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laurier empowering ladies - Win a New Skill

Monday, March 04, 2013
To whatever rare male readers I have... you may want to skim this post :D

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Hi girls! :D It's still early 2013, how are your New Year's Eve resolutions coming along?
I hope all of you get to achieve what you aimed for this year & if you haven't yet, it's not too late to start! All of us face obstacles in life & whenever life gets you down, remember that a lot of other girls have been through this before & many more will come to follow, so you are never alone! We're all tough cookies & any guy that underestimates us needs to have his head examined ^_^

But I'm sure you know of that age-old debate about how "unlucky" we girls are to have... periods. Monthly things where we may feel a little down & out of sorts, making it harder to get out & about.

Periods affect all girls differently, with some being quite badly hit!

We may get mood swings, headaches, acne, backaches, bloatedness, cramps...

One of the annoying things about periods is feeling kinda... icky when you get dressed & go out, especially if it's for long periods (LOL) of the day! Furthermore you need to worry about what you're wearing in case of... bulges, discomfort, shifting around &... leakages :x

Oftentimes you may feel disinclined to wear certain outfits because they're more body-hugging, especially on days with heavier flow where you might require a thicker pad! It also becomes problematic if you are going to be doing sports or other outdoor activities.

This is why Laurier's extensive range of Super Slimguard pads being the best option for that time of the month! The Laurier Super Slimguard is super thin with a 1mm ultra-absorbent sheet & is capable of absorbing 2x faster + 5x drier as compared to their previous ranges! With such continuous improvements it's no wonder that Laurier is the No.1 brand for sanitary protection in Singapore.

Laurier very kindly sent me one big box of their Super Slimguard pads!
Wah I was super happy hahahaha; especially because I received it right during my period :X
So I've tested the thinness & absorbency of their pads & I love them!

This is my favorite one! Look how ridiculously thin it is compared to my iPhone! 
Don't forget that the pad is also folded, so when laid flat it's even thinner O.O

It's the shortest one in terms of length (17cm) & is most suitable for light flows, but I find it so absorbent that I was able to use it for normal days as well! So it's essentially like... having the thinness of a pantyliner with the absorbency of a pad O.O I love it!

Say I'm wearing something a little more body-hugging for a night out, I don't have to worry about discomfort or bulges at all :) The 17cm pad is really thin so you can barely feel it!

With the Laurier Super Slimguard you can wear whatever you want with an ease of mind :)

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Laurier has also developed this super cute app to help you track that time of the month!

You are able to adjust the dates of start/end & the average duration of your period so that the app can help you predict when your next flow will be & help you keep track of your schedule!

You can even track which symptoms you had on what days, as well as set reminders for yourself (not necessarily period-related of course)! I love all the cute graphics provided, they cheer me up instantly!

The Laurier P*Log app is available for FREE download for both iPhone & Android users!
Click HERE for more info on the app :)

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Laurier also actively promotes continuous self-improvement and empowerment of women!

Just because we have those few days a month that's a little different from men's doesn't mean we should be affected in any way! All of us girls should continuously strive to keep improving ourselves :)

So pick yourself up, choose nice clothes, doll yourself up & go out & make it your day!

Be it improving your makeup skills (such as through watching tutorials & practicing), or just dolling up for fun, there's no occasion needed to indulge in yourself, dress up & feel beautiful & confident :)

Try a new makeup technique!

Do something a little different with your hair that day or experiment with new hairstyles!

All in all we should keep improving ourselves & there's no better time to start than TODAY :)

Are there some new skills you'd like to pick up or activities you wish to experience but never had the opportunity to? Laurier can help you get that chance!

It's super easy to join!
All you need to do is:

~ Buy any twin pack of Laurier Super Slimguard & photograph the receipt

~ Write a short write-up on why you want to pick up this new skill or try this new course! :)

Make sure your proposal includes - 1) Description of skill/course, 2) Reasons for wanting this skill/course, 3) Recent photograph of yourself & 4) Class/course duration, location & cost

You can submit your proposal in any form (MS Word/Powerpoint, PDF or as an image) so you can get creative! There is no word-limit but the file for submission must be no larger than 5MB.

