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Friday, October 26, 2012
Some random pictures from the period in between intense school deadlines... point which I then regret wasting away my "in between" period :/ Lots of looming deadlines. But it's ok, sure can one :D

♥ ♥ 

Hehe & thank you to Tiffany & Co. for the necklace as well! :)
Love the robin-egg-blue heart key; this necklace is really dainty & pretty!

Wondering if I should shift the charm to my Tiff & Co. bracelet though, because I wear bracelets more!

♥ ♥ 


Dinner at House @ Dempsey!
Service was really lousy the previous times we went & they were horrible to Qiuting too, but I really like their risotto though... So I sold out my pride/principle & #SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY.

This time the service was quite a bit better :)
But maybe we just got a nicer waiter this time *shrugs*

Le bf.
(Is it odd if a real French person partakes in the whole "le" 9gag trend?)

Alaric thought this photo was quite artistic because of the big teapot in focus -_-"

I usually take English Breakfast Tea at House because... they have very few drinks choices.
And caffeine has no effect on me whatsoever.

My Mushroom Risotto!
I know in the picture it looks like shit. But yeah.
I forgot to tell them not to put in veggie :/

And Truffle fries in the background!

Played (Alaric did & I watched...) with the grab-grab machines on Level 9 after our movie...
And we (he) won! :D

What's that popular quote again?

Behind every successful man is an awesome half-French girlfriend who likes zombie movies.
- Philosophie

Something like that.

Got this Hello Kitty toy!

But traded it for...

Hehe quite cute right!
Oh & OOTD! *spams OOTD wherever possible*
| Top - Jipaban | Shorts - wtfmymindisblankIguessBangkok | Shoes - Marc by Marc Jacobs |

Er Alaric's OOTD? Guys' clothes are too boring to mention haha.
Shoes from Bangkok (Asiatique), that's all I remember. And tank top from Jipaban.
And shirt from... ASOS? And he doesn't have much clothing variety so jeans probably from Nudie.

My new studded Marc by Marc Jacobs flats! Present from Alaric for my birthday.
Ignore the scars/blisters/wounds, I normally don't scar easily (and they fade eventually) on the rest of my body but my feet somehow decided to be all #badass & ignore this.

I actually wanted a pair of mouse flats for a really long time because I always thought they were cute!
The first generation basic ones can't be found retailing anymore :/ 

These cost 250USD from, way cheaper than in stores in Singapore.

Random armswag picture. 
I wear a rubber band on my wrist almost every single day (unless I forget) because I tie up my hair when I eat/go to the toilet. Not that I do anything active in the toilet. I just can't concentrate properly on hovering-over-but-not-touching-the-toilet-seat with my hair hanging from my face.

♥ ♥ 

Too pretty not to capture! Honeydew milkshake. Yummy!

Second meal at Fullhouse (Hotel Rendezvous). Mediocre :/

♥ ♥ 

Here's what goes into making an Instagram post:

I have a tendency to wear bracelets only on one hand. Not sure why.
Can't quite decide which is odder (only on one hand or both hands)

♥ ♥ 

Changed my iPhone (yes, still 4S) case to my backup clear one (bought 2 at a go) so I felt it deserved... an inauguration of some sort... By putting stickers on it. Mickey Mouse theme!

Nickname in Mickey letters ^^
Stickers are from Tokyo.

Happy weekend!

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