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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Met Yutaki the other day to buy Wendy's house-warming present!

In true Xiaxue fashion, she said she wanted a kitchen knife in colours like... pastel green haha.
Amazingly we found a knife + kitchen scissors set with pink handles & flowers printed on the blades.
Thank you Takashimaya, for all your random expensive imported items. 
Like, we saw pots selling for $600-$900 each. Mind-boggling.

By the way this post consists mostly of photos of my face (in case you hadn't preempted it yet).
I wonder whether any other group of people get bored of seeing their own face the way I do.

Was dragged to yet another ramen place for dinner. For the life of me I don't understand why everybody loves ramen, because I prefer udon. Or rather, I do hypothesize that discovering "hidden gem" types of ramen restaurants has somehow become something trendy... the more hole-in-the-wall it is, the better. No one cares about udon or soba now :(

Anyway after dinner + shopping we headed to The Coffee Connoisseur (now apparently The Connoisseur Concerto?) beside Lido since it is open 24 hours. I ordered a soup but also very buay paiseh-ly ate the mille crepe cake I had bought from Ion & drank from my own bottle of Snapple haha.

Yeah... it's just pictures of me. 
I anticipate that Yutaki's version of this post will also consist mostly of him. ASSUMING ANY OF THE PHOTOS EVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY SINCE HE BLOGS LIKE EVERY 3 MONTHS. Haha ok he has improved. I think he blogs once a month now lol.

Yutaki's drink, no clue what it is. I kind of feel disinclined to ever pay $8+++ for a drink.

My haricot (beans) soup with shitake mushrooms & a scallop in fried breadcrumbs!
The scallop thing was meh. The soup was pretty good though. And costs practically the same amount as a drink. Hence more logical.

Ok that's it. Happy midweek!

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  1. Love your dress, so elegant!! *_*

  2. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Soapz so pretty! Ah idk it seems like ur eyebags less visible now! Or maybe the lighting! Or maybe you sleep alot now! haha Pretty as always! Have a nice day!

    - K

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    loving the selfies! No seriously, you could teach everyone how to take proper selfies haha

  4. Loving the new blog layout!

  5. The new blog layout is fantastic. I think I really like the dress you're wearing as well. -Hanna

  6. you look so fab dear <3

  7. Anonymous3:07 PM

    What lipstick are you using?' it's a very nice color and it suits u..... Pretty!

    1. Etude House, BE101! A light pinkish-peach shade.

  8. I think I actually like your blog posts with more pictures of you. hahahaha. you're perfecting that wink. love your dress too. The color matches your skin really well. And what a fancy soup!

  9. You look absolutely stunning! Like, extra pretty in your pics here. :)

  10. Well, I have to say one more time: Y U so pretty?? :)

  11. eee the decor in that coffe place you guys went to looks so pretty!

  12. huhuhu i was thinking the same as Anon...


  13. What camera do you use? Your photos are always gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous1:27 AM

    I love your dress! Can I ask where it's from? Thanks!

  15. OMG, finally someone who prefers udon to ramen!!! :D

    Sorry, had to comment.

  16. Beauyiful as always.. ^^