Simply go to & submit a soft-copy of both your write-up + photo of the receipt! Don't forget the receipt as proof of your purchase :) That's it!

Contest ends: 15 April 2013

Joining the contest is very straightforward & you may easily be one of the 5 lucky girls picked! :D

What are some new skills that you girls might want to consider learning? :)

I wouldn't mind learning to cook so I can impress my friends & family (and potential spouse haha)!
I'm always super lazy to attempt cooking at home T_T A cooking course might be the answer for me!

If you're looking at something more physical...

How about yoga? (No clue if my position/pose remotely exists)

Or you can try something a bit more demanding like... Pilates? Kickboxing? Tennis? Swimming?
Haha the list is endless! My knowledge of physical activities ends there... *bleugh* hahaha

If I were to pick a physical activity... I'd like to go back to dancing actually!

I was in modern dance for a short while & would love to try other forms of dancing! :)

If not... there's also more mental activities like learning a new language! :D
I took Korean lessons for a while & I know Korean is super popular with many girls!

(Wah it's quite hard you know hahahaha)

But ultimately if I were to pick a skill/course to try for the Laurier Win a New Skill contest...
Something I've always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to do so...


I know, I know, it seems pretty unusual for me.
Well, then read my proposal to Laurier for the Win a New Skill contest! :D

So first up, I'll attach a normal-looking photo of myself...

*** *** ***



(You may want to submit something less cutesy *cough* I leave it up to you)

I am your typical girly-girl. 
I don't do much sports (if at all), I wear jeans once a year & am in skirts & florals the rest of the time.
Basically, I'm assuming you expect a tomboy to want to learn shooting.

I would LOVE to learn to shoot! Most people look at me & think I'm physically super weak.

In fact my friends just had this discussion the other day & concluded that if us girls physically fought with each other, I'd definitely lose. But I like to think that I'm a closet #badass & that I would be good at it! 
(Ok level of skill is debatable but let me be optimistic haha)

I especially love... zombies O.O
So I love zombie movies & computer games where you shoot zombies (I LOVE L4D2)!

Like in The Walking Dead all the survivors eventually learn to use a gun to protect themselves!

I especially would want to try shooting because...


I love Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil franchises! She's so tough & badass; nothing ever gets in her way or ever gets her down. She never goes down without a fight & she can beat any guy in the show! She's a really strong female; nothing like the weak damsels in distress that need saving *eyeroll*

I kind of feel like... I want to be this tough girl that nobody can mess with too!

I think that learning to shoot would give me the confidence to feel like I can take on anything! :) I don't want to be that weak girl who can't help herself. Basically it'll make me feel tough :D

So Laurier, I want to learn shooting to become a tough woman like Milla Jovovich. 
Pick me pretty please? :D


*** *** ***

You can submit something like that! :) It's essentially explaining why you want this particular course & how it'll help you improve yourself or feel better about yourself! Do remember to include the class/course duration, time & cost as well for Laurier's consideration!

If you want to win a course of YOUR CHOICE (I will not judge you *promise*), prepare your proposal on why you & your pick should win! "Like" the Laurier Facebook page & submit your entry!

Remember that the contest ends 15 April 2013!
Good luck to you! :D

6 comments on "laurier empowering ladies - Win a New Skill"
  1. Such a cute contest! I can't wait to enter -Hanna

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    SOAPZ! You really took korean classes or you went for some trial just for this blog post? Wow i would love to go for Korean classes cos I am in love with kpop and I would love to know what i am singing to. LOL!

    May I know how much you enroll for this class? And where do you attend their classes? Any website? Hopefully you'll reply me! Thanks so much.

    P/s: I will be entering this contest but in case I am not choosen, I hope you will reply me regarding the classes info. I am so interested.

    P/p/s: In one of the photos, you look so angmoh-ish close up. Doesn't look chinese at all. And i super love ur headache photo/pose. So adorable and pretty!

    - K

  3. That's a really informative post! I guess, I'll download this app, seems to be quite helpful.


  4. Anonymous4:54 AM

    Hi sophie ive emailed you regarding the adoption of the kittens. Did you receive? :)

  5. you're dressed like the only real dancer in that picture. the rest around you are calefares ;p