go out of trend? im thinking of buying one and im that kind of ppl who will keep wearing and wearing for dk how many times!LOL. and definitely wear until next year at least. lolol.

  5. Your outfits are super cute! Like the cut out shirt a lot. Sexy, not slutty. :P