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Friday, May 31, 2013
Hello! I'll be having a booth at a flea at Zouk this Sunday, 02 June 2013! :D


I'll update this post with previews of items I'm bringing to sell (haven't started sifting through my closet) but I thought I'd better inform you guys first! Hope to see you guys there & say hi if you come! :D

My booth will be on the main Zouk dancefloor, in front of the DJ console.
Other bloggers will be going as well & Jipaban is having a huge sale too!
And there'll be food for sale as well!

See you on Sunday! :)


I've packed 2 full suitcases for the flea & I think I might bring another big bag O.O
This is actually gonna be the first time I'm doing a flea without Qiuting though!
In total I've done 3? 4? 5? fleas with her! And uh... no boyfriend to accompany me this time haha.
Me ish gonna be lonely. Luckily my booth is next to Rachell's!

Stuff I'm bringing to sell!
Help me sellout quickly so that I can go home for my Sunday Nap lol.

Lots of floral sundresses!

More formal/party dresses :x Quite a few mesh see-through cutout types hahaha.

Random chiffons


Bags! Cleared out loads of my bags!
Quite a few of these are genuine vintage pieces (purchased from thrift stores) so they're vintage quality ok i.e. expect wear & tear! All bags <$10!

And these pieces below are all 100% BRAND NEW:
They're from a time I vaguely wanted to set up a blogshop LOL.
And see, I even took pictures for them! But I wasn't satisfied with how they turned out so I never uploaded them & never bothered to edit them at all. And selling ALL of them off at the flea!
Most of them are still in their wrapping! (Except the ones I opened to photoshoot)

All dresses will be sold at $8 & all tops at $5!
If you feel some pieces are worth less than that (I mean they're not all the same quality, like some are F21/Nastygal/etc) you can bargain but be reasonable ok!

I'm also planning to sell my Jeffrey Campbells because they're one size too small for me (tagged US6):
The Skulltini is completely brand new while the Martini Spike has been worn a few times.
I love them but I really CANNOT wear them (died wearing the Martini) so I'm going to sell them :(

They're both still retailing online at 100+ USD & I'm going to sell them for S$60 each!

Watercolour iPhone

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
So previously when I mentioned cracking the back of my iPhone 4S, a few people suggested I try this below! The idea is to use markers/highlighters & simply colour the broken glass, letting the ink seep through the cracks to make a sort of... watercolour back.

The idea is really pretty neat, but some made valid points about water damage (the ink seeping into your iPhone hardware). Anyhow I had my cracked back replaced (S$40 at Sim Lim, first level) & got to keep the piece! Since I didn't have to worry about possible damage I decided to try it.

I used both highlighters as well as the popular 2-sided markers!
Don't really find any difference between the 2 in terms of ink/seeping ability.


You can see the drawing lines by the markers!

Don't think it looks as nice as the example on Facebook LOL.
But maybe it's my bad mix of colors. Like the yellow highlighter looks a bit too neon!
And maybe my back panel isn't sufficiently cracked haha.

After wiping with a tissue to remove excess ink!

Verdict? Meh.

AND *IMPORTANT*, the whole piece did feel softer (behind the back panel is a kind of tape-like material & it's not completely hard) so I think the water damage concern is definitely valid!

So... don't try it unless you're fine with risking your iPhone.

P.S. I've already switched to an iPhone 5 haha.


Monday, May 27, 2013
Random supper day at Swee Choon with Yutaki.
For dim sum suppers we either go to Swee Choon (Jalan Besar) or Geylang 126!
They're both well-known & open late so it's perfect for night owls.

Between the two I have no real preference but e.g. Wendy prefers Geylang 126.
These places suck for Xiao Long Baos though haha. 
For XLBs the usual Crystal Jade or Din Tai Fung are still the best.

And really I'm just rambling.
I hardly talk about food normally.
But now that I'm on holiday all I do is think about what I want to eat the next day haha.

P.S. This is still not my current hair colour haha. Old photos.

Experimenting with brown eyeliner instead of black!

Grey tank from F21, blazer from Jipaban, necklace from H&M, shorts bought online.

Don't you kinda feel we spend our lives just... passing through the motions?
We spend every single day just getting it over with. Getting through the Monday to get to Tuesday to get to Wednesday to get a little nearer to the weekend to get to the next holiday to the next end of exams to the next milestone to the next promotion to the next job to the next birthday...

I'm not some kind of hippie that will say you should drop every day & live your life blah blah. 
But really, you wonder where the time has gone.

"January, I fell in love with you. 
February, I thought you loved me too. 
March, things started to fall apart. 

Now it's April and you've left me with a broken heart."

There's still a little bit of May left!


Friday, May 24, 2013

New lipstick!
Decided to try Bobbi Brown's.

Picked a fairly neutral/wearable shade of pink, called Bikini Pink.
Think it might be a bit too similar to my M.A.C Angel :/
Anyhow the Bobbi Brown lipstick glides on well & isn't drying (Y)
Would get more shades from them!

Met up with Jane & Yutaki the other day because Jane was in town for an event!
Jane is a Malaysian blogger & as usual we kinda "met" via Twitter/Instagram haha.
Too bad she wasn't hungry so we brought her for Shisha at Arab Street instead!

