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Monday, February 25, 2013
I'm having my mid-term break right now, which lasts for a week. 
Sounds good but it basically just means work due at the end of the week :/

Spent some time this weekend playing around with the scrapbook materials that Handmake It sent me!

So many cute stickers, decals & art papers! :D

I used some of the polaroid sticker frames to decorate polaroids I had. Looks really colourful now!
The best part is that I can still reuse the middle section (the rectangle) for other stuff!

Also used one of the decals ("Happy Birthday") & it was surprisingly easy & clean-cut.

Closer look at some of the stickers! I stuck a few others on the cover of my iPhone.

You can order cute stationery & other materials from Handmake It as well! :)
Check out their Facebook page for previews & updates.
P.S. Quote SOPHIE5 to get 5% off your total purchase!

♥ ♥ 

Received this pretty sequined-collar top from My Corner Shop!
The mesh cut-outs make it really unique & it can be matched both casually or more formally :)
Do check out their Facebook page for promo codes & updates!

♥ ♥ 

Love this cute denim dress from The White Carousel!
It's super easy to match & it looks really fun :D
Join their mailing list to get free normal postage!

♥ ♥ 

Dropped by the launch of the Blackberry 10 event at the Art-Science Museum at MBS the other day!

Blackberry 10 actually refers to the new operating system that Blackberry has developed.
The 2 Blackberries themselves that are actually being launched are called Z10 (entirely touchscreen) & Q10 (touchscreen with normal Qwerty keyboard). I like the Q10 but I didn't get to see it that day!

This is the Z10!

The new Blackberry 10s have some pretty amazing functions like an intuitive keyboard (it can predict the next word you might type & it gets smarter over time) & video calls on BBM.

One function that really impressed me is in their camera:

Every time you snap a photo, the Blackberry will capture a few microseconds of pictures before/after.
So if one person in the photo is blinking, you can select just that face & scroll through all the possible shots of him/her to find one where they look good :O :O :O :O Rest of the photo remains untouched.

Amazing or what wtf!!!!

No more issues of one person spoiling the picture! 
Plus you can also check your own face to see if got better options for yourself hahahaha.

Super pretty cake! I love the colours.

Went down that day thanks to Beatrice! We were both at a blogger briefing in the afternoon & she said she was going for the Blackberry event (I didn't RSVP :X) so I said I didn't mind going too!

This is Boss Ming! Literally my boss hahahaha. He is one of the co-founders of Nuffnang :)

Getting my caricature drawn! Rare photo showing my right profile (I hate it) haha.

I refuse to upload a picture of the caricature because he didn't make me pretty HAHAHA.
Ok I know the point of caricatures are to be comical but still! *sulks*

Quite a lot of happenings this week!
Can't wait for the Nuffnang birthday bash (they turn 6) this Wednesday :D

10 comments on "Mini-update"
  1. The event looks like fun! Is the earlier picture with a braid in your hair actually your hair, or is it just a headband? Hanna

  2. Awh I love handmade cards! Very cute. Hae fun at the Nuffnang party ^^

  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    SOAPZ! I think I can figure out why you look different leh? I think cos your make up is not like the usual one? Ah or maybe is it the lighting? Its either one!

    So pretty! Dress up more. You're so pretty. Have to flaunt your beauty!!!!!! :D

    Hows the new BB? Is it good? Did you try it?

    - K

  4. Anonymous7:24 AM

    You should be glad it's the back of your phone that cracked, the common for everyone else is the front. With that using your phone becomes impossible! You cut your fingers on the glass :/

  5. I love that white top! I hope I'll find one similar to that. And I think your right profile look nice. :)

    And those scrapbook materials are gorgeous. I think I wanna do some scrapbooking now. :)

  6. Darn it I'm so curious to see what your completed caricature looks like D:

    Im'ma have to break into your house and find it just to sneak a peek.

  7. Anonymous2:18 PM

    she looks different 'cos her forehead's shown which is usually hidden under bangs.

    sophie, you should pin your bangs back more!

  8. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Anonymous, I also commented in the previous blogpost of sophie saying that she look different also. I know she had her fringe up in this post but idk i think soapz apply powder/foundation or what on her face make her look so pretty and flawless(not that she is not pretty w/o make up lah but i sense her make up in these photos not the same like her normal natural make up look). U can correct me if im wrong though cos thats what i think based on looking at her photos. Also i stated can be because of the bright lighting too!


    - K

  9. K/Anonymous:

    I think I look different because of my makeup! I didn't do anything different except apply a more nude shade of lipstick (which I haven't worn in months) so I think that's the difference haha.

  10. Anonymous2:35 AM

    Your hair is way too long now!