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Perfect Balance

Sunday, November 04, 2012

... joined the MARIGOLD HL Perfect Balance photo contest? :)

You can read my previous post about it HERE, especially if you haven't seen my balancing acts ^^

Prizes involved:

There will be FIVE winners & it's really, really easy to join! :)
All you have to do is submit your photo entry & you stand to win $1000 cash!

And it's even easier to just VOTE for an entry :D You might win $100 cash!

Take a photo based on the theme PERFECT BALANCE & upload it with a short caption to:

1) The contest application on their Facebook Page
2) Instagram (remember to hashtag #HLperfectbalance)
*You have to login to the FB app to claim your Instagram entry*

Perfect balance of Highs (calcium, protein, vitamins) & Lows (lactose, fats)!

Remember, you DOUBLE your points if your entry features MARIGOLD HL Milk pack(s)!
So I'd recommend you do it haha #kiasu.

You don't have to show PHYSICAL balancing acts!
It can also be a photo of you showing how you balance e.g. work & fun in your life!

Here are some of the latest entries to their page:

Go in & vote for your friends/favourites!
Or better yet, submit your own entry!

The judges score (60% of your total points) based on creativity so have fun with it!
The remaining 40% comes from votes so get your friends to support you! :D

Here's my entry, which features two mini HL milk packs prominently!
*kiasu* The more milk packs the better *kiasu*

Balancing work & play! ^_^
And I'm showing real physical balancing too ^_^

Contest ends 08 November 2012!

Submit via:
Instagram, with hashtag #HLperfectbalance
- remember to claim your photo in the app afterwards -

3 comments on "Perfect Balance"
  1. I've been voting for you everyday! HAHA hardcore \m/

  2. Hannah: Good luck! :D

    Brigid: :OOOO That's so nice of you! I wasn't really intending to join per se haha omg thank you for your effort!