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Cat Lady

Thursday, January 31, 2013
I was going to put the title of this post as Cat Teenager but then I realised... I am no longer a teenager T_T 
In fact I long passed that milestone T_T I am now a... lady :S

♥ ♥ 

Hehe and what best new fashion accessory is there than a couple of... kittens? :D
I let them into the study room where I take my photos with my ring light :)
So I scooped up one at a time to snap a few shots with me! :D

Hahaha soooo cute! ♥ It looks bored but I swear they love me :D
They're always coming to me nudging me for pets & trying to climb unto me to snooze :')
And they are insane purring machines. I can hear them purring as soon as I touch them.
They're super affectionate! 

Hahaha soooo cute the face omg

This kitteh is super affectionate in real life :)

Hahaha annoyed/bored face again.

Photobooth Kitteh saez it's not much longer to the weekend! :)
19 comments on "Cat Lady"
  1. I like the second last photo!! Annoyed face! both!! hahahahahaha :)

  2. well.. at least you're not a cat.... woman. lol! =)

  3. Aaryn Maikaylah Dawn9:42 AM

    AHHHHH So cute to the maximum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I want to cuddle each and every one of them! A lot of people say cats are snobs, but they're really sweet!

  5. Anonymous3:55 PM

    It's hard to believe you are a grown woman, Sophie. I remember when you were still in Saint Margaret's...that was like yesterday! You still look the same as before too.

  6. Oh myyy, they are so adorable! Jealousy here, I'd like to have some cute kittens as well :)

  7. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Flash is bad for their eyes. Don't do that again please.

  8. the title is so cute ^__^
    lady suits you very well :)
    you look amazing on those pictures. love the outfits. the floral headband is very sweet :)
    have a nice day ♥

  9. Anonymous: I Googled, it's not a real issue. Furthermore I don't use flash; I use a studio light so their eyes have time to adjust to the brightness (especially since they were in the room with me).

  10. Gosh your so gorgeous as always! can you do a daily makeup vlog? as the one in your youtube, is not really clear!! PLease! XDD Plus, you have really cute cats.. still on adoption? <3

  11. wow, u'r cat lover. so cute. btw, the cardi n dress from the dancing circus are gorgeous.. plus, happy chinese new year babe :)

  12. The kittens are so cute! The last one reminds me of the cute cat in shrek ^^

  13. The kitties are soo cute!!! I wished I lived in Singapore so I could adopt one :P I Love cats
    By the way you look beautiful as always :)

  14. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Sooo cute!!! I saw you at the deck the other day :D sorry sounds pervy but the first thing I did was immediately... Look at your legs hahaha (cuz I saw your tweet about the scratches) TAKE CARE SOPHIE, they looked so painful in real life :(

  15. Your skin looks so lovely and dewy!! <3

    And the kitty looks cute!

  16. One of my favorite bloggers. Hello from the Philippines!

  17. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hello Sophie, can I know if the kittens are still up for adoption? I'd like to adopt one! :)


  18. i love all the outfits you are wearing in this post!