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Thursday, November 15, 2012
Ugh accidentally edited all the photos to have brown corners instead of white (which would make them look rounded on my white blog background) but it's too troublesome to re-edit them...

Caught Skyfall last night & I thought it was not too bad except that the end (with the house) was rather draggy. And it totally reminded us of Home Alone with all the booby traps haha.

I wish a movie would cast Macaulay Culkin again just because I want to see how he looks like now.
He was such an epic kid actor to all of us because of Home Alone! It's sad that he had to stop there :(

| Top - Bangkok | Shorts - ? Gmarket? | Bag - Online | Earrings - Bugis Street |

New Paper New Face finals 2012:
| Dress - Bugis Street | Necklace - Bangkok | Bracelet - Tiff & Co. |

| Top - Bangkok | Skirt - Onlinefromdonkeyyearsagolike2008 | Clutch - Cotton On |

Random picture with Hazel at the photobooth outside Zouk haha.
I'm guessing there was a Chivas event that night? Didn't notice.

| Top & Skirt - Bangkok | Bag - F21 |

| Denim jacket - Online | Top - Mango | Shorts - Nastygal | Hearband - *Scape |

Filming for a Blackberry x Zalora collaboration:
| Dress & Necklace - Zalora |

Salon Vim dinner:
| Dress - F21 | Bag - Balenciaga | Pastel spiked bracelet - ASOS |

Korean lessons:
| Top - Bangkok | Aztec shorts - Tropic Tribe |

Back shot of the shorts! 
I quite like these new pair although they are a bit constraining because it's so fitting.

I wear way too much stuff from Bangkok hahahaha. In my defense it's because I went fairly recently (August) so the tendency is to prefer wearing new clothes over old pieces!

In less than a month's time I'll be flying off for my winter holidays! I finally booked the basic flights but now I have to look at hostels & trains in between countries ^_^ Guess where I'm going?
(Don't think this is hard really hahahahaha)

Good luck to those taking their O & ALevels!
10 comments on "OOTD"
  1. Hi Sophie! Just wanna say that i liked Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone too! But as much as i hate saying this, i heard he grew up being a drug addict, jsyk. :(

    Anyway i love reading your blog! So Keep calm and continue blogging! :)

  2. you look so beautiful. you have a great style, love every outfit!
    have a nice day ♥

  3. that pink necklace from Zalora is lovely!

  4. love your style. the second (black) dress is my favorite ;)

  5. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I guess ur visiting ur dad?

  6. I love how you looked for the filming, so pretty! My Blog

  7. wow..Nice and Amazing Post^^love it

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Hey Sophie, thanks a lot for your kind wishes, I'm now having my A levels (but still here bcos you're awesome).

    Best wishes to you! ^^

  9. Hi sophie! You are my favorite singaporean blogger! I love how everything looks good on you. I really like that spiked headband you wore to skul. Do some more OOTDs! :)