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Wednesday, February 06, 2013
Everybody looks so happy in Photobooth pictures! :D

Last week for Zouk's TGIW (Thank God It's Wednesday if that wasn't obvious enough) Go Big Or Go Home the theme was K-Pop! Hahaha I spent ages combing my closet trying to find something K-Popish... I used SNSD's I Got A Boy video as inspiration & studiously watched it 4 or 5 times hahaha.

In that video most of the girls were dressed in crop tops, denim & lots of bright colours & accessories!
So I tried to find something that looked something like that but still seemed normal enough for Zouk.

In the end I opted for a crop top, denim bandage skirt, beanie, 2 necklaces &... sneakers!
Haha first time wearing sneakers to Zouk. Pretty comfy actually; dance all night!

Hahaha cute pictures with Sherry & Rachel; all three of us are from the same secondary school!
Sherry has also been working at Zouk as a door bitch for quite a while already so say hi to her haha.

More laughing...

Aww <3

Then pictures with Teresa, Chloe & Gus!

Haha Chloe looks so cute there!

Lololol highly unglamorous big-mouthed laugh...

Love the colours in the photos! :D
It brightens up my midweek & TGIW guys! 2 more days to the weekend :)
And it's Chinese New Year soon! So we get a long weekend! ~ Whoop whoop ~

P.S. Wtf torrential downpour today T_T Worst day ever to be wearing a floor-sweeping maxi dress!
P.P.S. Level 80 on Candy Crush! :D Go go go me!
P.P.P.S. Took train to & from school today despite 1) 10am class & 2) crazy rain *pats self on back*
12 comments on "Photobooth Fun"
  1. Those pictures look sooo awesome! Seems like you really enjoyed yourselves, very fun.

  2. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Hi Sophie, I need your help. I love this beautiful young girl but she's already got a boyfriend and so she ignores me. What should I do?

  3. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Haha you and ur friends hogging on the photobooth! Lol but you look so happy and cheery!

    Your outfit don't look any kpop-ish leh. Next time watch 2ne1(i love you mv). Check it out! I think most of the kpop girls dress up in mini short dresses that shows their leg. I think it would look awesome on you too as you have nice long leg.

    Anw what do you think of the i got a boy mv since you watch it a couple of times? I am an anti of them. Hehe!

    Well so are you prepared for cny already? Whats ur favourite cny goodies anw?

    Have a good day soapz!

    - K


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  6. Your laughing photos look like they belong in an advertisement campaign! And level 80 on Candy Crush is crazy :O

  7. I think your red lips helped you accomplish that kpop look for you. I wish there's a picture that shows your whole outfit though. especially the sneakers!

  8. The colors in the photos are awesome! And all the best with your Candy Crush game - good job in reaching level 80! I kept dying at level 30+. Any tips for a newbie?

  9. Anonymous1:20 AM

    LOL anon2 i just had to reply to you about liking a beautiful girl with a bf, stop trying to win her. She's with her bf for a reason. If she wants you, she knows you exist, so stop trying. How would you like it if some other guy tries to steal your girl from you?

  10. Anonymous12:48 PM

    But she's so so beautiful.

  11. These photos are too cute ^__^

    1. Anonymous3:28 AM

      Sophie, happy chinese new year! Enjoy ur day with ur love ones. Hope you have a prosperous new year.

      I saw ur twitter regarding ur scratch marks from ur cats! Apply lotion ok.

      Take care and enjoy

      - K