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Yutaki's birthday

Thursday, June 06, 2013
Yutaki held his birthday at a suite at Hotel Re!

He says he gets this strawberry chocolate tart from Raffles City every year so this year Qiuting went to buy it for him (she says no one should buy their own birthday cake)(I never really cared). And all the way he kept raving about how good it was & got us all excited... Then we tried it.... Meh. Hahaha.

Two birthday cakes!

Pictures of the birthday boy:

After that I had to help him take photos with his camera so there are few in mine :(
And his will be seen like... in 2017 haha. He hasn't even blogged last year's birthday! >:(

I told him I'm blogging about his birthday & he said, "blog for me can"? Hahahahaha

With the bloggers:

Rachell, Qiuting, Peggy & I with Yutaki!

Double layer necklaces from Jipaban!

Hahaha Yutaki's friends Hellven & Nich made this cutout of him. 
Damn amusing!

Am I pretty?

Hahahaha with the right angle it looks like it could really be Yutaki posing behind his cake.

Macarons & bear marshmallow from Rachell!

*** ***

Irrelevant pictures from another day, where I met Yutaki & Miyake & they used my camera:

*** ***

Yutaki is famous for his 3 photobooks, the last released the day of his birthday!

Volume 1 - A Dream in Paris
Volume 2 - Summer Love
Volume 3 - A Flower Boy's Tale

A Flower Boy's tale is the 3rd book!

I helped take some photos ^_^ By that I mean I held the camera haha.

Those are just some of the HD wallpapers you can download!

All his pictures are self-styled, self-shot & self-edited.
And this year it has been made into an actual BOOK.

Huge, thick hardcover book! 
And I got a signed copy ^_^

I love the preppy, dapper, gentlemanly look!
Visit his blog to see the full photobook & the crazy number of pictures!

12 comments on "Yutaki's birthday"
  1. As a photographer, I found myself visiting yutaki's blog more often for inspiration when I had to shoot a male model. All the more did I appreciate how talented he is!

    btw, who is that person besides Miyake? The one with the rose tattoo. :)

    1. I think it is Miyake's boyfriend. I recognise the tattoo from her Instagram photos.

  2. Omg Yutaki looks so cute and he somehow reminds me of Goku from Dragon Ball ahahahahhaha. Love your white dress, Sophie! And Miyake looks gorgeous too! :D

    Celyx Lim

  3. Yutaki takes amazing photographs! I love looking through his blog. Hanna

  4. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Is anyone willing to spend $220 on a photo book of him? He's a nobody

    1. What the hell is your problem?! He's not even selling them. They would cost that much because so few were printed? It's like telling a newly married couple nobody wants to buy a photobook of their wedding photos -> 1) not intended for sale but personal satisfaction & 2) why are you such a sour person?!

    2. Anonymous3:40 PM

      You make me add another blog for my daily reads(although like you said his updates is super late!) lol. He's so photogenic and look so korean-ish like he's a member of Super junior like that! hehehe

      Love the dress you wear! Anyway i like how you response to qiuqiu when she said "no one should buy their own cake". If i am a guy sure i would go for you! Cos this small things doesnt upset you at all. If me, i would be damn upset if i were to buy my own birthday cake(unless i'm making my own party la that one no choice buy own cake for guests). Seriously you're so simple and its so rare to find girls like you!

      Anyway have a good weekend soapz!

      - K

  5. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Yutaki has talent ... :-) ... Awesome if a career can be made of it ....

  6. yutaki is the best :D

  7. Anonymous3:16 PM

    When is yutaki born? And what is his real name?