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Paris - L' Opera

Monday, January 14, 2013
Photos from my first proper day sightseeing in Paris!

My friend Sarah arrived from Munich that morning & put down her stuff at our hostel & we headed out with another roommate of ours, Caroline from Australia! First up we headed to see the Opera.

Unfortunately that day the weather really sucked -_-
It was pretty cold & plus it drizzled pretty much the whole day T_T
So aside from the sky being dreadfully grey, my shoes also got soaked & froze my toes.

Wore my cat beanie again that day & decided to get its ears in photos with all iconic monuments haha.

Cafe de la Paix means Cafe of Peace 

In front of the Opera!
Academie Nationale de Musique means National Academy of Music
(pretty straightforward)

A long time ago my mom & I were in Paris with our then-dog, a white Pekinese called Milou. We brought it out with us (in France people bring their dogs everywhere, including restaurants) when we visited the Opera & the little bugger spent the whole day refusing to poop on Paris' (dirty) pavements, grass patches or dog parks. Instead... it picked the marble floors of the Opera hahahahaha.
~ Dog with expensive taste ~

Majorly awkward for my mom to have to clean up the poop while everyone around her gave her dirty looks LOL

From the Opera we walked down one of the major boulevards, passing a lot of nice storefronts.

Headed towards this, which is uh... on our map showing major monuments.
But I don't know what it is :X
My knowledge of French history is :X

Photo-ception. Me taking a photo of Caroline taking a photo of Sarah taking a photo.
I have a whole bunch of photos of Sarah taking photos.

Eyes closed in this photo but never mind.
Slit-eyed! I am half Asian after all.


Caroline & Sarah

Went into a restaurant located within the park. Warmth! Finally!

My face when it's not obscured by hats or high winter coat necks.

Hot chocolate

Standard food in France lol. Meat with pasta.

Haha I look like a happy hobo. Queuing up for crepes!
I LOVE crepes with Nutella.

Miracle seagull walking on water! Ice I mean lol.
Fountain water froze over.

One-legged seagull?

Hahaha even the birds look cold!

Look at this one! So fat & fluffed up!

Think Sarah's face was cold haha.

Not sure why there are no pigeons on her hand; only on the ground. Too fat to fly? Lol

Another Arc but I don't know which :X
Paris has a lot of them other than the most famous Arc du Triomphe

Hahahaha here the police ride horses

And this is what the next set of photos will be on! :D 
This photo of the Louvre would look a lot nicer without the barricade -_-

You can read my Day 1 of Paris post HERE :)
I'm actually really running out of ways to term my blogposts on Paris because I have accumulated quite a few over the years & I doubt these will be the last :x

Ok more photos of Europe to come! :)
8 comments on "Paris - L' Opera"
  1. Birds will sometimes do their flamingo imitations. I think I had heard some scientists guess one reason is to warm up their leg. The seagulls don't get to have stockings on you you did :-)

  2. Anonymous1:03 AM

    You look so cute Sophie! And you are showing off ur sexy long legs. I am jealous!!! Haha

    I cant wait for ur christmas post with ur daddy! Cos its been awhile since you celebrated xmas with ur daddy if im not wrong right?

    - K

  3. Wah, it looks so nice! I really admire French architecture. Lucky you!

  4. The buildings are so beautiful! My Blog

  5. I remember when I went last summer. it was so hot but it rained in the morning which sucked. but overall, it was an amazing trip!

  6. I love your cat hat, it's cute and quirky.

  7. Nice post! keep the photos coming!

  8. I really miss the warm croissants,nutella crepes and hot chocolate in the morning in a cafe...
    But i'm going for the 1000 time to Paris in April!