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USS Hollywood After-Party

Friday, December 14, 2012
I've been to Universal Studios Singapore twice so far since it opened, once for a normal visit & the second for the recent Halloween horror night! And I just went back again for their latest event night - Hollywood After Party!

It's basically an event night happening on weekends (until 5th January) where the park closes late!
The Hollywood After-Party is on from 7pm till late (depending on the Barclays PL schedule).

If you already have a Universal Studios Singapore daypass (meaning the normal pass for the rides, etc... in the daytime), you can enter the Hollywood After Party for free :)

$20 - Entry + 1 Drink
$33 - Entry + Free Flow beer & housepours

Basic entry tickets can be converted to the Free Flow one with a top-up!
P.S. It's alcoholic drinks! Haha children are allowed into the park, so it's up to parental discretion

Mandatory photo of the Universal globe hehehe. Looks so cool at night with the mist!
That's the great thing about visiting USS at night - no need to feel all icky & hot from the sun.

Christmas decorations are up already!

Bought one of the glowing horns! :D
It only costs $5 & I wore it to Zoukout afterwards & so many people asked if they could buy it from me

Fireworks are at 8pm sharp behind the stage so be sure not to miss it!
I only caught a bit of it even though I tried to be speedy with my camera, but luckily Beatrice got a few good snaps! ^_^ So remember, fireworks are at 8pm ok! Try to catch them!

People watching the fireworks & facing the stage!

I know I just said I don't like caps, but the Sesame Street ones seriously tempted me O.O
The red Elmo one is so cute!

Haha love this headband too! And meet my oldest friend in Singapore - Erika!
I've known Erika since Primary 4 haha.

Super cute pink sequin bow! Omg now I think I should have bought it.
(Wearing a bikini top for Zoukout!)

Mel's Drive-In! Ate here after our Halloween when we were soooo hungry & it really hit the spot.

Less people at night so...

One of the drink counters is located below this!

FYI here are some of the drinks served at the Hollywood After Party:
(Alcoholic) Tiger Beer, slush cocktails, housepours
(Non-alcoholic) Soft drinks, slush mocktails

Hehe love the new Sesame Street stuff!
I first came to the park in... 2011 & back then they didn't have these yet!

More Christmas decor!

One of the restaurants open for dinner at the Hollywood After Party!

The food at KT's Grill looked really good actually T_T
Was super keen on trying it but I was super hungry so we decided to eat something quicker instead!
Well there's always next time!
If any of you guys try it you can let me know how the food is! :)

Hahahaha never noticed previously that there was a stall selling Pratas!

So we headed back to Mel's Drive-In to eat & I wanted to get the same thing I had eaten previously!
Both Erika & I got the hotdog combos, which I really like!

My chili hotdog & cheese fries!


View from inside the drive-in!
Spot the tables outside where other people are having their drinks :)

There also so happened to be other fireworks that night for some other external event happening on Sentosa that night! Had a decent view from the drive-in haha.

So here's the band I was talking about earlier on!
Different bands play on different nights so you can pick a night to support a particular band!

That night (Friday 7th December) it was the Goodfellas!
They're actually really popular locally & so are the other bands that also play!

Here's the schedule:
15th December (Saturday) - Raw Earth
22nd December (Saturday) - BeatRoots
29th December (Saturday) - Common People
5th January (Saturday) - Goodfellas

The event stage is just in front of Mel's Drive-In!

Haha the dancers called on the audience to come up & dance a group of friends did; check out this guy busting his moves! *Impressed* #notbad.jpg

Looking for more suspects haha.

Beatrice & her friends getting a picture with the dancers!

Spent a lot of time looking through the souvenir shops; could totally take my time to roam hehehe...

Think this is kinda cute! :O

Cuteeeee tins!

Giant lollipops!


:O :O :O
Look how clear the Cookie Monster rock candy is!

*cough* Less than likely

Very fun gifts for your friends to give them trophies for all the different titles!

Even less likely LOL

Hehe featuring my glowing purple horns!

Another one of the many roadside stalls!

So soft & cute!

Haha ok this is FOR THE BOYS:

Universal Studios Singapore screens the Barclays Premier League games at the Hollywood After Party! So you can grab your friends, get a few drinks, have a wide range of snacks & watch the matches on the big screens!

For the girls (assuming you're not one of those that like to watch matches), you now have free reign to snap pictures of yourself, you & your friends or you with decor/souvenirs haha.

Check out the Universal Studios Singapore bakery for cute cakes & other sweet treats!

Cookie Monster has a real cookie in his mouth!

Gingerbread man/cookie mini Christmas tree!

Ice-cream cookie :O :O :O :O
Double the indulgence & doubly sinful :O :O
Technically there's 2 cookies + ice-cream + sprinkles so is that... triple the indulgence?
Math die me.

And hehe we bought a Cookie Monster cupcake! Cute!

Haha & headed back out for more snacks!
Trying out the popcorn as our supper lol. Fat die us.

That sums up our little trip to Universal Studios Singapore for the Hollywood After Party!
Neither of us really drank that night! If I say I never drink I'd be lying hahaha but basically didn't feel like drinking much that night so I didn't make full use of my Free Flow drinks lol.

The park is super chill & relaxed at night, quite a far cry from the hustle & bustle in the daytime with all the queuing for rides & the sun & the people! The nighttime Hollywood After Party is a nice alternative to wind down after a long day over a beer with a group of friends & live music :)

If you're interested to drop by, both tickets and/or top-ups can be purchased at the park itself!
Alternatively, you can purchase tickets online as well!

And if you're looking for somewhere to spend your NYE 2012, why not at Universal Studios Singapore? Countdown in a theme park! :D The NYE party will take place from 5pm - 1am.

Shows begin at 6.45 & rides are open until midnight! Omg I love theme park rides :D :D :D
The countdown will feature international tribute artists singing popular songs from Lady Gaga, Michael Buble & Adele. Event tickets are selling at $68 with a top-up of $14 (online/ticket booths) or $18 (walk-up) for Free Flow Drinks (beer & housepours).

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  1. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Where is Seoul trip 2? Hehehe.

    Anw this might be random but its been so long since Alaric is in ur blog. Where is ur couple pic! I dont know why I am happy to see happy couple pics. kekekeke~

  2. Seems like you really enjoyed your day there. Oh I'm so jealous, love to visit that as well! :)

  3. USS looks so fun!! So many cute headbands, *runs around and scream in excitement* HAHA Your friend Erika is very pretty! Is she mixed as well? :)