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Halloween USS

Friday, November 02, 2012
Went to USS for its Halloween Horror nights on Friday! :D
Was super, super excited & happy that we got tickets to go!
And plus we were given the VIP tickets, which means we have an actual tour guide to bring us around!

Here's the ticket breakdown for your future reference:

Normal ticket: $68
Student ticket (Thurs/Sun only): $48
Express Pass top-up: additional $40
VIP Tour top-up: additional $40

This means that the VIP ticket is $68 + $40 + $40 = $148
Pricey I know, but if you can afford it it's REALLY worth it!

The guide brings you around & you DO NOT QUEUE AT ALL.
This means you cut even the queue of the Express Pass-ers ($68 + $40 = $108).

You also get a $10 food coupon each + 10% discount (photo-taking, food... etc).

If you get a normal ticket, the average waiting time for a haunted house is 130 minutes!
With an express pass my friends said they queued 15 minutes for popular rides like the Cylon. Not sure how long it would be for the haunted houses, but even half the 130 minutes is way better!

Outside USS with Daphne! Both of us wearing ears ^^
Her sequinned furry ears are from Accessorize & my Hello Kitty ones from H&M.

In the VIP (R.I.P) Tour area where you wait to meet your tour guide!
We asked Daphne to look scared & that was her face hahaha.

Anyway on Halloween Horror nights there are 10 rides open, which includes the 3 Haunted Houses as well as popular attractions like Transformers, Cylon/Human, The Mummy... etc

Most people without the Express Pass are only able to cover one Haunted House & maybe one or two other rides due to the time spent queueing! The park is open from only 8pm - 1am for this event.

With the VIP tour it lasts 3 hours (before/after is free & easy) & you cover ALL the rides!
We sat on all the rides open (even went on the Cylon twice) & still had time to eat/take pictures!

If I were to go next year I would definitely at least get the Express Pass because queueing really ruins the experience & it isn't worth the money if you only cover 2 or 3 rides. 
I'd either spend more for a good experience or not go at all.

Daphne's boyfriend XL, in the "coffin".

Hehe me

Ok better this time round!

So we met our tour guide & joined some other visitors! 
In total our group had around 12 people so if the majority are your friends it would be really fun!

We all got a special lanyard+pass with a glostick so that our tour guide + park operators can identify us easily (so we don't get lost/to give us discounts/quick access to the rides). We didn't actually know we could get discounts for food but the vendors would mention it & deduct the amount for us.

Getting briefed:

Spot the creepy doll mascot hanging out with us hahaha.
The amount of effort & detail put into the set-up & costumes is really impressive!

Creepy giant voodoo ragdoll thing!


Wah can't imagine the poor guy has to sit there for 5 hours O.O

All the park staff are really sporting! They all really get into their roles although I can't imagine how tiring & boring it must get after a while to do the same thing day after day!

Creepy giant doll thing.

Zombie infestation area:

"Soldier" marshaling people in the infected area

Really quite realistic! :O

Sorry I couldn't take a picture of a lot of stuff because we were moving around in a group so I felt bad to make people stop & wait for me! Plus it's dark so I don't want to blind everyone with my camera's flash (which also kills the whole creepy, misty vibe anyway).

Death Valley!
Feel free to tell me what the Chinese words say.

The 3 Haunted Houses in order of increasing scariness:

1) Death Alley : Open-air Chinese-themed
Creepy prostitutes, butchers, old ahmas, little girls...

2) Insanitarium : Indoor "mental hospital"
Crazy prisoners, grotesque lab experiments, disgusting prison-conditions...

3) Dungeon of Damnation : Air-conditioned!
This had no real theme except maybe entering some kind of "hell"

This haunted house was the best one because it was the most interactive! Like you'd have to walk through this really narrow alley which had hands sticking out on both sides of the wall, so you're trying to avoid touching them but at the same time the floor has these "plates" that move as you walk!

Lots of hanging dead bodies & stuff like that too that you had to avoid walking into!

I went with 4 other people & in the end only 3 of us sat on every single thing haha. Daphne walked towards the first haunted house & said she couldn't do it & sat out ALL the haunted houses lol.
One of the other guys went into the first haunted house & sat out the rest too. Tsk!

I would say the haunted houses were really well done & executed, however it's just too crowded to be scary :/ We were basically walking in a single file so there's people in front/behind you. If you had to go in in small groups where you can't see other people THEN it would be really scary!

Headed to Mel's Drive-in for dinner!
The staff there all have painted faces too although I don't really see the point of it so FTLs haha

Here's the 5 of us (Leon, XL, Daphne, me & Jielun) with our tour guide, Si Ning!

On non-Halloween days she also does the VIP tours for the day visitors (which is a 5-hour tour) & the rest of the time she's an NTU student haha.

You have to queue (but VIP no need lah) to take a photo with the puppet-master!

And here's the printed photo we got! ^_^
It's $10/each but for VIP it's $10 for 2 so we got it! Lazy to scan it in at the moment so just showing you guys the border with the creepy puppet-master figure O.O

So overall I think USS Halloween Horror Night was really going for!
I'd definitely want to go again next year if I can & if I do I'd get the Express Pass at least! 
(the VIP ticket at $148 is really quite heartbreaking hahaha)

Would recommend everyone to go for it at least once but make sure you don't chicken out of rides ok if not it's really not worth it! Don't worry it's not scary if you're with other people (which you are).

Will be blogging about my actual Halloween next!
Actually I already edited & uploaded the photos haha but I'm gonna be busy with school the next few days so I'm putting it in a separate post to cover my "blogging duties" (I don't have to lah I just do haha)

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  1. It looks super fun! Also I loved your outfit too, where did you get your shorts and your top from? xx from Aus

  2. hehe! the dress up looks so fun!

  3. Everything looks super creepy My blog

  4. Haha I think the Chinese words is basically saying Chinatown :P

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Its death alley! Not valley! Haha :)

  6. Chinese words refer to Chinatown :D
    Hehe omg the haunted houses sound so ... gory yet exciting ;-)

  7. Bekkarina: Top from ohsofickle & shorts from tropictribe! :) Both are blogshops

    Anonymous: Oops typo haha edited! Thank you!