And damn Jane makes us feel old... She's turning 21 this year T_T

Photography framing fail. This is already after I zoomed in on the photo!
The original was taken like 123456789 metres away & we were tiny.

My teeth are just getting weirder & weirder...
That's it, me not opening my mouth anymore!

Oh yah below all pictures of me already hahaha I'm not sure how that happened *bluff*

Can't play the guitar so pose with one

I find it amusing how dense shisha smoke is. Makes me excited to see a big cloud of smoke haha.
If you blow it into a cup the smoke stays there for a few seconds before slowly climbing out.

Happy Vesak Day!
But I'm on holiday so every day is a public holiday mwuahaha *troll*


Saturday, May 18, 2013
Often on the move, busy with work or school?
I think most of us get insufficient rest and have irregular sleep patterns!
During my exams for example, the day before my paper I probably get... 2 hours of sleep!

With busy lifestyles our skin tends to suffer, resulting in tired-looking skin!

Persistent dryness leaves our skin feeling rough & overall our skin ages at a much faster rate!

Lunamer is a newly launched skincare range from Japan targeting precisely these problems!
Lunamer is from the same company that helms the award-winning ASTALIFT, so they have a great track record & experience in skincare products for the young career woman!

The name is made up of Luna (moon) & Mer (sea) - meant to express the concept of: 
1) Achieving skin as radiant as the Moon, by nourishing & reducing stress on the skin 
2) Imbuing skin with the ability of self-renewal of the Sea

I received a trial product kit to review some of their products! Full-sized bottles are available at:

ASTALIFT @ The Centrepoint 
176 Orchard Road, #02-04
 Opening Hours 10:30am to 9:30pm daily 
(+65) 6737-1203 

2 Orchard Turn, #B3-66
Opening Hours 10:00am to 10:00pm daily 
(+65) 6238-6386

(opening soon)

Lunamer is formulated to resolve skin problems & maintain youthful-looking skin!

It seeks to detoxify skin of harmful elements & recharge skin by boosting its regenerative ability, so as to deliver healthy, radiant skin with a luminous complexion.


First up I used the Lunamer Clear Wash!

* Removes aged keratin (which causes dullness)
* Removes sebum & dirt in pores to achieve a clear complexion
* Has a calming & refreshing citrus fragrance!

When lathered a little with water!

Simply massage gently into your skin to absorb makeup & dirt.
I only washed half my face to show the difference!

The Lunamer Clear Wash effectively removes my makeup!
The most visible would be the noticeable removal of eyeliner & blusher.


Next I used the Lunamer Brightener!

* Eliminates aged keratin (which causes dullness) & wastes
* Delivers nourishing ingredients deep into corneal layer for healthy skin
* Conditions skin to readily accept subsequent skincare product application

Simply pump it on a cotton pad & gently wipe it over clean, dry face!
It's recommended for use at night, but can also be part of your morning skincare routine.

I love that it's very, very gentle so you can easily wipe it over your eye area.

Lack of sleep always tend to make my skin act up – my face loses its radiance & starts to look dull & my pores sometimes appear more visible. And occasionally I might get acne :( 
This Brightener is really gentle; it clears away the dead cells on skin & sebum accumulated in pores & also gives it tender loving care to illuminate my face!

As brightener is a very gentle exfoliator, avoid applying brightener around the eyes when your skin is dry or if you have sensitive skin!


Followed up with the Lunamer Lotion to soften my skin!

* Delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into corneal layer
* Replenishes water & helps achieve optimal water-oil balance
* Contains Clear Nano Vitamin A & E to enhance skin health
* Softens & hydrates skin while protecting it from environmental damage

This lotion is available in TWO VERSIONS:
Lunamer Lotion 1 - For Normal Skin
Lunamer Lotion 2 - For Dry Skin

You can apply it with a cotton pad or just with your hands!


Last but not least is the Lunamer Emulsion!

* Delivers moisturizing ingredients deep into corneal layer
(high penetration formula)
* Replenishes skin, protecting it from environmental damage
* Contains Clear Nano Vitamin E & seaweed extracts to enhance complexion

This emulsion is available in TWO VERSIONS:
Lunamer Emulsion 1 - For Normal Skin
Lunamer Emulsion 2 - For Dry Skin

Simply spread it gently over your face!
It feels very light & not the least bit suffocating so it's great for Singapore's stuffy weather these days.


Overall my verdict for the Lunamer products is that they are really very gentle on the skin!
My skin is actually quite sensitive; I have combination skin so the drier parts may sting when I apply certain products that are overloaded with additives. But with Lunamer's products they glide on very easily, soothe skin, feel nourishing & enriching without being suffocating & also leave your skin feeling refreshed! Plus they're really easy to use. Really a good skincare range for us busy 20-somethings :)

For morning here is the recommended order:

Clear Wash -> Brightener -> Lotion -> Emulsion -> Day Protector

For night here is the recommended order:

Clear Cleansing Oil -> Clear Wash -> Brightener -> Lotion -> Emulsion -> Cream

Lunamer has a more extensive range of products than the 4 featured above!


Read on to see how YOU can win the set that I reviewed!
The steps are really super simple!

There'll be a new question issued every two weeks! 
All you have to do is enter your details & answer a simple question & you might win a set! :D

Hurry & join the current contest!

Click HERE to join!